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Bjørnstjerne Martinius Bjørnson was a Norwegian writer who received the 1903 Nobel Prize in Literature "as a tribute to his noble, magnificent and versatile poetry, which has always been distinguished by both the freshness of its inspiration and the rare purity of its spirit", becoming the first Norwegian Nobel laureate. Bjørnson is considered to be one of The Four Greats (De Fire Store) among Norwegian writers, the others being Henrik Ibsen, Jonas Lie, and Alexander Kielland. Bjørnson is also celebrated for his lyrics to the Norwegian National Anthem, "Ja, vi elsker dette landet".

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List of poems by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson 129 total

Hunting Song
 398 ViewsRate it
To My Wife
 385 ViewsRate it
The Call
 383 ViewsRate it
The Spinner
 379 ViewsRate it
Lambkin Mine
 377 ViewsRate it
Hymn Of The Puritans
 344 ViewsRate it
Master or slave
 316 ViewsRate it
P. a. munch
 226 ViewsRate it
Kaare's song
 207 ViewsRate it
Magnus the blind
 149 ViewsRate it
The Hare And The Fox
 132 ViewsRate it
Norwegian seamen's song
 130 ViewsRate it
Halfdan Kjerulf
 126 ViewsRate it
Olaf trygvason
 125 ViewsRate it
Norway, norway
 124 ViewsRate it
 123 ViewsRate it
To Sculptor Borch
 123 ViewsRate it
Norse nature
 122 ViewsRate it
At A Banquet Given To The Deputation Of The Swedish Riksdag To The Coronation, In Trondhjem, July 17
 121 ViewsRate it
Post festum
 121 ViewsRate it
To Sweden
 121 ViewsRate it
The Ocean
 118 ViewsRate it
If only you knew it 118 ViewsRate it
On a wife's death
 117 ViewsRate it
Those with me
 116 ViewsRate it
Open water!
 115 ViewsRate it
Song for the students' glee club
 115 ViewsRate it
The Princess 112 ViewsRate it
The Mother's Song
 111 ViewsRate it
At A Banquet For Professor Ludv. Kr. Daa
 110 ViewsRate it
Per bo
 110 ViewsRate it
To Missionary Skrefsrud In Santalistan
 110 ViewsRate it
In a heavy hour 109 ViewsRate it
The first meeting
 109 ViewsRate it
During A Journey In Sweden
 107 ViewsRate it
My fatherland
 106 ViewsRate it
The Maiden's Song
 105 ViewsRate it
Workmen's March 105 ViewsRate it
Daniel SchjÖtz
 104 ViewsRate it
Taylor's song
 104 ViewsRate it
Ballad Of Tailor Nils
 103 ViewsRate it
The poet
 101 ViewsRate it
 101 ViewsRate it
Love Thy Neighbor 100 ViewsRate it
To Stang
 100 ViewsRate it
Toast For The Men Of Eidsvold
 98 ViewsRate it
Young men and women, strong and sound
 98 ViewsRate it
Mountain Song
 97 ViewsRate it
To aasmund olafsen vinje (sung at his wife's grave)
 96 ViewsRate it
They Have Found Each Other
 95 ViewsRate it
Old heltberg
 91 ViewsRate it
Our forefathers
 90 ViewsRate it
Song of freedom to
 90 ViewsRate it
For The Wounded
 88 ViewsRate it
Good Cheer
 88 ViewsRate it
The angels of sleep
 88 ViewsRate it
To my father (upon his retirement)
 88 ViewsRate it
From Monte Pincio
 85 ViewsRate it
Ingerid Sletten
 85 ViewsRate it
The Tryst
 85 ViewsRate it
To A Godson
 85 ViewsRate it
Hamar-Made Matches
 83 ViewsRate it
When comes the morning?
 83 ViewsRate it
 82 ViewsRate it
Lector thaasen
 82 ViewsRate it
When Norway Would Not Help
 82 ViewsRate it
Answer From Norway To The Speeches In The Swedish House Of Nobles, 1860
 81 ViewsRate it
Marit's Song 81 ViewsRate it
May seventeenth
 80 ViewsRate it
The Day Of Sunshine
 79 ViewsRate it
To Hans Christian Andersen
 79 ViewsRate it
The Maiden On The Shore
 77 ViewsRate it
At Michael Sars's Grave
 75 ViewsRate it
To Johan Dahl, Bookdealer
 75 ViewsRate it
I passed by the house
 74 ViewsRate it
A Day Of Sunshine
 73 ViewsRate it
Secret love
 72 ViewsRate it
The Norrona-Race
 72 ViewsRate it
Holger Drachmann
 71 ViewsRate it
Ole gabriel ueland
 71 ViewsRate it
 71 ViewsRate it
Sin, death
 71 ViewsRate it
Song for norway national hymn
 71 ViewsRate it
The blonde maiden
 70 ViewsRate it
Alone And Repentant
 69 ViewsRate it
Oh, when will you stand forth?
 69 ViewsRate it
A Meeting
 68 ViewsRate it
Rallying song for freedom in the north to
 67 ViewsRate it
To Molde
 67 ViewsRate it
The Melody
 65 ViewsRate it
The Tree
 65 ViewsRate it
For A Charity Fair
 64 ViewsRate it
Ivar Ingemundson's Lay
 63 ViewsRate it
Johan Ludvig Heiberg 1860
 60 ViewsRate it
To Johan Sverdrup
 60 ViewsRate it
The meeting
 58 ViewsRate it
To Erika Lie
 57 ViewsRate it
Love Song
 56 ViewsRate it
Nils Finn
 56 ViewsRate it
 55 ViewsRate it
The land that shall be (dedicated to herman anker and m. anker on the
 55 ViewsRate it
King frederik the seventh
 53 ViewsRate it
The white rose and the red rose
 53 ViewsRate it
To The Dannebrog
 52 ViewsRate it
 51 ViewsRate it
Our language
 51 ViewsRate it
From The Cantata For N. F. S. Grundtvig
 50 ViewsRate it
In the forest
 50 ViewsRate it
Good Morning
 49 ViewsRate it
Norwegian students' greeting with a procession to professor welhaven
 49 ViewsRate it
At Hansteen's Bier
 48 ViewsRate it
Over The Lofty Mountains
 48 ViewsRate it
 48 ViewsRate it
Synnove's Song
 48 ViewsRate it
Choice 47 ViewsRate it
The bier of precentor a. reitan
 45 ViewsRate it
 44 ViewsRate it
A Sigh
 43 ViewsRate it
 42 ViewsRate it
Question and answer
 42 ViewsRate it
Frederik Hegel
 41 ViewsRate it
The child in our soul
 36 ViewsRate it
The Pure Norwegian Flag
 36 ViewsRate it
Sung for norway's riflemen
 34 ViewsRate it
 29 ViewsRate it
Oyvind's Song
 27 ViewsRate it
The Dove
 26 ViewsRate it
Anton Martin Schweigaard (In The Church After The Funeral Oration)
 24 ViewsRate it
Our Country 1859
 23 ViewsRate it

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