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I am a person (special needs)
I am a person, do you actually look at me,or do you just glance, my heart beats,my tears flow,I have a warm touch everyone needs to know ,I like to...Rate it

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A Special Loving Lord
Keith Rideout
I woke up early on Christmas Day to open my presents Sneaking down the stairs to peak underneath the tree I couldn’t believe the sight what my eyes...Rate it

(4.00 / 6 votes)
The Special One
I want to be Special for Someone So that I never feel alone - Two Arms holding me tight And forever keep me close. I want to find the missing Colo...Rate it

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Ballade of a Special Edition
Amy Levy
He comes; I hear him up the street-- Bird of ill omen, flapping wide The pinion of a printed sheet, His hoarse note scares the eventide. Of slaught...Rate it

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"Everyone is special"
Victoria Bond
To become like me, is to act like me wanting to be will not exceed, Be who you are and not like me Everyone is special in their own identity...Rate it

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A special person
Bob Taub
A SPECIAL PERSON It’s hard to live your life alone This is something we’ve always known We all need someone our life to share A certain someone wh...Rate it

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A special prayer
Taleshia G MCcray
May the lord bless and keep you in his love.God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear though the ea...Rate it

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A special prayer for you and me!
Taleshia G MCcray
I will be praying for you, but it is time to stop running and do what God requires of you. Jesus heal him from broken I know that you can do it for...Rate it

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A special Prayer!
Taleshia G MCcray
This is so great I prayer last tonight,for you and me to be together forever and it came true thank you God. I want to be with you forever. I'm so ...Rate it

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A Tribute To A Special Father-in-Law
Pennie Bennett
A special person you will alway's be We long for your face to see Even though you are gone your loving memory will linger on Sadly missed by those ...Rate it

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A Very Special Person
Laurie A. Lanza
I met you long ago now; hesitant as to what would be. But now I must admit; you have totally surprised me. We have alot in common; things you alre...Rate it

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A Very Special Secret Place
Howard Robert Manser
There is a very secret place Where I go and wish and hide. A very special secret place Where imaginings reside. And in this world of make-belie...Rate it

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An Invitation to A Special Day
Mesut Selvi
Ladies,gentlemen and the people who'll create an unforgettable day! I am so excited that I can shake your hands and hug you,right away. As you know...Rate it

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Every child must be made special
Amir Samji
Every child must be made special Our children are future of world; must be made special Take care of them from day one; to make them special Don't...Rate it

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Everyone Is Special
Jessica Boyd
Everyone is special In their own and unique way Some you find tomarrow Some you find today You will never find someone Exactly the same Cause we al...Rate it

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Finding that special piece!!
Carl Semien
Someone asked me a question recently that made search myself. Do you think you can actually survive without no one else? I didn't know how to respo...Rate it

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Four Special Letters
Qiydaar Pratt
When four special letters connect in one of many ways, vibes must conform and it can brighten the darkest of days. It is not just something you s...Rate it

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Happy Birthday To A Special Cousin
Mary I. Owens
This is your day to remember and a special day to treasure Because it filled wih sweetness and a day of pleasure. Have a very special Birthday My s...Rate it

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In Loving Memory of a Very Special Person
Dave Morgan
In Loving Memory In ever loving memory of love for a friend Whose life gave us happiness without end We needed you here every day But God needed yo...Rate it

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Jennifer's Special Place
Michael Edward Tichenor
Jennifer sent me a kiss Because I know Jennifer caresRate it

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Midnight Special
Anonymous Americas
If you evah go to Houston, You better walk right; You better not gamble And you better not fight. T. Bentley will arrest you, ...Rate it

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My Special Brother
Len'a Dominy
My heart was torn out When they took you away I cried for months Both night and day Tried to fight the hurt inside Of knowing you were gone Still f...Rate it

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my special friend
Allison J. Bauman
He was once in my life He calls to me as if I was his mother He whispers in my ear like a little girl telling me a secret I feel my tears knowing h...Rate it

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My Special Place
Geni Kelepouris
There is a place, Where time is lost, Where no man awaits, But there is a cost. When you pray for freedom, Pray for this, A place where only time e...Rate it

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My special someone
Ricky Smith
I'm in love with one person. I enjoy being by that persons side. To feel there warmth. There love for me inside them. I wish I could show everyone....Rate it

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