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I am single, live in the UK, in Dorset.I love the countryside and I am greatly inspired by nature, countryside, people and the seasons. I live with my parents at home. I enjoy writing about many topics and my poetry is mainly rhyming , free verse or haiku, or brevity and humour poems. I have always enjoyed poetry writing( and reading it) and I used to write poems, when I was a little girl at Primary school! It is great for getting your feelings and views across and is quite therapeutic!

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The hyena poem.

The Hyena poem.

The Hyena's lot was not a happy one,
they skulked about looking for food in the hot, bright sun.
Their appearance made everyone , shiver with disgust,
when their spotted forms arose, from out of sand and dust.

They were...

by Laura Sanders

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4 months ago

The garden gate,

The garden gate.

  What lies on the other side of the rustic,

  wooden gate?

  Is there a secret garden, in a wild

  overgrown state?...

by Laura Sanders

added by ljsanders
4 months ago

The goblin.

Across the open moorland,the rain was falling fast.
Through the mucky water, a goblin hurried past.
He carried a green umbrella, held high above his head.
His eyes were red and watery, he'd just got out of bed!

His teethe as white as snow,his...

by Laura Sanders.

added by ljsanders
5 months ago

Never look back.

Never look back.

My darling, remember those days long ago,
when we both held hands, through the rain and snow?
How we cheerfully chatted and were full of "fresh" life.
How positive we were , in all of our strife.

We never looked back, we...

by Laura Sanders

added by ljsanders
5 months ago

The pond.

Powder blue and yellow bodied -chasers dance like neon lights.
Flying, skimming, back and forth, shiny iridescent, bright.
One lands brushing, dipping, gliding over water cool.
Hovering with helicopter wings, on the olive algae pool.

by Laura Sanders

added by ljsanders
6 months ago

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I voted for this poem because i identified with it... I too am an Auntie and I found it homely and comforting.Old people can have amazing memories of their childhood and as they age, these are brought to the forefront.Old folk love to chat about their childhood or experiences to younger members. 

4 months ago

I enjoyed the way it rhymed and flowed. There is a good message conveyed about a christian person who got beaten up, believed to be a witch. . She did not understand why ( she was a mute) and was left to die - Yet she was the one that would grace heaven's halls.I like the way it was written- it fills me with sadness and disbelief.
It has powerful imagery. Not too long, no bad language, does not ramble on about feelings. 

5 months ago

I thought this was good-well written and captured the mood of Autumn.

6 months ago


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