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My name is Victor John Gatenby, born in 1958 and native of North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. I am a researcher of genealogy and started to write poetry in 2002, after retiring from public service. Having a creative and compassionate mind, for helping people, that is in my scope to do, I find that by writing poetry, not only expresses my life thoughts, but I feel, gives meaning and inspiration to others. Whether it be fictional or based on fact, the poetry I write will always be read differently and have a differing meaning from one person to the next. My aim is to give a pleasure to the reader without the poetry being too complex or deep, so as not to be understood or enjoyed. Much of my poetry is based upon life events and perceptions. I find that works well and I can draw upon my own experiences, to put into poetry, a literary art form. Those that read my poetry, I hope gain something from it and enjoy reading the same. At the same time, I am committed to contributing to and it's community, by reading the work of other's and appropriately recording constructive criticism and rating work, without prejudice. I expect my work to be critiqued also with respect and common sense. I have a zero tolerant attitude towards any inappropriate work, words, remarks etc. V J Gatenby (Author)

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A Valentine's Day Prayer

Loving God,on this Valentine's Day,
we thank you.
Our love will grow stronger and deeper,so we pray.
Remind us today to cherish each other.
To value the way our commitment, shall inspire and support,
those around us.
Forgive us,Lord,when we have...

by Victor Gatenby

added 7 years ago
Life Purpose

Just what is it,
that each and everyone
is trying to achieve ?
To pave the way for
future generations,
the fruits of our labours,
maybe, for them

by Victor Gatenby

added 9 years ago
Solution Of Pollution

The city air, thickly stifled
and putrid.
Fumes, toxic and dense,
with the streets,...

by Victor Gatenby

added 9 years ago

Purity of the mind,
body, spirit and soul,
in all that we do,
shall be seen to be
as a whole.

Purity within the heart,
for healthy living,
for love, kindness,
generosity and...

by Victor Gatenby

added 10 years ago
Trials And Tribulations

As fast as the water's flow
under a bridge,
memories fade away.
Good memories seem to fade
Into the distance,
whilst bad memories,
we are constantly reminded
of and they have a stubbornness,

by Victor Gatenby

added 10 years ago

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