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Emotions Belong To Us
Donka Kristeva
Yes, I understand, or do I truly so-- the mysteries if inner man, the depths of human soul? For I am earthborn and, indeed, my flesh is may of cla...Rate it

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I Belong Here
Angel Woodland
Yahuah, please guide me Too many times the devil has tried me Sometimes I feel your spirit inside of me Ever since I was a baby, it flump Butterfli...Rate it

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I belong to human race
Anjam Abbas
A storm in the tea cup I belong to human race The crown of the creation Truth is my worst enemy Lies are my girlfriends Sitting on the wings of f...Rate it

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Pray to What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong
Henry David Thoreau
Pray to what earth does this sweet cold belong, Which asks no duties and no conscience? The moon goes up by leaps, her cheerful path In some far...Rate it

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So You Want to Belong?
Lynne Provance
(c) 2004 “So you want to belong? You want to be a part - to be a member. Religions cults gangs politics cultures what part do you belong to? Ini...Rate it

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The wotld I belong
Poverty is sold cheaply so that even the poor man can afford, working hard but earning less no matter your effort. A world where the secret of suc...Rate it

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This isn'T the place where I belong to
Midhat Talha
Psychologically ill, Life intentionally fill, Sourness within me. In deep darkness have no refuge, Volumes of pain are not to reduce, Anguish and ...Rate it

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We belong to together
Taleshia G MCcray
Like a pair of boots. Like pair of mittens. Like a pair of socks. You and Me! Something just belong in pair and that is me and you. We were meant t...Rate it

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