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Robert Herrick was born in London, England, in 1591. He was apprenticed to a goldsmith (his uncle, Sir William), but went to Cambridge, at St John's, in 1613. He was ordained at Peterborough in 1623 and became chaplain to the Duke of Buckingham a few years later. "Hesperides" - a collection of 1200 lyrical poems - was published in 1648 and it remained his magnum opus. Herrick died in 1674, aged 83.

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List of poems by Robert Herrick 293 total

Upon The Nipples Of Julia's Breast 472 ViewsRate it
Delight in disorder 446 ViewsRate it
Of love: a sonnet
 430 ViewsRate it
His mistress to him at his farewell
 429 ViewsRate it
The olive branch
 418 ViewsRate it
Not every day fit for verse
 414 ViewsRate it
To sir clipsby crew 412 ViewsRate it
The bag of the bee
 403 ViewsRate it
The apron of flowers
 402 ViewsRate it
Men mind no state in sickness
 401 ViewsRate it
To oenone.
 399 ViewsRate it
When he would have his verses read
 399 ViewsRate it
To mistress katharine bradshaw, the lovely, that crowned him with laurel
 388 ViewsRate it
Sweet Disorder 386 ViewsRate it
Upon love
 383 ViewsRate it
The parcae; or, three dainty destinies:the armilet 377 ViewsRate it
Upon the loss of his mistresses 376 ViewsRate it
His Prayer For Absolution
 375 ViewsRate it
Upon roses
 375 ViewsRate it
Good precepts, or counsel
 374 ViewsRate it
The plaudite, or end of life 373 ViewsRate it
The bubble: a song
 370 ViewsRate it
The primrose
 369 ViewsRate it
His covenant or protestation to julia
 368 ViewsRate it
On himself
 367 ViewsRate it
Pray and prosper
 365 ViewsRate it
To death
 361 ViewsRate it
Kissing usury
 360 ViewsRate it
To silvia to wed
 356 ViewsRate it
To daffadils
 352 ViewsRate it
To the rose: song
 351 ViewsRate it
A hymn to the graces
 349 ViewsRate it
Upon Julia's Unlacing Herself
 348 ViewsRate it
Upon mrs eliz. Wheeler, under the name ofamarillis
 344 ViewsRate it
Upon time 343 ViewsRate it
An ode for ben jonson 343 ViewsRate it
Comfort to a youth that had lost his love 339 ViewsRate it
His last request to julia
 338 ViewsRate it
Matins, or morning prayer
 336 ViewsRate it
Lovers how they come and part 335 ViewsRate it
To daisies, not to shut so soon
 335 ViewsRate it
To Oenone
 332 ViewsRate it
A Lyric to Mirth
 331 ViewsRate it
A request to the graces 324 ViewsRate it
Impossibilities: to his friend
 321 ViewsRate it
Upon cupid 318 ViewsRate it
The Bracelet: To Julia 314 ViewsRate it
Orpheus 310 ViewsRate it
The bracelet to julia 299 ViewsRate it
Upon julia'S recovery
 295 ViewsRate it
To music, to becalm a sweet sick youth
 295 ViewsRate it
Upon a child that died 175 ViewsRate it
Cherry- Ripe 173 ViewsRate it
The bad season makes the poet sad
 163 ViewsRate it
Ceremony upon candlemas eve 154 ViewsRate it
To electra
 154 ViewsRate it
Upon love:by way of question and answer
 145 ViewsRate it
The Hock-cart, or Harvest Home
 144 ViewsRate it
The Argument Of His Book
 143 ViewsRate it
Dreams 142 ViewsRate it
The Vine
 142 ViewsRate it
The white island:or place of the blest
 139 ViewsRate it
Upon julia'S voice 138 ViewsRate it
