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I've been writing for over 25 years. Rah.

  January 2022     40 mins ago

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Redemption comes and goes for the broken,
A life we lived of wounds unspoken.
We’ve spilled our blood for another man’s glory.
Now we live to tell our story.

In the end what was it for?
We gave ourselves for another man’s war.
The walls we...

by Steve Dupere

added 1 year ago
Mortally Wounded: A Soldier's Tale

Imagine the glory of a love so mighty as
to inspire the hopeless to suffer the agony
of one more breath.

Mortally Wounded; A Soldier's Tale

He is bloody, fading and shattered,
Disabled, alone by himself --
His body's...

by Steven Dupere

added 3 months ago
PTSD - The Soldier and the Bottle

Sands of time have brought us down
For blood we’ve spilled upon the ground
Promises were given and lies were told
Was the bill of goods that we were sold

They pin their medals and offer us pride
But the ones who lived are the ones who...

by Steven Dupere

added 11 months ago
War Torn

There’s a sprawling field rife with crosses
Peppered black with fading names
In memory of those who paid the price
Of war's barbaric games

In an overrun creek desolate and dry
Neath a sea of blood-red sheen
Is an outskirt of a wind-blown...

by Steven Dupere

added 5 months ago


by Steve Dupere

added 1 month ago

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As a man whose brother lost two children of his own, I can relate to this, if only secondhand. Cameron was 6 months old when my brother lost him, and Kori was 34 when she passed. Let your love and your life be Gary's legacy. Live for him so he can see life through your eyes and feel love through your heart. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with us. I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope you find peace. 

1 day ago

Thank you for the vote and kind words.

7 days ago

Congratulations, Susanna. Job well done. :-)

7 days ago

Deserving indeed. Congrats, my dear. :-)

7 days ago

Excellent work indeed. Congrats on top honors.

7 days ago

Excellent writing, by an excellent poet.

7 days ago

P.S. I know of the cuckoo because his sits in the White House ripping my country apart as we speak. LoL

25 days ago

So friggin poignant and profound. Not sure where you got the smarts from, but praise be to the Gods of brilliance.

25 days ago

All in fun. This was my smartass piece to prove a point. America is on the verge and Americans have had enough. Thank you for acknowledging it.

1 month ago

Calliope Queensland she were. Lovely gal indeed. Quite beautiful and feisty. She is missed dearly. The oddity and that we met online only to discover when she arrived that our birthdays both fell on March 12th - me two years her elder. Quite the kismet. 

1 month ago

Thank you for your vote. I very much appreciate it.

1 month ago

Anna was from Australia. She passed away in 2004 leaving four amazing kids motherless. I loved her very much. Thank you for the kind words.

1 month ago

I hope I didn't sicken the stomach too much there, Sue. I thought it came out pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. Thank you for hitting the off switch on your gag reflex long enough to wade through my muck.  

1 month ago

Underwear older than 61? Those are some titanium-lined Fruit of the Looms, my friend.
This poem an obvious fun entry for me just like the Political Bullshit poem I entered. I didn't expect to do much with either but thought it may give the folks a chuckle. 

1 month ago

If it makes you feel any better, this scared the hell out of me. ;-P On a serious note, I love the sincerity and honesty of this piece. In fact, I like this piece better than a couple that won. ;-)

1 month ago


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