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Rubi Sotelo
My dad was born by the ocean. Some times I pretend he’s a pirate. Always gone, drunk and looking for treasures that don’t exist. I guess the rough...Rate it

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Bona. The Pirate’s Song
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
To the mast nail our flag, it is dark as the grave, Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o’er the wave. Let our deck clear for action, our g...Rate it

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Pirate Ship
Faith S. Hudson
A lone ship on the Ocean blue With Pirates for the Crew. It would be an experience To sail the Sea with thee. To see the Sunset so vivid Tis beaut...Rate it

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Pirate Story
Robert Louis Stevenson
Three of us afloat in the meadow by the swing, Three of us abroad in the basket on the lea. Winds are in the air, they are blowing in the spring,...Rate it

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Pirate Wraiths
Linda D. Blakely
When in the dark deserted mournful place Dracula becomes very silent, cloud-choked and drags eroded under black cliffs gone- tired and lost through...Rate it

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The Captive Pirate
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
THE captive pirate sate alone, Musing over triumphs gone, Gazing on the clear blue sky From his dungeon window high. Dreamingly he sate, and though...Rate it

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The Pirate and the Outlaw
Linda D. Blakely
It was a cool night upon my ship, the black pearl When the gentle tide brought me a wonderful girl A bonnie lass that had blue eyes crying in the r...Rate it

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The Pirate’s Song off the Tiger Island
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Our prize is won, our chase is o’er, Turn the vessel to the shore. Place yon rock, so that the wind, Like a prisoner, howl behind ; Which is darkes...Rate it

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Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me
Linda D. Blakely
I sent a song by pony express, laughin' now at the return address Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate's life for me. I write and write and do my best, send it t...Rate it

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