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A Pleasure Waiting for You

Find peace where most don't look,
All entertainment's banned,
Where you've no need to book
Or juggle meetings planned.
A place to hear the breeze
As blessing on your life
And watch clouds pass to ease
Your soul of pointless strife.


by John Cotter

added by johnc.22519
8 months ago

Gentle Reader . . .

Gentle reader, perhaps you've some time for a rhyme,
Sitting down in your chair, feeling loose and relaxed?
Why not linger right there for some rhymes of our time?
Have no fear that your brain will be heavily taxed.
Motley verses are ordered...

by John Cotter

added by johnc.22519
9 months ago

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I was born before 'disorders' were invented. We were all different, some of us pretty whacky in our habits, but we made allowances for that and gradually learned to deal with our own habits so that we became as socially acceptable as we actually wanted, and to tolerate or avoid those who gave us a problem. Then the psychiatric profession started labelling unusual personality traits as 'disorders'. It was good for business not just for them but also for the companies making the mind-altering, sometimes 'dependence forming' drugs that are applied with only partial knowledge of their effects on specific personalities and, frequently, with no actual monitoring of their personal and social effects. We recently met a certified OCD who was taken off meds in order to change the drug. In those few weeks she seemed to get better! I was even allowed in her house for conversation! Max: you've fixed your OCD once for a girl. All you need do is take the roughest edges off yourself and you will sooner or later find another to love. And, if you have any doubts whatsoever about what professional medics are doing to you, you should walk away and build up yourself, by yourself if necessary. Just me thinking back on cases I have known, Rambling On. Surely, I am ROD. Keep writing! John 

6 months ago

It's the only children's poem I found in the collection, and it could be enjoyed by a child. I like the rhyme and metre and I think that a poet who can write like that is almost certainly capable of producing more similarly entertaining poems, so should encourage her/him with a prize. 

8 months ago

An expressive and moving poem. Who has not taken their parents for granted at some time? The gratitude is displaced one generation, when we care for our own children.

8 months ago

Having faced miseries, do we even care about solving problems? Good point but I did not understand that from the poem, nice words as they are.

8 months ago

Nature's call to all! I like it.

8 months ago

I like the way you've addressed each of the first three verses to a different thing that your fishing friend would have loved, then rounded it off with some movingly expressed philosophy. It reminds me of Omar Kayyam:

The Moving Finger writes, and, having writ,
Moves on; nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.

Sad but true. A beautiful tribute. Keep writing. John

8 months ago

A disappointing, negative ending for me, Dante. I suspect you are paying too much attention to the opinions of unhelpful people around you. I suggest that you rise above them and apply your ability to write something as thoughtful but with an outward-looking ending. Best wishes John 

9 months ago

Very moving, Audra. Addiction is not selfish. How can a disease be? Next time you must have a drink, fill a glass of water and work on your next poem!

9 months ago

I've often wondered if the pleasure of music can be expressed in poems. So far, the answer was No for me. Thus, all the more pleasure from reading yours. John

9 months ago

I like

9 months ago

Thanks for the nice lines of encouragement, Doug.

9 months ago


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