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She Clothes herself in Poetry..
Jesus Penaranda
She Clothes herself in Poetry... She dresses herself in poetry, clothes her skin with each verse. My hands wonder as eyes explore what verses lies...Rate it

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Any culture; she fits herself perfect; what a brain
Amir Samji
A woman, a beautiful woman, a dream of men Mould herself; intellectually in a domain of men She performs very well in society, beauty of them An...Rate it

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Herself A Rose Who Bore The Rose
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Herself a rose, who bore the Rose, She bore the Rose and felt its thorn. All loveliness new-born Took on her bosom its repose, And slept and wo...Rate it

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Luna herself
Ross J. Wallace
A dense thicket of pine trees with an even thicker fog rising from it. Glowing in the moon's light this mist traced the tree-line on its way to the...Rate it

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Sarahs War against herself
Gaby Suriel
Im haunted by depression For years thou has haunted me But I have a confession No one knows this but me As soon as the skies cleared And I thought ...Rate it

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The Day undressed—Herself
Emily Dickinson
The Day undressed—Herself— Her Garter—was of Gold— Her Petticoat—of Purple plain— Her Dimities—as old Exactly—as the World— And yet the newest Sta...Rate it

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The Ship That Found Herself
Rudyard Kipling
We now, held in captivity, Spring to our bondage nor grieve-- See now, how it is blesseder, Brothers, to give than receive! Keep trust, wherefore w...Rate it

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To Herself Alone
Kurt Philip Behm
The enigma of a woman veiled in what you’ll never know Despite those things she gives to you, her secrets bide unshown Your eyes may taste and ha...Rate it

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To My Cousin, Anne Bodham, On Receiving From Her A Network Purse, Made By Herself
William Cowper
My gentle Anne, whom heretofore, When I was young, and thou no more Than plaything for a nurse, I danced and fondled on my knee, A kitten both in s...Rate it

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Upon Julia's Unlacing Herself
Robert Herrick
Tell, if thou canst, and truly, whence doth come This camphire, storax, spikenard, galbanum, These musks, these ambers, and those other smells Swee...Rate it

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