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  July 2023     14 days ago

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The Duet

It’s a blustery evening that meets our man
As he rushes to catch his train
It’s been a fruitless and tiresome day at work
And it’s lashing down with rain

Drenched and disheveled, he tumbles aboard
And is met with a sea of frowns
“There’s as...

by Adam Gutteridge

added 6 months ago
Beyond the White Gate

In the West Country deep, down a quiet narrow lane
A haggard white gate stood in shame
For its task was to guard a disgraceful event
That was due to take place on that day

Beyond the white gate was a brown muddy track
That led to an old dairy...

by Adam Gutteridge

added 3 months ago
The Tumultuous Soup

A tumultuous soup I find myself in
A bubbling broth, hostile and hot
I pull myself up, clinging onto the brim
Only to slip back down into the pot

I battle to reach the froth at the top
But alas, relief is not found
My head in a bubble,...

by Adam Gutteridge

added 7 months ago
Sam & Fred

As Sam slept in silk sheets on a mattress of feathers
An afternoon nap was his blissful endeavour
His mouth gaping wide, he snored like a train
As he gladly embraced, the unconscious domain

But with one foot aboard, the boat bound for dreams

by Adam Gutteridge

added 5 months ago

Hard craggy rocks soften with shine
The street tempts further a storied decline
Sledges wait ready to carry and cart
For this is the way here in these parts

Trees and cliffs encourage us down
Combined they adorn the village it’s crown

by Adam Gutteridge

added 9 months ago

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Thank you for your kind comment.

14 days ago

Congratulations to Jordan on a fantastic win!
And congratulations to all on the list.
I echo what Randy said, it is an honour to be part of the competition.
I wasn’t writing at all this time last year and now it is a very important part of my life.
The community is so supportive . I’d like to give a special mention to John (Vixility). His encouragement is a huge reason that I continued to write after my first entry. And I know he has done the same for many others.
Thank you to the poetry team and the soulful, warm and super-talented community.

1 month ago

Likewise Randy. I couldn’t have said it better. It truly is a wonderful community of the best kind of people.
I feel proud to be a part of it.

1 month ago

Thank you Philipo, I very much appreciate it.

1 month ago

Thank so much Robin. It really means a lot to me.

2 months ago

Thank you very much for the kind comment John. And congratulations on your “Candy Land” poem and the win.

2 months ago

This poem very much aligns with my personal views. I’ve seen many fully grown adults in my time, scrabbling around for more than their share of “candy”; whether it’s material things or the chance to be close to someone who could further their cause (rather than someone else’s!).
I love the “candy” metaphor, and the pandemonium of the children fighting for it is really very visual.
Children or adults - “For candy they will punch and pound” (you bet they will!).
A great piece of writing John with a strong and defiant finish!
I admire the way you always manage to write in such poetic language! Well done and congratulations on the win!

2 months ago

Thanks Chrissy

2 months ago

Thanks Steve. And congratulations again for your win with “ Mortally Wounded: A Soldier’s Tale”.

2 months ago

A real gem is this one Steve. This poem really showcases your talent as a writer.
Fabulously written with a seamless rhyme scheme (which is really hard to pull off!). What a scene you set with this poor soldier on the brink of death; only to be lifted and saved by the love he and his wife share.
This was bookmarked in my top three and I couldn’t honestly separate them.
Congratulations on your win Steve!

2 months ago

Thank you Sharon. I really appreciate your comment. Well done for rescuing that kitten and nursing her back to health. What a stroke of luck that you found her!
Maybe you will write a poem about her story (I’d love to read it if you do!).
Well done with your “The Conflicted Perception” poem by the way. A perfect reminder that perception is everything. 

2 months ago

Thank you so much Doug. I really appreciate your kind words. I give credit to my parents for caring and showing kindness. Thanks again and many congratulations on your win with the fabulous “ Blue Horizons”.

2 months ago

A lovely poem with great story telling. An inspiration to go out and live life! The rhythm flowed really well from the very first line and the whole piece was very well-written.
A truly well-deserved win Doug. Congratulations!! 

2 months ago

Thanks so much Celeste. It’s lovely of you to say that as my main aim was for the poem to be a tribute to Ben. Thank you again.

2 months ago

I really enjoyed this poem Celeste. I did feel some sympathy for the subject character having fallen under the spell of ‘the bottle’ and having come from a difficult background. But I really like the ultimate message of taking back control and the love for oneself. Well done! 

2 months ago


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