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Dark Room
zebra black
eyes spinning in horizontal love and death blue pineapple aspic rhapsodies                                 IM YOUR FUCKING DADDYRate it

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A Nightmare
William Schwenck Gilbert
r tree you get grapes and green pea, cauliflower, pineapple, and cranberries, While the pastry-cook plant cherry-brandy will grant - apple puffs, and three-corRate it

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Family Feud, or Coevolution
Xiaoyuan Yin
s inedible. The hummingbird snuggles its head in pineapple flowers, like a beauty sits In a haute couture dress, and grieves ceremoniously -- You could neverRate it

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Fantasy Meal
Nikhil Parekh
from egg shell, hollow ringed circles of sliced pineapple, purplish bulge of heart shaped brinjal, jointed sticks of sugarcane fiber, miniscule pieces of Rate it

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Hawaiian Islands
Wallace Dean LaBenne
e, sun-drenched sands Gives holiday hordes a set. Pineapple and sugar cane Are Hawaii's legend met. The Kilauea Volcano With molten lava oozes. Like a set of Rate it

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How Polly Paid For Her Keep
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
rown got the horrors around her: (I think it was pineapple-rum drove her daft) She cleared out one night, and the next morning they found herRate it

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It Was nice
Nikhil Parekh
eding your voluptuous mouth; with slices of fresh pineapple, it was nice embossing preambles of fathomless love in your heart, it was nice provoking you to pRate it

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No Drinks
Nikhil Parekh
bulous hills; I had a drink of passionately peppy pineapple juice, When I wanted to grandiloquently celebrate my birthday; say cheers to the entire world sitRate it

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Ode to a scandal
Butter field
l a big scam" I laugh hysterically as I spread my pineapple jam.Rate it

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Old Lentils
Life is like pizza The days with pineapple suck The ones with ham too Pepperoni makes it goodRate it

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Poem Written at Morning
Wallace Stevens
is not. By metaphor you paint A thing. Thus, the pineapple was a leather fruit, A fruit for pewter, thorned and palmed and blue, To be served by men of ice. TRate it

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Shaven Scalps
Nikhil Parekh
his body. when i shaved the thorny skin of juicy pineapple, ripping the fruit into triangular halves with my butcher knife, appetizing slices of nutrition lRate it

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Some Little Bug
Roy Atwell
ll creep behind you some day, Eating juicy sliced pineapple Makes the sexton dust the chapel; Some little bug is going to find you some day. All those crazRate it

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Southeast Asia
Mimi Brannan
s and dancing gods, Spilled, like incense, across pineapple fields, And across oceans like loose sand.Rate it

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Sponebob Rhapsody
nge that used to talk was extracted from inside a pineapple And made into toys and merchandise They threw him into a television box where he was broadcast all Rate it

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The ABC's of Pie
Warner Baxter
hubarb Pie Sweet Tater Pie Tuxedo Pie Upside Down Pineapple Pie Velvet Truffle Pie Whip Cream Pie X Pie in the FACE Yummy Pie Zesty Lemon/Lime Pie and that is Rate it

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The Bumboat Woman's Story
William Schwenck Gilbert
and soft, and my eyes were large and sweet, POLL PINEAPPLE'S eyes were the standing toast of the Royal Fleet! A bumboat woman was I, and I faithfully served Rate it

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The Fruit Cocktail Rebellion
Gillian Jones
Mom makes me eat it straight out of the can. Pineapple, that yellow enemy disguised as tropical fruit. I Rate it

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Things I love...
.. I love watching T.V... I love winter... I love pineapple ice cream... I love YouTube... I love the way Spongebob laughs... But none of these things I love lRate it

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Volcanic Reaches Of Hawaii
Wallace Dean LaBenne
e, sun-drenched sands Gives holiday hordes a set. Pineapple and sugar cane Are Hawaii's legend met.Rate it

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