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Random Acts of Kindness

Today I smiled at a Woman I didn't even know,
Then walked a Senior across the street who resembled Castro,
I waved to a Child at the bus stop with the Minnie Mouse Bow,
Then told the Store Owner go move your car before it gets towed,
My ...

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Divide And Conquer

It's A choice, Your Vax will not silence my voice,
Now watch as warm hearts turn cold and moist,
The Unvaccinated will soon need a hoist,
Once highly praised Essential, Mandatory, Necessary & Needed,
But if u decided to not get the shot your...

Spiritual Change

I prayed & God delivered me, into humility,
He had to, because I wouldn't go willingly,
Fleeing he walked me through this spiritual journey,
He refused to see me dead on a metal gurney,
Since then he's been, my Bff, Father, Judge & attorney,

Extraordinary you

Remarkable you; Almighty & Uplifting even as I walk the plank, I start to Think, oh Mercy & Grace I Need to Give Thanks, Marvelous you, I Marvel to Model after you, If not for the mold be broken, could I be Magnificent just like you, with a...

Extraordinary You

Scars and marks adorn the skin of women and men, so many are broken, quieted & silenced raped by violence unspoken, cradled by pains and stains so trauma remains, our energy depletes and drains, unreleased as it grows traction and gains, left over ...

Roller-coaster Love

As sadness reigns over me, dark clouds & rains over me; salt water fills my optical vision & incision in my heart & now I bleed, oh God why I plead, thats who I want thats who I need, love flees, I thought love is free,...

Depths Of Depression

Don't accept the things you can not change, Dont tell yourself your living when your merely/barely breathing, No more cliches that its gonna get better or everything will be alright, none of this is true... Religion can give false hopes &...

Heavenly Thoughts

There's no time to mourn its time to celebrate, I'll be here when you get here by the big golden gates, I look different but it's me with gleaming eyes and a smile on my face, I asked God to make room & now I got space, I sleep under God's...

Polluted Air

Life is truly unfair, why continue to breathe toxic air, why dare to care, singles versus pairs, prayers unanswered feels invisible, the pain can feel unliveable, why must the air I breathe be so thick & heavy, instead of light and merry, love...

Breakup or Breakthrough

If I must let go theres so much I haven't said & so much you need to know, how I miss your smile & long to see your glow, how my heart wants you to be near, and how much I wanted to be close to you inspite of my fears, just know I'll go,...

"My America Da Great"

Red white & blue is our American flag...But as Americans what do we stand for, We got the Great United Nations but we still have violence & war, A modern day apartheid with an unethical core, the red must be for blood shed & the white is for...

The Hour of Death

Tears flow slow, we dont know, the day time or hour but someday we all must go, cliche you reap what you sow, the curtains close, its the end of the show, no more snakes in the grass for me to mow, I took several seats now I'm in the front row, A...


Don't cry for me please, I do not want anyone to mourn, I was here in your present day, but its now that I'm gone, Memories live although the flesh must die, I had to go, If I couldn't live than I would just be here to survive, my spirit was way too...


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