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Are You The New Person, Drawn Toward Me?
Walt Whitman
ARE you the new person drawn toward me? To begin with, take warning--I am surely far different from what you suppose; Do you sup...Rate it

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A careless man scorning and describing the subtle usage of women toward their lovers
Henry Howard
WRAPT in my careless cloak, as I walk to and fro, I see how love can shew what force there reigneth in his bow : And how he shooteth eke a hardy he...Rate it

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Rushing Toward Mediocrity
Kurt Philip Behm
Let’s all just be average, no rich and no poor Excuses our quotient, single digits the score Masquerading as fairness, our heritage veiled In lo...Rate it

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So Far And So Far, And On Toward The End
Walt Whitman
SO far, and so far, and on toward the end, Singing what is sung in this book, from the irresistible impulses of me; But whether I co...Rate it

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The Scout Toward Aldie
Herman Melville
The cavalry-camp lies on the slope Of what was late a vernal hill, But now like a pavement bare- An outpost in the perilous wilds Which ever are...Rate it

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Toward the Close
Robert Crawford
Time grows upon us until we exhaust Hope's possibilities, and then we die Who thus of life each make a holocaust Till all we have in nature is p...Rate it

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Toward The Light
Kurt Philip Behm
Rejecting the parts The whole became Clear… In the absence of Separation The remnants of Confusion and chaos Paving The way Toward the Light… An...Rate it

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Toward the Lord
Douglas J. Newsom
Ah, bliss, Lord! The sounds, soothing me! An elegance is heard on the winds...burr, pushh, wisssh'ing me an easy peace. I am transported! A di...Rate it

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