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I was born in Montana and grew up in Oregon. My mother thought I was an art prodigy and sent me to several art schools. What I learned there was that while I was pretty good I was nowhere near a prodigy, so I looked around for what I could do for a living. The US Navy had measured my IQ at 144 and I was able to get a tuition grant, so I majored in physics and got a BS Magna Cum Lauda in 1961. I didn't take any courses that would help me write poetry. Later, I had a boss whose wife wrote off-color limericks and I found I could write them as fast as I could put them down. She and I got along famously and he accused me of seducing her. Ah, yes... Anyway, when I saw this website I was drawn here like a moth to a candle.

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On the ground, pelicans are ugly
But on the water, they are lovely
They fly so low their wings almost touch
I guess that's why I love them so...

by David Granteer

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1 month ago

I'll Pay For It

I'm not rich, that's for sure
But I have more than some folks here
How can they win?
They can't get in
I'll pay for their poem to...

by David Granteer

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2 months ago


The Devil has gone modern, you know
No more brimstone to cause us woe
He torments us now with passwords
I won't forget my name spelled...

by David Granteer

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2 months ago

The Long Goodbye

I remember my address when I was in the 4th grade
I have to look up our present address
The Navy measured my IQ at 144
I had a phenomenal vocabulary
Now I struggle to find the right word to fill in a sentence
Scrabble is still my favorite game

by David Granteer

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2 months ago

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of St. John
Was written by Mr. Anon
It was 300AD
When they saw the need
To make Jesus a Godly...

by David Granteer

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2 months ago

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I guy I knew lived in a brothel because the rent was cheap and I visited there a few times and would sit and chat with the girls. I never got the impression that they were unhappy with their choice of profession, but these were more mature women, late twenties to thirties I would guess. I do not know what a younger girl would think. I suppose it would relate to how much sex drive she had. I just never saw anything like the bitterness in the poem. 

1 month ago

Can I pay for someone else to submit a poem to the contest?

2 months ago

I grew up in a home where my parents took in babies from an Unwed Mothers Hospital. We got them at less than one week old and kept them until they were adopted.

2 months ago


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