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George Essex Evans
Friend, you have wealth and power, Men go and come at your call, Yours are the whims of the hour— What have you done with it all? I am only a poet...Rate it

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Sara Teasdale
I have no riches but my thoughts, Yet these are wealth enough for me; My thoughts of you are golden coins Stamped in the mint of memory; And I m...Rate it

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A Song Of Riches
Katharine Lee Bates
What will you give to a barefoot lass, Morning with breath like wine? Wade, bare feet! In my wide morass Starry marigolds shine. Alms, sweet Noon, ...Rate it

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Agony Of Riches
Kurt Phlip Behm
The ultimate indulgence… blind acceptance All standards rescinded —all judgment forlorn (Dreamsleep: October, 2019)Rate it

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Fame _vs._ Riches
Eugene Field
The Greeks had genius,--'t was a gift The Muse vouchsafed in glorious measure; The boon of Fame they made their aim And prized above all worldly tr...Rate it

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His Riches Claimed
Kurt Philip Behm
His Riches Claimed A fool A rich father A poor boy A dream The theater Of experience One whines The other screams The reckoning Once predicted Is ...Rate it

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I made slow Riches but my Gain
Emily Dickinson
I made slow Riches but my Gain Was steady as the Sun And every Night, it numbered more Than the preceding One All Days, I did not earn the same Bu...Rate it

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I play at Riches—to appease
Emily Dickinson
I play at Riches—to appease The Clamoring for Gold— It kept me from a Thief, I think, For often, overbold With Want, and Opportunity— I could have...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
Who with a little cannot be content, Endures an everlasting punishment. Rate it

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Riches I hold in light esteem
Emily Jane Brontë
Riches I hold in light esteem And Love I laugh to scorn And lust of Fame was but a dream That vanished with the morn– And if I pray, the only praye...Rate it

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Riches of the heart
Brian J Cheville
On the wings of true love I did fly To dance on moonbeams in the sky On my descent a rainbow My fall it did slow I slide down the colors and behold...Rate it

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Riches Unknown
Kurt Philip Behm
The chest is open —its treasure exposed The jewels uncounted —with riches unknown (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)Rate it

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Your Riches—taught me—Poverty
Emily Dickinson
Your Riches—taught me—Poverty. Myself—a Millionaire In little Wealths, as Girls could boast Till broad as Buenos Ayre— You drifted your Dominions—...Rate it

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