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Ada Cambridge
Bright eyes, sweet lips, with many fevers fill The young blood, running wildly, as it must; But lips and eyes beget a strange distrust. Electric fi...Rate it

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Where true Love burns Desire is Love's pure flame; It is the reflex of our earthly frame, That takes its meaning from the nobler part, And but tran...Rate it

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Matthew Arnold
Thou, who dost dwell alone; Thou, who dost know thine own; Thou, to whom all are known, From the cradle to the grave,-- Save, O, save! From the wo...Rate it

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Hawley Laine Proctor
Have you ever been so hurt you wouldn't let yourself Die? Have you ever been so in love you wouldn't let Yourself lie? Can you comprehend a fut...Rate it

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Haunted Memories
The clouds roll in and the sky goes dark, Haunted by you and the memories in my heart. Longing for one touch a small little kiss, Tears on my face ...Rate it

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Jennifer DeLong
As , I know It isn't always It could be a maybe a nope a naugta but you can improve the chances of a possibility or a success if you give it ...Rate it

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Victor James Daley
Soul of the leaping flame; Heart of the scarlet fire, Spirit that hath for name Only the name - Desire! Subtle art thou and strong; Glowing in ...Rate it

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Kurt Philip Behm
Passion builds a home —that talent only visits (Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2014)Rate it

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Brian J Cheville
Loves flickering flame the passion of desire wild hard to tame fingers burning like fire it knows no shameRate it

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Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire
James Montgomery
Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, Unuttered or expressed; The motion of a hidden fire That trembles in the breast. Prayer is the burden of a si...Rate it

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A Desire for You...
Donald Vess
the tenderness of your touch, creates a fondness for your heart, its warmth soothing my soul, with a passion of excitement... as I express my ador...Rate it

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A Desire To Praise
Thomas Parnell
Propitious Son of God to thee With all my soul I bend my knee, My wish I send my want impart, And dedicate my mind and heart, For as an absent pare...Rate it

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A Flower's Desire
Neeraj Nayan
I don't wish to form a part of a rich man's flower vase. I have no desire to engage the eyes of a bashful lass. Don't offer me along with prayers t...Rate it

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A Small Boy's Desire
Alan L Strang
Written for the first thrift stamp drive. I want to be a soldier And march away to France; I want to find a wicked "Hun," And shoot him in ...Rate it

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A Street Car Named Desire
Kumar Kamal
For Whom The Bell Tolls,A Farewell To Arms Let There Be lights,Stop Genocide,James Joyce Euripides,The Metaphysical Poets,The Romanticists,Lyrrical...Rate it

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A Strong Desire
Kiki Stamatiou
Ambition is the driving force That pulls one along. It's the voice that makes up One's conscience, That calls out to him, Because of a strong desir...Rate it

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A Women's Desire
Naomi Buote
A Women's Desire I love you, you said. I love you too, I replied Then the words died. Too tired, too used, Too insignificantly light, They fused.....Rate it

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Acquitted Desire
Ashraful Musaddeq
A butterfly died of a heart attack While you were laughing on the window Catfish jumped on the bank of a tank Cool sleeping dog shaking dreams like...Rate it

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All that I desire
Gabriel Mican
All that I desire from you, Is the sweetness of your words, The warmth of your gestures, That last glass of water When stuck in between worlds, Str...Rate it

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Anticipation Strangles Desire
Ian Sawicki
Structured wisps of personality sigh, there's an artistic generous whipped wind, flutters of independence; gathered light, and beauty whispers swee...Rate it

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burning desire, dont blink
Anny McNeilus
Every inch of me burning red with heat- Waiting anxiously for you to treat... My body is soaked in anticipation of yours- Our hunger for each ot...Rate it

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Desire (Edited)
Siddharth Singh
Just tell me it's over And let me burn Or call me when you're sober So I could rest in return You've been away Makes me wonder I spend the days Tr...Rate it

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. DESIRE AND LOVE You have ten, that’s why you lose one. Had it been only one, may have to lose none. Love and trust, assurance and companion All t...Rate it

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Desire Not - Decay Not
Russell Ritchey
The mind can be so wonderful, Made for doing good, When used for serving others, And doing what we should. But the head is stubborn, It wants its ...Rate it

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