No pains, no gains 135 ViewsRate it
A bucolic betwixt two;lacon and thyrsis
 133 ViewsRate it
The Bellman 133 ViewsRate it
His winding-sheet
 132 ViewsRate it
A hymn to venus and cupid
 129 ViewsRate it
A canticle to apollo 127 ViewsRate it
To his Girls 127 ViewsRate it
I call and I call 126 ViewsRate it
Love lightly pleased 126 ViewsRate it
 126 ViewsRate it
Peace not permanent 126 ViewsRate it
The present; or, the bag of the bee:
 126 ViewsRate it
An Ode to Master Endymion Porter, Upon His Brother's Death
 125 ViewsRate it
To robin red-breast
 125 ViewsRate it
Want 125 ViewsRate it
Her bed 124 ViewsRate it
To music, to becalm his fever
 124 ViewsRate it
Love dislikes nothing
 123 ViewsRate it
The coming of good luck
 122 ViewsRate it
Upon his sister-in-law, mistress elizabethherrick
 122 ViewsRate it
A thanksgiving to god, for his house
 121 ViewsRate it
Upon julia'S ribbon 121 ViewsRate it
The cruel maid
 120 ViewsRate it
The kiss: a dialogue
 119 ViewsRate it
The changes: to corinna
 118 ViewsRate it
The shower of blossoms
 118 ViewsRate it
To Daffodils
 116 ViewsRate it
To meadows
 116 ViewsRate it
Upon man
 116 ViewsRate it
His Meditation Upon Death
 115 ViewsRate it
The Hour-glass 115 ViewsRate it
To the lady crewe, upon the death of her child 115 ViewsRate it
To the willow-tree
 115 ViewsRate it
Upon himself 115 ViewsRate it
A Hymn To Love
 114 ViewsRate it
Loss from the least 114 ViewsRate it
To his kinswoman, mistress susanna herrick
 114 ViewsRate it
To julia 114 ViewsRate it
The beggar to mab, the fairy queen 113 ViewsRate it
The hock-cart, or harvest home:to the right honourable mildmay, earl of westmorland
 113 ViewsRate it
The lily in a crystal
 113 ViewsRate it
Cherry ripe 112 ViewsRate it
 112 ViewsRate it
Truth and error 112 ViewsRate it
A Thanksgiving to God for His House
 111 ViewsRate it
To his peculiar friend, mr john wicks 111 ViewsRate it
To Live Merrily, And To Trust To Good Verses
 111 ViewsRate it
To live merrily,and to trust to good verses
 111 ViewsRate it
On Julia's Voice 110 ViewsRate it
The cheat of cupid; or, the ungentle guest
 110 ViewsRate it
Things mortal still mutable 110 ViewsRate it
Upon her feet 110 ViewsRate it
Crutches 109 ViewsRate it
The transfiguration 109 ViewsRate it
His age:dedicated to his peculiar friend,mr john wickes, under the name ofpostumus
 108 ViewsRate it
The Good-night or Blessing
 108 ViewsRate it
What Kind Of Mistress He Would Have 108 ViewsRate it
A Child's Grace 107 ViewsRate it
A meditation for his mistress
 107 ViewsRate it
Ambition 107 ViewsRate it
How pansies or hearts-ease came first
 107 ViewsRate it
Upon julia'S hair filled with dew 107 ViewsRate it
The Rosary 106 ViewsRate it
To enjoy the time 106 ViewsRate it
To Virgins, to Make Much of Time
 106 ViewsRate it
To youth 106 ViewsRate it
Satisfaction for sufferings 105 ViewsRate it
To his book 105 ViewsRate it
To the water-nymphs drinking at thefountain
 105 ViewsRate it
A vow to venus
 104 ViewsRate it
Upon Parson Beanes 104 ViewsRate it
The bleeding hand; or the sprig of eglantine given to a maid
 103 ViewsRate it
Upon the detracter 103 ViewsRate it
An ode to sir clipsby crew
