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Dark Embrace

Shaitan embraced our country in adamantine grip.
Cabal who are in power, entrenched so very deep.
Boot on the neck of the nation, and grin from ear to ear.
Do as they wish, disdain us, of laws they have no fear.
Democracy illusion, handful of...

by Alexander Rosenkrantz

added 3 months ago
The Unraveling

This once was a confident nation.
Just live, and let others live,
But dark, unhinged insanity,
Has spread its plagueful grip.

Maligned are the family values,
We keenly fetid stench smell.
Not all is peachy in Homeland,
This country was...

by Alexander Rosenkrantz

added 9 months ago
Rot of Capitol Hill

In the exalted halls of our nation's political power,
Inane, sanctimonious fools as asses bray.
No zeal to serve, constituents don't matter.
This insipid quorum, impresses us as neutered, spayed.

Deceive, buy votes, to claw their way into...

by Alexander Rosenkrantz

added 11 months ago
Ode to Mothers

Trust is commodity to be spared,
And not too hastily be shared.
Wickedness is all around,
Hateful people are abound.

Greedy souls so dark and spiteful,
Sell you out for a dollars fistful.
Be they husbands, be they wives,
Friends, or...

by Alexander Rosenkrantz

added 1 year ago

Two Vladimirs are feuding heads,
Both Vladimirs are stubborn lads.
Each one insists his claim is just,
And neither will each other trust.

They were not enemies from birth,
Both born on this blue round Earth.
What will it take to meet half...

by Alexander Rosenkrantz

added 1 year ago

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