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OH WHY POETRY.COM WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They deleted my best poem!! :( :(

***My poem "I Have Seen" had 117 5 star reviews and was amoung the top 10 peoms of all time. Now it is Gone. has deleted it from my profile for some unknown reason. I emailed them to ask why but after two days I have not seen a respons...

by John Lowe

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3 years ago

I have seen

I have seen the sun set in the frozen valleys of Bosnia. I have seen it rise in the burning dunes of Iraq. I have held a new born child as it breaths its first breaths of life. I have held a dying soldier as he breathed his last. I have tried to g...

by John Lowe

added by Brokenoifvet
3 years ago

A Loner

He sat stiffly at the end of the bar. His face sagging and covered with scars. He thought back on why he was at this place. That fair young lady covered in satin and lace. He asked the bartender for another drink. Maybe one more shot would help h...

by John Lowe

added by Brokenoifvet
3 years ago

His Duty

Beginning the day, shaking off the cold. Wishing dearly for someone to hold. Letters she writes faithfully every day. Always hoping, never forgetting to pray. Her love left and now has gone off to war. Striving every day to get by, they are so po...

by John Lowe

added by Brokenoifvet
4 years ago


He stands outside in the pouring rain. His body trembling with all the pain. With each drop, it lashes upon his skin. It's as if the rain is falling just for him. As the hard rain pounds on his mind. Suddenly, he sees he is forever blind. Distant...

by John Lowe

added by Brokenoifvet
5 years ago

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