 101 ViewsRate it
Burial 101 ViewsRate it
Safety on the shore 101 ViewsRate it
The mad maid'S song
 101 ViewsRate it
The maypole 101 ViewsRate it
The succession of the four sweet months
 101 ViewsRate it
The wassail
 100 ViewsRate it
To his paternal country 99 ViewsRate it
Truth and Falsehood 99 ViewsRate it
To his verses
 98 ViewsRate it
To phillis, to love and live with him
 98 ViewsRate it
Anacreontic 97 ViewsRate it
Four things make us happy here 97 ViewsRate it
Grace for a child 97 ViewsRate it
His litany, to the holy spirit
 97 ViewsRate it
To a gentlewoman, objecting to him hisgray hairs 97 ViewsRate it
A conjuration: to electra
 96 ViewsRate it
Discontents In Devon 96 ViewsRate it
To blossoms
 96 ViewsRate it
The old wives' Prayer 95 ViewsRate it
The heart
 94 ViewsRate it
The wake 94 ViewsRate it
All things decay and die
 92 ViewsRate it
His return to london
 92 ViewsRate it
To perenna 92 ViewsRate it
The bell-man 91 ViewsRate it
To primroses filled with morning dew
 91 ViewsRate it
Writing 90 ViewsRate it
Farewell frost, or welcome spring
 89 ViewsRate it
To be merry
 89 ViewsRate it
 89 ViewsRate it
Poverty and riches 88 ViewsRate it
To his muse 88 ViewsRate it
The hag
 86 ViewsRate it
To his lovely mistresses
 86 ViewsRate it
Proof to No Purpose
 85 ViewsRate it
Draw-gloves 85 ViewsRate it
The ceremonies for candlemas day 85 ViewsRate it
Upon Julia's Clothes
 85 ViewsRate it
To music 84 ViewsRate it
Tears and laughter 83 ViewsRate it
A Christmas Carol, Sung to the King in the Presence at White-Hall
 82 ViewsRate it
The country life:
 82 ViewsRate it
The definition of beauty 82 ViewsRate it
The parliament of roses to julia
 82 ViewsRate it
To the genius of his house
 82 ViewsRate it
A new year'S gift,sent to sir simeon steward
 81 ViewsRate it
The apparition of his, mistress,calling him to elysium
 81 ViewsRate it
Ceremonies for candlemas eve
 80 ViewsRate it
To pansies
 80 ViewsRate it
A Ring Presented to Julia
 79 ViewsRate it
Casualties 79 ViewsRate it
Cock-crow 77 ViewsRate it
To his honoured and most ingenious friendmr charles cotton
 77 ViewsRate it
Upon a delaying lady 77 ViewsRate it
A dialogue betwixt himself and mistress elizawheeler, under the name of amarillis
 76 ViewsRate it
His Prayer To Ben Jonson 76 ViewsRate it
No fault in women 76 ViewsRate it
To the virgins, to make much of time
 76 ViewsRate it
Be My Mistress Short or Tall 75 ViewsRate it
To his dying brother, master william herrick
 75 ViewsRate it
Upon Prew His Maid 75 ViewsRate it
Anthea'S retractation 74 ViewsRate it
The widows' Tears; or, dirge of dorcas
 74 ViewsRate it
To Anthea, who may command him Anything
 73 ViewsRate it
Money makes the mirth 72 ViewsRate it
To Perilla
 72 ViewsRate it
A mean in our means 71 ViewsRate it
His grange, or private wealth
 71 ViewsRate it
To his mistress, objecting to him neither toying or talking
 70 ViewsRate it
To his mistress, objecting to him neithertoying or talking
 70 ViewsRate it
To Music: a Song
 70 ViewsRate it
Upon wrinkles 70 ViewsRate it
The Vision
 69 ViewsRate it
An hymn to the muses 69 ViewsRate it
A hymn to bacchus 68 ViewsRate it
How springs came first
 68 ViewsRate it
