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I refuse to believe Yet I close my eyes just to relive. It felt so awkward Still it came forward A taste of heat and heaven Come with it warmth And...Rate it

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Lori Dixon
The impeccable house, with the flawless paint, on the elaborate fence, on the unblemished street, with the perfect everything. Does not exist. Cop...Rate it

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James Johnson
Perfect There is only one God, everything is accomplished through Him. He is wisdom! He is understanding! He is reason enough! Therefore, the tru...Rate it

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amy elizabeth hand
So I guess I'm stripping off my pink bows, My honorary ribbons and my trendy little clothes. Saying goodbye to pats on the back, eyes staring back ...Rate it

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Dena Kessler
I've never been perfect-- you all know that's true. I have many regrets that have haunted me, too. I had hoped that my sins were forgiven by those ...Rate it

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Alastaire Arendse
God took a bright light to mark and govern the night: such is the full moon.Rate it

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One Perfect Summer's Day
Robert Haigh
One perfect summer's day I walked o'er field and country lane. The sights and sounds of nature in her glory filled me fain. Strolling throu...Rate it

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He Tells Of The Perfect Beauty
William Butler Yeats
O CLOUD-PALE eyelids, dream-dimmed eyes, The poets labouring all their days To build a perfect beauty in rhyme Are overthrown by a woman's gaze And...Rate it

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In A Perfect World
Amber Rickards
In a perfect world, you would come running after me. Realizing how much I actually mean to you. Begging for me back changes made etc etc. in a per...Rate it

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Perfect Father's Day By Astghick Moradkhanians
Astghick Moradkhanians
In the legacy of my father, I received instructions! It indicates not silver;. Take the hold of this instructions; Fear the ...Rate it

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Perfect view
Saba Hakeem
I remember one rainy day of April; You and I went on a trip. Your hair were flying with the spring breeze. Mine were tied in a clip. There was a...Rate it

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The Perfect Phenomenal Prophet
Muhammad Ali Aljawahiri
My eyes hadn't seen anyone like him And no one ever is such nonesuch ideal You have been created to give wisdom For all humans, to make correction ...Rate it

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not perfect
ashley gelsinger
I know no bodys perfect, I even no i'm not everyone makes mistakes and looses what they want, I no I messed up everything with the stupid things I ...Rate it

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Perfect Phenomenal Prophet
Muhammad S.A. Aljawahiri
My eyes hadn't seen anyone like him And no one ever is such nonesuch ideal You have been created to give wisdom For all humans, to make correction ...Rate it

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The Perfect Crime
Roger McGough
The sword-swallower stabbed his unfaithful wife to death Before disposing of the murder weapon in one gulp.Rate it

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#30 - A Perfect Day
Julia Jedynak
You are back A perfect day Sun shining Eyes glowing Smiles Hard working Meal cooking Smells good Laughs abound Lovely sound Want to remember Sitt...Rate it

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A Perfect Day
Angela Lorine Smith
I planned for a perfect day, but it didn't go my way. fortunately, I had faith, and prepared for the issues that life brought my way by praying to ...Rate it

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A Perfect Day
Gino Valentine
Sunshine in my heart The wind at my back Sand in my shoes Off the beaten track The birds call out Crystals on my face Heating up my soul Found a pe...Rate it

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A Perfect Love
by Ivan Mannan The perfect love is never ending, always forgiving and, ever enduring all possibilities life gives them. It is a type of love that ...Rate it

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A perfect rose
Tebello Ramaele
You were covered in dew , still new when we first met, You and I, a duet A perfect match , I had thought A perfect rose in my palms only it had tho...Rate it

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A Perfect Sonnet
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Oh, for a perfect sonnet of all time! Wild music, heralding immortal hopes, Strikes the bold prelude. To it from each clime, Like tropic birds on s...Rate it

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A Perfect Strain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
O BID the minstrel tune his harp, And bid the minstrel sing; And let it be a perfect strain That round the hall shall ring: A strain to throb in la...Rate it

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A Perfect Vintage
Michael Ash Sharbaugh
Under Our canopy I can drink You in like wine. A perfect vintage--You.Rate it

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A Perfect Woman Nobly Planned
Franklin P. Adams
(The man who wants the perfect wife should marry a 'stock-size.' She comes cheaper.-_London Chronicle_.) Ah, Myrtilla, woe and dear me! Lackaday...Rate it

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A Wonderfully Perfect Moment
My hair plays around my face As I dance with someone, My best friend. My eyes sparkle with glee. His eyes gleam with excitement. We swim towards th...Rate it

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