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hi there) well, first of all i need to make it clear: english is not my native language, i’ve been learning it for like three years now. it still absolutely not perfect i can even say it’s the total opposite. i need to improve it and i will (promise to myself lol) and so the year of 2022 i started to writing poems on english which i found really interesting thing to do. i had the experience in poetry before but in my native language, and english writing is a bit different i’ve noticed. well, great to meet “my people” on this platform and absolutely happy to be finally able to share my poems with you! thank you for reading this, i appreciate every thought that appears in your head while reading my poems even tho i’m not hearing it out :) i must also mention before i’ll leave this “about me” thing, that i’m terribly sorry for all the possible mistakes of spelling and punctuation in my writings… that’s yeah that’s because my english is still on the “need improvement” level :) leaving now, bye!

  December 2023     6 months ago

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danger intolerance

the times i sneakily hide
in places-that i have built for myself long ago.
and while my body is still here
my soul will quickly disappear

it hides politely every time
the burning ground underfoot
starts getting flickering much...

by Verey Ayat

added 6 months ago

for residing through the purple
and some different shades of a red
with perfunctorily navy blue
like a goddam daydream become true

my significant other will kiss me
on the very top of my forehead
slightly whisper me words of...

by Verey Ayat

added 6 months ago
The parental ghost

were similar to a ghost in my life
i knew the fact: you’re existed
but that’s all, nothing more; than just
time to time heard your voice on the phone.

conversation we had they’re were weird,
the swinging feelings back and forth,
i felt...

by Verey Ayat

added 6 months ago
Blue days

I'm not gonna reach you,
I've already tried
You're somewhere so high
While im here, counting days
For the date it will be gone-
This endless season calling sorrow
Exhausted soul of mine no longer
Tries to fight unequal battle.
I lnew it was...

by Verey Ayat

added 7 months ago

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this is so good, i first saw it last month and reread it now and it’s amazing Lydia!

6 months ago


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