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Edmund Spenser was an English poet best known for The Faerie Queene, an epic poem and fantastical allegory celebrating the Tudor dynasty and Elizabeth I.

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List of poems by Edmund Spenser 172 total

Poem 90
 367 ViewsRate it
Poem 95
 362 ViewsRate it
Poem 96
 344 ViewsRate it
Poem 92 323 ViewsRate it
Poem 93
 323 ViewsRate it
The Tamed Deer 196 ViewsRate it
 195 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXX 167 ViewsRate it
Muiopotmos, Or The Fate Of The Butterflie
 156 ViewsRate it
 147 ViewsRate it
Amoretti LXXV: One Day I Wrote Her Name
 141 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXVII 141 ViewsRate it
A Hymn Of Heavenly Beauty
 139 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXXI
 139 ViewsRate it
 134 ViewsRate it
Amoretti LXVII: Like as a Huntsman 131 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VIII
 127 ViewsRate it
Prosopopoia: or Mother Hubbard's Tale
 126 ViewsRate it
Amoretti XXII: This Holy Season
 125 ViewsRate it
Poem 7
 124 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 54
 122 ViewsRate it
 121 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXIII
 118 ViewsRate it
Poem 18
 116 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXI 116 ViewsRate it
Sonnet X 115 ViewsRate it
The Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto IV (excerpts)
 115 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LI 114 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXII
 114 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXIX 114 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: December
 114 ViewsRate it
Ruins of Rome, by Bellay
 113 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXXII 112 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXV
 111 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: September
 111 ViewsRate it
A Ditty
 110 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LV
 110 ViewsRate it
The Teares of the Muses
 109 ViewsRate it
Poem 22
 108 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XLIII 108 ViewsRate it
Sonnet II 107 ViewsRate it
Poem 6
 106 ViewsRate it
Sonnet 75
 106 ViewsRate it
Sonnet IX
 106 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XI
 106 ViewsRate it
Poem 91
 105 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: Januarie
 104 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXXIIII 103 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: July
 103 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LVII
 102 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXII 102 ViewsRate it
Sonnet IIII
 101 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LIII 101 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXVI
 101 ViewsRate it
Poem 1
 99 ViewsRate it
Poem 9 99 ViewsRate it
 99 ViewsRate it
 98 ViewsRate it
Poem 15 97 ViewsRate it
 97 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXVI
 97 ViewsRate it
Poem 24 96 ViewsRate it
Poem 11
 94 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXV
 94 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: June
 94 ViewsRate it
An Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
 93 ViewsRate it
Poem 94 93 ViewsRate it
 93 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXXIII 93 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XLVII
 92 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXXV 90 ViewsRate it
The Faerie Qveene
 89 ViewsRate it
The Faerie Queene, Book VI, Canto X
 88 ViewsRate it
Sonnet L 87 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XLVIII 87 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: March
 87 ViewsRate it
Whilst it is prime
 87 ViewsRate it
Amoretti LXVIII: Most Glorious Lord of Life
 86 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXX
 86 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXI
 86 ViewsRate it
Iambicum Trimetrum
 85 ViewsRate it
A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
 84 ViewsRate it
And is there care in heaven, and is there love
 83 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXX
 83 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XLII
 83 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LX
 82 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LVI 81 ViewsRate it
From 'Daphnaida'
 79 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XIII 79 ViewsRate it
The Faerie Queene: Book I, Canto I
 79 ViewsRate it
Amoretti LXXIX: Men Call you Fair 78 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXIIII 77 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXVII 75 ViewsRate it
Poem 97 74 ViewsRate it
Poem 12
 74 ViewsRate it
Poem 3
 71 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXIII 71 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXIX
 70 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: August
 70 ViewsRate it
Amoretti LXXIV: Most Happy Letters
 69 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LIX 69 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: October
 68 ViewsRate it
Sonnet I
 66 ViewsRate it
 66 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXI 66 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXV
 66 ViewsRate it
 65 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: November
 65 ViewsRate it
Virgils Gnat
 65 ViewsRate it
An Hymn Of Heavenly Beauty
 64 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XLV 64 ViewsRate it
 63 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XVIII
 63 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXVIII 63 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXVI
 62 ViewsRate it
Ice and Fire
 61 ViewsRate it
Amoretti III: The Sovereign Beauty
 60 ViewsRate it
Poem 10
 60 ViewsRate it
Poem 4
 60 ViewsRate it
Poem 5
 60 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XL
 58 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LVIII By Her That Is Most Assured To Her Selfe
 57 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XLIIII 57 ViewsRate it
The Ruines of Time
 56 ViewsRate it
Poem 8 56 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XIIII
 56 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: April
 56 ViewsRate it
Poem 21 55 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXXVIII 55 ViewsRate it
Poem 13
 54 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XX
 54 ViewsRate it
 53 ViewsRate it
An Hymne of Heavenly Love
 52 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: Februarie
 51 ViewsRate it
Poem 20
 50 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXIX
 50 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VII
 49 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XVI
 48 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXII
 46 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXXXVI 46 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XVII
 46 ViewsRate it
The Shepheardes Calender: May
 46 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LII
 45 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXXI
 44 ViewsRate it
 43 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXIX
 43 ViewsRate it
My Love Is Like To Ice
 42 ViewsRate it
Sonnet VI
 42 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XV 42 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXIII 42 ViewsRate it
Colin Clouts Come Home Againe
 40 ViewsRate it
Sonnet V
 40 ViewsRate it
The Visions Of Petrarch
 40 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XII 39 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LIIII
 38 ViewsRate it
Poem 17 37 ViewsRate it
 36 ViewsRate it
The Faerie Queene, Book III, Canto VI
 35 ViewsRate it
So Let Us Love
 33 ViewsRate it
Sonnet III
 31 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XIX
 31 ViewsRate it
An Hymne In Honour Of Love
 30 ViewsRate it
Poem 14
 30 ViewsRate it
Poem 23
 29 ViewsRate it
Visions of the worlds vanitie.
 29 ViewsRate it
Poem 2
 27 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXVI 27 ViewsRate it
Sonnet XXII
 27 ViewsRate it
Poem 16
 25 ViewsRate it
Sonnet LXVII 25 ViewsRate it
Poem 19
 24 ViewsRate it
 21 ViewsRate it

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