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A Rhapsody Of A Southern Winter Night
Henry Timrod
Oh! dost thou flatter falsely, Hope? The day hath scarcely passed that saw thy birth, Yet thy white wings are plumed to all their scope, And hour b...Rate it

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A Southern Lullaby
Virna Sheard
Little honey baby, shet yo' eyes up tight; - (Shadow-man is comin' from de moon!) - You's as sweet as roses if dey is so pink an white; (Shadow-man...Rate it

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A Southern Singer
James Whitcomb Riley
Written In Madison Caweln's 'Lyrics and Idyls.' Herein are blown from out the South Songs blithe as those of Pan's pursed mouth-- As sweet in voic...Rate it

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A Southern Spring
Buttery lemon winds spread o'er my skin Green notes beginning where the ghostly chorus ends A song bursts from the church bells Like a butterfly ...Rate it

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Ballade Of The Southern Cross
Andrew Lang
Fair islands of the silver fleece, Hoards of unsunned, uncounted gold, Whose havens are the haunts of Peace, Whose boys are in our quarrel bold; OU...Rate it

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In a Southern Garden
Dorothea Mackeller
WHEN the tall bamboos are clicking to the restless little breeze, And bats begin their jerky skimming flight, And the creamy scented blossoms...Rate it

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Let Somebody Else Rest by Southern Sea
Anna Akhmatova
Let somebody else rest by southern sea, Enjoying the paradise land, It's northerly here, and fall of this year, I chose to be my girl-friend. I've...Rate it

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Lines Inscribed on The Wall of a Dungeon in The Southern P of I
Anne Brontë
Though not a breath can enter here, I know the wind blows fresh and free; I know the sun is shining clear, Though not a gleam can visit me. They t...Rate it

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Northern/Southern Lights
Green, pink Purple, blue Shining lights In the North, and South, too. Spirits dancing along the wind. Gateway to Heaven, life. Colors cut the air,...Rate it

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Our Southern Sun (Part 4)
Marcus DeStorm
My Southern Sun rose with a smile today It's rays reached down and brushed my face, The golden globe within planted a vision You and me on a beach ...Rate it

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Southern Beauty
Barbara Cadogan
She is the bloom of southern trees, A flower in fair maiden's hair. Pure, white, and delicate one sees Her in that season of the year Nestling amon...Rate it

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Southern Cross
Harold Hart Crane
I wanted you, nameless Woman of the South, No wraith, but utterly—as still more alone The Southern Cross takes night And lifts her girdles from ...Rate it

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Southern healing
Laura Flanders
How do I explain? A child, a father, a lover. I feel you deep inside of me. I feel your joy and your pain. Seperated by time, we've both moved on. ...Rate it

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southern justice a song
Joe fritz
In a little town in georgia About a houndred years ago Thats when it all started All the details I don't know In a diary her daddy read Those word...Rate it

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That Southern Bell
Luke A, Fink
Southern woman I saw you the other day I saw your beauty I saw the kindness in your eyes Southern woman In your hair I saw the light In your face I...Rate it

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The Battle Cry Of Freedom (Southern Version)
Anonymous Americas
Our flag is proudly floating On the land and on the main, Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom! Beneath it oft we've conquered, And we'll conqu...Rate it

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The Peach Tree On The Southern Wall
Christina Georgina Rossetti
The peach tree on the southern wall Has basked so long beneath the sun, Her score of peaches great and small Bloom rosy, every one. A peach for...Rate it

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The Southern Cross
James Brunton Stephens
(A Frustration) Four stars on Night's brow, or Night's bosom, Whichever the reader prefers; Or Night without either may do some, Each one to his ta...Rate it

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The Southern Mother's Charge
Anonymous Americas
You go, my son, to the battle-field To repel the invading foe; 'Mid its fiercest conflicts never yield Till death shall lay you low. Our God, ...Rate it

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The Southern Scourge
Julia A Moore
The yellow fever was raging, Down in the sunny south; And in many of the cities, There was a death at every house. This plague a war was raging, Wi...Rate it

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This Southern Land of Ours
Charles Harpur
With alien hearts to frame our laws And cheat us as of old, In vain our soil is rich, in vain 'Tis seamed with virgin gold: But the present only yi...Rate it

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To A Southern Statesman
John Greenleaf Whittier
IS this thy voice whose treble notes of fear Wail in the wind? And dost thou shake to hear, Actæon-like, the bay of thine own hounds, Spurning the ...Rate it

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To Mr. Thomas Southern, on his Birth-Day
Alexander Pope
Resign'd to live, prepar'd to die, With not one sin, but poetry, This day Tom's fair account has run (Without a blot) to eighty-one. Kind Boyle, b...Rate it

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Upon A Haystack On A Southern Night
Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet
Upon a haystack in lands of South, I lay, while facing skies of night, The choir of stars, alive and couth, Was trembling, spread at every side....Rate it

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