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About Me Page ~ Hello, I'm Ewen A. Morrison and I was born in Stornoway, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland ("Steòrnabhach": a person from Stornoway), if I may combine our languages? My mini-bio touches on what would require much, more than these few words! My reading passion emerged soon after I learned to read and all my family were/are avid readers. In my youth, we lived in an area which had no T.V. reception... the Mainstream media consisted of our home's radio and newspapers; along with regularly visiting our mobile cinema. In those years, a T.V. set was irrelevant... the online age was science fiction, while nowadays, we live in science fact; however, my Morrison branch wouldn't change much in both our past and present lives! Thanks for your time, Ewen

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Many people think they last forever,
That metaphysical/factual, treasure?
Greig's a Dad... couldn't be richer:
Artistically created a new pleasure!

by ewen-m

added by ewen_m
1 year ago

English Scots for Yes

English Scots for Yes

Now, both north and south of our own border,
there's an evolving feeling towards new order:
yesterday's arrangements have had their times,
tried/tested and that organisation now declines;

by ewenart

added by ewen_m
2 years ago


Persons/things coming before others the same;
relatives, perhaps friends?: such are true lives!
Praying for loved ones: their happiness to claim;
asking who can say what life's lottery truly gives?

by ewenart

added by ewen_m
2 years ago


Poetcher/Best GP/Artist' ~ teeshirt from daughters:
Rosemary thinks it should be enframed for display,
yes, indeed ~ while I'm delighted, will show others;
'GP' is happy... & Grannie's entitled to have a say!

by ewenart

added by ewen_m
2 years ago

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