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Ambrose Bierce
When Dr. Charles O'Donnell died They sank a box with him inside. The plate with his initials three Was simply graven-'C.O.D.' That night two demo...Rate it

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Henry Lawson
She says she’s very sorry, as she sees you to the gate; You calmly say ‘Good-bye’ to her while standing off a yard, Then you lift your hat and leav...Rate it

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Edith Nesbit
WE wandered down the meadow way-- The path beside the hedge is shady,-- You did not see the silver may, You talked of Art, my sweet blind Lady. ...Rate it

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Lord Alfred Douglas
Alas ! I have lost my God, My beautiful God Apollo. Wherever his footsteps trod My feet were wont to follow. But Oh ! it fell out one day My soul ...Rate it

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Truth And Divine Love Rejected By The World
William Cowper
O love, of pure and heavenly birth! O simple truth, scarce known on earth! Whom men resist with stubborn will; And, more perverse and daring still,...Rate it

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Despised And Rejected
Christina Georgina Rossetti
My sun has set, I dwell In darkness as a dead man out of sight; And none remains, not one, that I should tell To him mine evil plight This bitter n...Rate it

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Liberty Rejected
William Watson
About this heart thou hast Thy chains made fast, And think'st thou I would be Therefrom set free, And forth unbound be cast? The ocean would as so...Rate it

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A Rejected Lover
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
You 'never loved me,' Ada. These slow words Dropped softly from your gentle woman-tongue Out of your true and kindly woman-heart, Fell, piercing...Rate it

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Job the Rejected
Edwin Arlington Robinson
They met, and overwhelming her distrust With penitence, he praised away her fear; They married, and Job gave him half a year To wreck the temple...Rate it

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Mediocrity in Love Rejected
Thomas Carew
Give me more love or more disdain; The torrid, or the frozen zone, Bring equal ease unto my pain; The temperate affords me none; ...Rate it

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Song. Mediocrity in love rejected.
Thomas Carew
GIVE me more love or more disdain ; The torrid or the frozen zone Bring equal ease unto my pain, The temperate affords me none : Either e...Rate it

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Song: Mediocrity in Love Rejected
Thomas Carew
Give me more love, or more disdain; The torrid or the frozen zone Bring equal ease unto my pain, The temperate affords me none; Either extreme,...Rate it

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The Rejected Wife 1
Omisakin Stephen Babatunde
You were like an open-flower in my heart, I've stopped thinking from where we start Because you made my feelings loathsome, I'd ask myself if I n...Rate it

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