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  July 2023     3 months ago

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Through kindness survive

Thoughts that drift past the view of my mind seem to transcribe to a certain degree hypocrisy and inner flaws that sometimes do come out and play with such fantasies can relate certain issues beyond places of comfort.

How the realist makes sure...

by S810

added 1 year ago

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Discuss all you want. The meanings of all my books will never be known until all the books have been read and they are all published.

The meanings of all my books are about the progression of the human race. I have spent my whole life trying to figure out why I am so nice to everyone. Everyone always thought it was massive weakness

Have you ever heard that the meek will inherit the earth. Well that is the truth. But it does not mean we are weak. It's quite the opposite. I feel very sorry about the people that will just not be able to understand that.

If you read my books you will be saved. Everything from my books will be donated to help the needy and suffering animals. You will see

3 months ago

it didn't let me finish. I think that poem is just stupid. Sorry. This guy is a great poet???

4 months ago

You know what I am just gonna say it. I think tha

4 months ago

Ok I'm dumbfounded. How is that a poem? It seems that I have no idea how to make a poem

4 months ago

You know it pissed me off seeing how many mistakes they made with my poems but you can get the main idea. Hopefully my books will be on sale and there's no mistakes.

4 months ago

I don't know why people like this poen so much. There are words that aren't mine and a couple of other things that were done. But it's mostly correct. Anyway thanks for liking it and I have so many more that I think are much better. Hopefully my books will do what they were meant for. 

7 months ago

This is my own and I think it's awesome. I'm sure it's better anything you have ever seen and heard from anyone else yet completely written down by me and my muses. Entities that have chosen one of the best ones that have been allowed to know what they want to convey to the masses of this time.

Being chosen to do this is a great honor and only one who has the power to finish the work is the one that was good enough to get the results done which is the most important part of the world to know. The information is so important that it has to be done by a certain time frame for everyone to be able to pick it up, read it and then decide which side they are going to give their allegence to. The progression of the human race is going to be decided by the amount of people that have been a decent asset to the management of the existence of people who are basically good and don't wish to hurt anyone and don't steal. All three of my books explain everything and all the money is going to help animals and young humans. Depending on the success of the books will be the deciding factor of how big my philothranpic endeavors become. But the great things are the best reasons to get the books are many.

I published the first one 20 years ago and the publisher stole it and has been selling it for years without paying me a cent. I know it's been selling because it's for sale everywhere worldwide. I have 2 more but I'm keeping them hidden until I get back my rights. The biggest problem is I have no money. Anyway I will keep trying and then I will get there.

7 months ago

thank you so much for the beautiful words used to describe my writing. You confirm everything that I go for when I write.

11 months ago

totally agree. No idea what the hell it's about or what I'm supposed to get out of it. I feel stupid for reading it and don't like work that is condense ting or something trying to be intelligent and beyond the comprension of most people. IDK just didn't like it 

1 year ago

I can actually send you a picture of the original copy of, through kindness survive I you want

1 year ago

wow truly unbelievable how much is said to me about the writing process of my head and the heart felt comments on the entire poem when I place so much information into each one v for you to be able to translate so much information from your analysis is very impressive. Everything you say is entirely correct. I am aware of all the things you say. I have to say that the format is completely different from the original. Every work was originally hand written in pencil. After typing the poems up to fit the book and then typing it into here it gets completely different. That might explain some of the issues. However I do thank you for your help 

1 year ago


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