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Dessous ce grand François, dont le bel astre luit
Joachim du Bellay
Dessous ce grand François, dont le bel astre luit Au plus beau lieu du ciel, la France fut enceinte Des lettres et des arts, et d'une troupe sainte...Rate it

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A Grand Day
Wolf Juarez
It’s a grand day, a day to thrive and be awake To shake off the slumber, the dust, to clean the stains To build with tempo, and to soften ambivalen...Rate it

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A grand Old Lady
Meena Somasundaram
A lady I know fat and plump she grew dark and ordinary she looked but she was hooked unknowingly in a young age by a man not a sage but who w...Rate it

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At The Grand Cañon
Harriet Monroe
Wind of the desert, softly blow Across the cañon shining wide. Lightly among the temples go That rise in towers of pride. Soft, lest they float...Rate it

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Ce siècle est grand et fort. Un noble instinct le mène
Victor Marie Hugo
Ce siècle est grand et fort. Un noble instinct le mène. Partout on voit marcher l'Idée en mission ; Et le bruit du travail, plein de parole humai...Rate it

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Cependant que Magny suit son grand Avanson
Joachim du Bellay
Cependant que Magny suit son grand Avanson Pa,jas son Cardinal, et moy le mien encore, Et que l'espoir flatteur, qui nos beaux ans devore, Appastre...Rate it

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Chanson de grand-père
Victor Marie Hugo
Dansez, les petites filles, Toutes en rond. En vous voyant si gentilles, Les bois riront. Dansez, les petites reines, Toutes en rond. Les amoureux...Rate it

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Crossing the Grand Sierras
Henry Clay Work
All aboard! all aboard! The hissing breath of the iron steed Proclaims his wish to be quickly freed; And soon as the stroke from the bell we hear, ...Rate it

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For My Grand-Daughters, M. And L. - An Acrostic.
Mary Ann H T Bigelow
Mary and Lily - how sweet are those names, Allied as they are to my heart and my home; Recalling with freshness the days that are past, Yielding bu...Rate it

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Grand Canyon
Finding the meaning of freedom In the worn yellow lines on the road And the gnarled wood of the forest Deep, deep down in the valley Sun beating do...Rate it

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Grand Daughter
Faheem Jawaid
My granddaughter of 1& 1/2 Is a true living doll … Like no other in the world When she laughs Flowers of my garden gaze When she walks The soft, g...Rate it

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Grand Finale
Fran McClelland
No use walking in sorrow now, the world is often cold; But somehow we get on with life, and grow as we get old; Our youth is spent finding how to l...Rate it

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Grand Mosaic
Wallace Dean LaBenne
From the outer regions of space to internal realms of the mind follow the incipient trace: majestic the mysteries divine. Listen to the Dalai Lama...Rate it

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Grand Prize
Thomas Bradfield
The Pressure is on, what do i write? Ive read everyones poems in despite, Sweet running down my face, So nervous and all those great poets to blame...Rate it

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Grand Rapids
Julia A Moore
Air -- "Bright Alfaretta" Wild roved the Indians once On the banks of Grand River, And they built their little huts Down by that flowing river. In...Rate it

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Grand Rapids Cricket Club
Julia A Moore
In Grand Rapids is a handsome club, Of men that cricket play, As fine a set of skillful men That can their skill display. They are the champions of...Rate it

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Grand Theft Glory
Kurt Philip Behm
Everyone is brave inside the café Tall glasses of courage, fear toasting itself The sound of the motors, the drape of the muleta A court full of je...Rate it

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Grand'Ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving
Horatio Alger Jr
Underneath protected branches, from the highway just aloof; Stands the house of Grand'ther Baldwin, with its gently sloping roof. Square of sha...Rate it

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Grand-Father's Clock
Henry Clay Work
My grand-father's clock was too large for the shelf, So it stood ninety years on the floor; It was taller by half than the old man himself, Though ...Rate it

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Grand-Pa's Whim
Robert William Service
While for me gapes the greedy grave It don't make sense That I should have a crazy crave To paint our fence. Yet that is what...Rate it

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Robert William Service
And so when he reached my bed The General made a stand: "My brave young fellow," he said, "I would shake your hand." So I lifted my ar...Rate it

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How Old Are You Grand Pa
Elijah Hisownkid
Grand Pa, said the kids, how old are you? Stretching his left hand to the past, Grand Pa said , I am older than the past, kids. Whooo , said the ...Rate it

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I Have a Great Grand Daughter
Christiana Carter
I did not expect to live to see generations behind me now there are three my son has a son he has a little one I am blessed beyond measure to have ...Rate it

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It's Grand
Andrew Barton Paterson
It's grand to be a squatter And sit upon a post, And watch your little ewes and lambs A-giving up the ghost. It's grand to be a "cockie" With...Rate it

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La Grand'Place
Emile Verhaeren
Les magasins de la Grand'Place Mirent leur deuil et leur passé, Et l'or de leur fronton usé, Dans les égouts qui les enlacent. Un drapeau pend ...Rate it

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