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The Funny Little fellow
James Whitcomb Riley
'Twas a Funny Little Fellow Of the very purest type, For he had a heart as mellow As an apple over ripe; And the brightest little twinkle When a fu...Rate it

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A Fellow Slave
Morris Rosenfeld
Pale-faced is he, as in the door He stands and trembles visibly,-- With diffidence approaches me, And says: "Dear editor, "Since write you must...Rate it

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A fuzzy fellow, without feet
Emily Dickinson
A fuzzy fellow, without feet, Yet doth exceeding run! Of velvet, is his Countenance, And his Complexion, dun! Sometime, he dwelleth in the grass! ...Rate it

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A Good Fellow
William F Kirk
Dey tal me ay ban a gude faller. Ay guess dey ban right; but, yee whiz! Ef yu ever ban a gude faller, Yu know 'bout how costly it is. Ay vork op in...Rate it

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A narrow fellow in the grass
Emily Dickinson
A narrow fellow in the grass Occasionally rides; You may have met him,--did you not, His notice sudden is. The grass divides as with a comb, A spo...Rate it

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Be A Happy Fellow
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Walk sugar sand shores Ocean waves are Jell-O Set aside your chores Be a happy fellow Visit farmland fields Wheat is sunshine yellow Relish the cro...Rate it

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Fellow Citizens
Carl Sandburg
I drank musty ale at the Illinois Athletic Club with the millionaire manufacturer of Green River butter one night And his face had the shining l...Rate it

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For He Was a Jolly Good Fellow
Henry Lawson
THEY CHEERED him from the wharf—it was a glorious day: His hand went to his scarf—his thoughts were far away. Oh, he was “Jolly Good”, they sang it...Rate it

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On An Ugly Fellow (From The Greek)
William Cowper
Beware, my friend! of crystal brook, Or fountain, lest that hideous hook, Thy nose, thou chance to see; Narcissus' fate would then be thine, And se...Rate it

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One Of My Fellow Kind
Nikhil Parekh
I wanted one foot on the summit of freezing Everest; and the other foot on rock hard slabs of civilized ground, I wanted one foot in insurmountab...Rate it

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Sent As From A School--Fellow To My Son
Mary Barber
I grieve to see you waste your Time, And turn your Thoughts so much to Rhyme, Be wise--your useless Views resign, And fly the fair, delusive Nine. ...Rate it

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Speak Up My Fellow Felines
B Doo
The time has come that I must say Speak up my fellow felines! Catnip? No, that's foolish play from Nine Lives I resign From this point on we shall...Rate it

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The Careless Good Fellow
John Oldham
1 A pox of this fooling, and plotting of late, 2 What a pother, and stir has it kept in the state? 3 Let the rabble run mad with susp...Rate it

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There Once Was A Fellow Called Croll
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
There once was a fellow called Croll, Who loved to hear periods roll On his musical tongue. It is he who has sung, 'Ev'n sev'n heav'ns giv'n buy no...Rate it

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Young Fellow My Lad
Robert William Service
"Where are you going, Young Fellow My Lad, On this glittering morn of May?" "I'm going to join the Colours, Dad; They're looking for men, t...Rate it

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