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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I TELL you, hopeless grief is passionless; That only men incredulous of despair, Half-taught in anguish, through the midnight air Beat upward to Go...Rate it

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Melanie Hadjes
~Welcome Speech~ Pleasure to see you all, sorry I am so sad, I recently had part of my heart ripped out, and the wound is really bad. It seems to ...Rate it

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Edith Wharton
I On immemorial altitudes august Grief holds her high dominion. Bold the feet That climb unblenching to that stern retreat Whence, looking down, m...Rate it

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George Herbert
O who will give me tears? Come, all ye springs, Dwell in my head and eyes; come, clouds and rain; My grief hath need of all the watery things That ...Rate it

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If grief for grief can touch thee
Emily Jane Brontë
If grief for grief can touch thee, If answering woe for woe, If any truth can melt thee Come to me now! I cannot be more lonely, More drear I ...Rate it

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The Grief Of Heart
Ehsan Sehgal
The griefs of heart stay In the heart That, become the tears Flow from the eyes And disappear In the tissue papers I do not say that To the wor...Rate it

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'Tis good—the looking back on Grief
Emily Dickinson
'Tis good—the looking back on Grief— To re-endure a Day— We thought the Mighty Funeral— Of All Conceived Joy— To recollect how Busy Grass Did medd...Rate it

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Angel in Grief
Keith Rideout
As I watch you fall down on your knees in the house of the lord I hear your voice crying out my name from the pain in your heart There’s a shephe...Rate it

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A Boy's Grief.
George MacDonald
Ah me! in ages far away, The good, the heavenly land, Though unbeheld, quite near them lay, And men could understand. The dead yet find it, who...Rate it

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A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief
James Montgomery
A poor wayfaring Man of grief Hath often crossed me on my way, Who sued so humbly for relief That I could never answer nay. I had not power to ask ...Rate it

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A Song Before Grief.
Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
Sorrow, my friend, When shall you come again? The wind is slow, and the bent willows send Their silvery motions wearily down the plain. The bird is...Rate it

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As imperceptibly as Grief
Emily Dickinson
As imperceptibly as Grief The Summer lapsed away— Too imperceptible at last To seem like Perfidy— A Quietness distilled As Twilight long begun, Or ...Rate it

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Brooding Grief
David Herbert Lawrence
A yellow leaf from the darkness Hops like a frog before me. Why should I start and stand still? I was watching the woman that bore me Stret...Rate it

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Elegy on a Lady, whom Grief for the Death of her Betrothed Killed
Robert Seymour Bridges
Assemble, all ye maidens, at the door, And all ye loves, assemble; far and wide Proclaim the bridal, that proclaimed before Has been deferred to th...Rate it

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God's Grief
Robert William Service
"Lord God of Hosts," the people pray, "Make strong our arms that we may slay Our cursed foe and win the day." "Lord God of Battles," cries the foe,...Rate it

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Grief Belies
Kurt Philip Behm
A briefcase full of sorrow… the hiding place of tears One trade to end all others excuse to lie and steal The papers hide the story all do...Rate it

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Grief is a Mouse
Emily Dickinson
Grief is a Mouse— And chooses Wainscot in the Breast For His Shy House— And baffles quest— Grief is a Thief—quick startled— Pricks His Ear—report ...Rate it

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Grief sat beside the fount of tears
Richard Monckton Milnes Houghton
Grief sat beside the fount of tears, And dipt her garland in it, While all the paly flowers she wears Grew fainter every minute. Joy gamboled by t...Rate it

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Grief To Go
Kurt Philip Behm
Sermon to the choir…. the writers group sat motionless with their heads down Sermon to the choir…. they listened for their instructor to ...Rate it

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Grief's Harmonics
Francis Thompson
At evening, when the lank and rigid trees, To the mere forms of their sweet day-selves drying, On heaven's blank leaf seem pressed and flatten-ed; ...Rate it

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John Bannister Tabb
New grief, new tears;- Brief the reign of sorrow; Clouds that gather with the night Scatter on the morrow. Old grief, old tears;- Come and gone to...Rate it

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He Was Acquainted With Grief
Jones Very
I cannot tell the sorrows that I feel By the night's darkness, by the prison's gloom; There is no sight that can the death reveal The spirit suffer...Rate it

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Hour of Grief
Georg Trakl
Blackish the step follows the gleaming moon In the autumnal garden, The immense night sinks by the freezing wall. O, the thorny hour of grief. ...Rate it

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I can wade Grief
Emily Dickinson
I can wade Grief— Whole Pools of it— I'm used to that— But the least push of Joy Breaks up my feet— And I tip—drunken— Let no Pebble—smile— 'Twas t...Rate it

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I measure every Grief I meet (561)
Emily Dickinson
I measure every Grief I meet With narrow, probing, Eyes-- I wonder if It weighs like Mine-- Or has an Easier size. I wonder if They bore it long--...Rate it

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