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stan brierly
Lightning flashes it doesn't stay long, Thunder it booms its forces are strong, Rain falls to nourish the ground, Strange the difference in vision ...Rate it

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Farista Sairuv
I am God's child You are God's child We are God's children Both of us I don't know how We will survive Through the storm that Consumes usRate it

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I Hope It Storms When I Die
Brian Spivey
Some people really hate rainstorms I think they're not right in the head I always laugh at those sillies Who run to hide under their bed I love i...Rate it

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New Storms
Kurt Philip Behm
How now the vanishing wind… The days are upon us last season begins All words are regifted and placed into song As time has now shifted ...Rate it

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Ocean of storms
Kelly Dale
Ocean of Storms Ocean of storms within' my sleep The sun is white with envy The sky is raining blood All the hatred with the flood And visions I ra...Rate it

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Souls lost in life’s storms
Phil Roberts
Souls lost in life’s storms Just struggling to survive, No longer daring to strive or hope Just desperate to stay alive. They no longer strive for...Rate it

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Storm Of All Storms
Nancy McDonald
A beautiful spring day turns to gloom As tornadoes unleash their catastrophic doom Much damage will be done many lives it will take Oh the horro...Rate it

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Storms Restrain
Dave J Oberlander
I look across the large grassy fields Just to see what my heart once yields Then from afar, a white dove flying my way My heart, she touched, in ju...Rate it

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Summer Storms
Vernon Smith Jr
Drink as wicked as the moon ricochets a brilliant thought Taste life and dance ecstatically Hold music in voice Giggle with Paradise Imagine ...Rate it

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Summer Storms
Andrew Ryan Kuykendall
we sat in the heat and watched the stars unhinge, then fall like confetti, as if heaven wasn't good enough. we kept bottles in our hands as if help...Rate it

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Weathering All Storms
Kurt Philip Behm
Can you look at something, being totally neutral Not slanted or biased, with no opinion at all Can you dodge the particulars, until the big pictu...Rate it

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When The Wind Storms By With A Shout
William Ernest Henley
When the wind storms by with a shout, and the stern sea-caves Rejoice in the tramp and the roar of onsetting waves, Then, then, it comes home to th...Rate it

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