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  May 2024     1 day ago

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Does Your (Soul Speak)

Does your life
inspire you?

do you speak
it very true?

something different
'nother view?

Like so many
others too ? ?

(Do you know
the true of you?

Each soul
different formed

When the world
exploded -

And were fallen

by Soul_00

added 1 day ago
If You Were God What Would You Do

If I were God, I would do so much,
To make this world a better place to touch,
I'd heal the sick and feed the poor,
And bring peace to every corner and shore.

I'd make the trees grow tall and strong,
And the flowers bloom all year long,

by Soul_00

added 1 day ago
Ok, That is an Ad! Or Two? (Public Service Anncemnt) / Let Not (Title of this Poem)

Let not projections

Mar the way

The head/heart lies

Heavy on the Net

It hears a word it takes

A phrase, It falls into

A peculiar haze ...

Where things are

Not installed quite

How they seem -

In this smothered...

by Soul_00

added 3 days ago
There were Many

were many
Who did come

In the name
of the Son...

Forever they
have walked on by

a Parade for the Soul
do you know,

Do you know?
the Way that

You should go?

They said that
they did

and to give
And to give -


by Soul_00

added 4 days ago
Not Words

the words end,
that is where the real meaning is

lost to the abrupt mind,
ever aware, but having
to logic it out

inexactness. a speak, a speak
find the words, not altogether

a few thousand years...
thoughts of a few...

by Soul_00

added 4 days ago

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as we feel led to, we should share the 'truth' / gospel. the problem with sites like this is there is not always a lot of involvement by many in commenting, and so many poems posted each day, some multitude by the same poet at a time, that it's just too much to read through. recommend sites more like A.P. for more comments, possible more readers also. they require commenting there, so you know/ see your poems are being read, but not always a lot of thought about them could be, but just for to comment.

not sure this applies to your poem really at all - poems can be about many things or just thoughts that come to you out of thin air, but if any are experiencing such on this site, I recommend that they try other sites as well.

3 days ago

"Avoid short, ... comments and strive to contribute to the community's growth. Let's foster an environment where every poet feels valued and inspired."

to trully feel valued even the simplest talking writing kind of folks must be accepted also. otherwise some will not be saying what they real honest feel to say out of the niceness of their truth and being, but instead be struggle to make up stuff and become 'fake'. not a great thing for them, no matter what another should judge view them as. 

4 days ago

very few it seems can even give for themselves to be noticed (with money) - on here. take note of the 'featured'. does this mean poets are more humble than people and organizations asking / wanting money... or just poorer? or not wanting to be seen so much, as to be read by people. 

4 days ago

View (inspired by your poem - has been in drafts for awhile).

4 days ago

it takes more thought, not just to readl

5 days ago

I am not sure what means but it reads well. thanks.

5 days ago

they are not hearing the soul, they have lost that, they are just in the moment, the Earth, not of something more permanent, maybe they don't believe in God or spiritual things. they are of Earth. Of the ground. They looked around and this is what they found. They are now bound to it, lost through it, not blue enough from it all yet. 

15 days ago

I believe Jesus said, "forgive them for they know not what they do". they might not.

can be hard to do, but imagine being different - like Jesus was. to think different, to see different .... with time ... to forgive ourselves, but try to what is right. to forgive others, because we too want forgiveness.... 

15 days ago

I have heard that everyone is young in heaven (don't know if it's true).

1 month ago

Imagine 'god' coming again and again, feeling new each time, each generation alive like never before (with the advent of the internet suddenly staring into each other's faces seeing this newness /difference like never before). Or said another way, imagine consciousness coming here over and over again in myriad of various forms unending. Never perfect, always new for the ones living it out. Suddenly seeing itself all together in a different light than was recently seen/known (further back maybe happened in the past also), thinking it has /could find all the answers that the consciousnesses before it haven't. Still not perfect, still growing, not yet all- knowing? If it was perfect to know all the answers to life and how things should or should not be, would not be here.... Earth. 

1 month ago

Do unto others? If it was us... how would we want to be treated in the 'before time's? Do people think this far, this deep, these ways, or are they half asleep? listening to the vibes of society and trends and things they are prone to, used to, drawn to, given to do, for they don't stop enough to think these ways, too deep, they float on by, with these times, tomorrow though may cry, some even before, but not enough help for the better way seen, found,lost, in this world, too much? Need more help, better kind of education? Less bad sayings and thinking's said to them, or in media, by friends also in need of; need a different support system, need a different world, better people. 

1 month ago


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