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Fall Asleep, Not In Love

I don't want to fall in love,
I'd much rather fall asleep
It's better than living with the fact that;
Your heart is something I'd be unable to keep
I don't want to sow a lot of sacrificial seeds,
As long as there exists the possibility where;

by Lone Alpha

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added 1 year ago
Deserve You

I feel as though I don't deserve you tonight
Something about the way I lie comfortably in your arms doesn't feel right,
That's why I feel I can't afford to let you out of my sight
I need you, please hold on to me,
And I beg you, hold on tight

by Lone Alpha

added 1 year ago
While It Lasts

Enjoy the moment,
For whatever time it will last
Because life can switch up at any time,
And your present might instantly become the past
If it does, make sure your heart doesn't end up with a cast

Reality itself is a lie
It always...

by Lone Alpha

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added 1 year ago
I Give Up

If it's meant to be, then it will be
All I know is that I'm done killing myself over a fantasy

The way last year's nightmare,
Can becomes today's reality,
In the blink of an eye,
All under the same sky;
Thinking about it makes me wish to be...

by Lone Alpha

added 1 year ago
Can't Be A Lover

I found love once, and it came to an end
The conclusion is: I'm better as a close friend
It hurts, I can't even pretend
I'm used to it though; it's become a trend,
A sort of rule that I've accepted I can't bend

I can't be a lover
I can't be...

by Lone Alpha

added 1 year ago

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