Upon tears 68 ViewsRate it
His content in the country
 67 ViewsRate it
Man'S dying-place uncertain 67 ViewsRate it
No man without money 67 ViewsRate it
Divination By A Daffodil 66 ViewsRate it
Soft music 66 ViewsRate it
To bacchus: a canticle
 66 ViewsRate it
The fairies
 65 ViewsRate it
To heaven 65 ViewsRate it
Art above nature: to julia
 64 ViewsRate it
His Litany to the Holy Spirit
 64 ViewsRate it
The funeral rites of the rose
 64 ViewsRate it
Upon a painted gentlewoman 64 ViewsRate it
The Wounded Cupid
 63 ViewsRate it
Purposes 62 ViewsRate it
To music: a song
 62 ViewsRate it
Epitaph upon a Child that died 61 ViewsRate it
Life is the body'S light
 61 ViewsRate it
Departure of the Good Daemon 60 ViewsRate it
Mrs eliz: wheeler, under the name of thelost shepherdess
 59 ViewsRate it
The fairy temple; or, oberon'S chapel
 59 ViewsRate it
To anthea, who may command him any thing
 58 ViewsRate it
His desire 57 ViewsRate it
Pardons 57 ViewsRate it
Rewards 57 ViewsRate it
Up Scoble 57 ViewsRate it
Litany to the Holy Spirit
 56 ViewsRate it
Miseries 56 ViewsRate it
To His Honoured and Most Ingenious Friend Mr. Charles Cotton
 56 ViewsRate it
To silvia
 56 ViewsRate it
Another 55 ViewsRate it
His sailing from julia
 55 ViewsRate it
To violets
 54 ViewsRate it
Love, what it is
 53 ViewsRate it
Nothing free-cost 52 ViewsRate it
Corinna's Going A-Maying
 51 ViewsRate it
Felicity quick of flight 51 ViewsRate it
The Night Piece, To Julia
 51 ViewsRate it
On a perfumed lady 50 ViewsRate it
A Conjuration To Electra
 49 ViewsRate it
An epitaph upon a child 49 ViewsRate it
His wish to privacy 49 ViewsRate it
To the Western Wind
 49 ViewsRate it
A paranaeticall, or advisive verseto his friend, mr john wicks
 48 ViewsRate it
His poetry his pillar
 48 ViewsRate it
The bride-cake
 48 ViewsRate it
To his saviour, a child;a present, by a child
 48 ViewsRate it
To his sweet saviour 48 ViewsRate it
A panegyric to sir lewis pemberton
 47 ViewsRate it
Another Grace For A Child 46 ViewsRate it
On love
 46 ViewsRate it
The dirge of jephthah'S daughter:sung by the virgins
 46 ViewsRate it
The rock of rubies, and the quarry ofpearls 46 ViewsRate it
The watch 45 ViewsRate it
To anthea 45 ViewsRate it
To his conscience
 44 ViewsRate it
Upon a child 44 ViewsRate it
A pastoral sung to the king
 43 ViewsRate it
To carnations: a song 43 ViewsRate it
To laurels
 43 ViewsRate it
His loss 42 ViewsRate it
To the handsome mistress grace potter 42 ViewsRate it
Upon a maid 41 ViewsRate it
Why flowers change colour 41 ViewsRate it
Oberon's Feast
 40 ViewsRate it
The wounded heart 40 ViewsRate it
Upon her eyes 40 ViewsRate it
The voice and viol 38 ViewsRate it
An ode of the birth of our saviour
 37 ViewsRate it
How his soul came ensnared 37 ViewsRate it
Barley-break; or, last in hell 36 ViewsRate it
To groves
 35 ViewsRate it
His request to julia
 34 ViewsRate it
His Wish To God
 34 ViewsRate it
To sapho
 31 ViewsRate it
An epitaph upon a virgin 30 ViewsRate it
To the maids, to walk abroad
 29 ViewsRate it
The present time best pleaseth
 26 ViewsRate it
To live freely 26 ViewsRate it

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