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I am an elementary school teacher by trade. I feel that being of service to others is one of the most joyous and meaning things one can do in their life. The challenges of that work environment, as well as the state of our world, our country and our communities, impel me to write. I therefore write for reconciliation, restoration, and revelation. Writing, for me is very powerful, because it calls me to be honest. Therefore it is one of the most meaningful things I can do.

  June 2022     2 months ago

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Gay Negro Gremlins Dancing Between The Pages

If Dick’s hypotenuse is hanging loose,
How would you square it with Mother Goose?
If you add ignorance to abject fear,
Will the sum of both be gender queer?

If Mary was born two years after Ray,
Would it matter if he was straight or gay?...

by Al BArtolis

added 11 months ago
Koan Lite

Rhetorical questions that are a chore to unwind.
It’s more than a theory they are quite unkind.
How are these riddles supposed to expand your mind?
If they are glimpse of the...

by Al Bartolis

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added 3 months ago
Fix My Life

Fix My Life

Fix my broken life, in one fell swoop today.
Roll its time arc in a box, leaving it to stay.
Constrain it by confining it, deterring all dismay.
Then to the board on which to draw, and back to youth to play.

There’s been no...

by Al Bartolis

added 4 months ago
All is in Order

All is in Order

My sticky notes, don’t quite adhere,
Not the shark of sharpness, that is clear.
Of forgoing order, I have no fear,
I’ll drop the mike and have a beer.

Scribbled in a scanty, squirrel-like manner,
Plans go awry before...

by Al Bartolis

added 5 months ago
Impotent Vigils

Impotent Vigils

The president’s lament is again for rent.
The gun control proposals came and went.
We just pray, posture, petition, and vent.
Trying to decide leaves us all so spent.

As we move toward the motives,
We implore a new...

by Al Bartolis

added 10 months ago

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This poem has a brilliant use of rhyme and meter. The use of a singular rhyme throughout the entire piece ( the 'ound sound) in words like 'found' and 'ground', holds together, using a light and lyrical framework, a powerful message and warning about greed. It also uses the playful innocence of youth as a warning as to greed's petty nature and deleterious effects over time. I appreciated the poem's use of narrative elements(always difficult in poetry, I feel) combined with a profound warning, framed within it's whimsical backdrop. To me, that shows mastery. A few things stood out for me. First,was the use of two (again) rhyming words to depict the soul; 'unsound', then 'drowned'. Keep up the wonderful craftsmanship in your work. 

3 months ago

Thank you so much, JhainDoh. Yes, I wanted this poem to be real tight and curt, as a ironic framework for how things can go off the rails. I am so glad that you enjoyed it, and will put your name in my ledger, so I can follow and enjoy your work as well. 

4 months ago

Thank you so much for your compliments on my poem. As to the rhyme scheme, I feel it is like a framework for my verse. I am an auditory person and often I 'hear' the poem start to form in my head, before putting it to the page. Then I aim for meaning within whimsy. If the message is strictly satirical then the rhyming supports the message tonally. With some of my more poignant messages, I try to have the rhyme scheme entertain the reader then follow through with a 'punch' to bring home the point. **I write down the names of those who enjoyed and commented on my work, and make a list so I can follow them. I will keep an eye for for you, Jewoo525 and look forward to reading your work. 

4 months ago

From the start, the title strikes me as a succinct yet powerful idiom for the ages. The rhyme and meter is exquisite; as it strides along gallantly with precision and determinism, conveying it's wisdom within the it's journey of the soul's highest aspiration; courage. This poem holds high a chalice that reflects light that never fades. Masterfully done! 

4 months ago

Reread it--exquisite. The best i have read on this site! looking forward to more.

9 months ago

You're Welcome..

10 months ago

That line is a reference to a common word problem where a student is asked, using basic algebra, to find the a person's age by finding an unknown variable.."If Bob was born two yrs before Fred and Fred is ten, then how old is Bob? 

10 months ago

Thank you. As an over-sixty, white, straight, old-school guy, I felt the need to encourage my generation, to lean into these new trends to offer our support for the new generations. Besides it was so much fun to write. 

10 months ago

Thank you. What is now taboo may very well be the ground of the new understanding necessary to save us from the fears that keep us from living the most fulfilling and rewarding lives going forward.

10 months ago

Thanks. As an educator I see the danger of our "leaders" putting educational reigns on what the next generation, which will live in an entirely different and amazing world, will have the privileged to experience. 

10 months ago

Your poem is a mastery of language in which the rhythm and meter are succinct and the rhyme exquisite. Its lyrical resonance conveys with pith and deft writing how the evasive meaning that emerges between our words, is more profound than the most sublime command of their arrangements . Your words so artfully arranged only point to something much more esoteric and profound, and something we all aspire to from our most innocent wanderlust to our most soulful quest in search of what it means to be alive. I will also mention that the lyricism has an inviting delicacy to it that draws you gently and into its praiseworthy and most original gravitas.

I participate in to renew my faith in the written word, that postmodern media and technology seem to be tearing down. Keep up the amazing work.

10 months ago

This poem, to me echoes how we breathe ourselves into our existence; each breath, precarious, precious and profound. In nary a wisp of air, it says, is the most profound acknowledgment of life shared in the infinitesimal sighs of the masses. Yet, breathing is two fold: in a single in-breathe, life gives life onto itself. Yet on the out-breath, it possibly ends-- never to return to re-nourish. It is this, the exhaling, that points to the end that marks the precious tenderness and blessed fragility of a life marked by a lone breathe. 

10 months ago


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