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A Life For Today

Take it easy upon your self,
as each second,minute and
hours go by.
Enjoy your life,I hear,
forget what is passed,
don't worry,don't cry.
Lift up your spirits,
lift up your heart,
let all sorrow,troubles and
burden go.
Throw them away in the

Victor Gatenby
A Genius Of Genetics

On the theory of evolution,
it would seem,
scientists and embryologists,
are closer to the mysteries,
of the origin of species and
that of man-kind,
as the world continues developing,
through a 360 degrees...

Victor Gatenby
Ye Olde Victorian Tea Shoppe

Donning my top hat and
I take hold of my walking cane.
I take my self off,
in the direction of

Victor Gatenby
Trials And Tribulations

As fast as the water's flow
under a bridge,
memories fade away.
Good memories seem to fade
Into the distance,
whilst bad memories,
we are constantly reminded
of and they have a stubbornness,

Victor Gatenby
The Power Of Love

O Love divine,
emanating thine beauty,
from around and within,
shine forth with radiant
Pure from hearts akin.
Encloak 'mongst such comfort,
affection, caring,
compassion without shameless,
brazen daring.
Sweet Love, enchanting...

Victor Gatenby
The Gift Of Love

Ne'er before has my love
emanated in such abundance,
that 'tis right with thee.
With the warmth of heart,
glory and fullness of majesty.
My heart grows fonder,
body and soul,
undivided strength of feeling,
power completely whole.
Sweet is the...

Victor Gatenby
Super Gran

The door to the cottage
was open when I got there.
Gran was sat in her usual
C'mon in, ' Get your self sat
down,' she said.
There was a roaring open fire,
a range, that had a side oven.
I could smell the delightful homely
aroma of fresh baked...

Victor Gatenby

Purity of the mind,
body, spirit and soul,
in all that we do,
shall be seen to be
as a whole.

Purity within the heart,
for healthy living,
for love, kindness,
generosity and...

Victor Gatenby
Peace On Earth

We all strive and long
for peace,
against those that
impose warring,
endless , mindless
Seemingly never to...

Victor Gatenby
On A Matter Of Loss

I am frequently left alone
with my thoughts.
Everyone has thoughts,
both good and bad.
In silence, thoughts that
feature, torment my mind
of guilt and loss.
Over-riding the good,
a battle of the mind,
gets the better of me,
a controlling...

Victor Gatenby
Lost Voices

There is not a day
goes by,
that I yearn to hear
your dulcet tone.
I can only remember
the last time,
that I saw you.
Blood is thicker than water
and a lot of water has flowed
under the bridge.
If only you would make
just push the numbers...

Victor Gatenby
Beyond Politics

What is this we hear ?
Austerity, austere.
What word is that,
for ordinary folk.
Little understood,
serious enough,
beyond a...

Victor Gatenby
A Pyrrhic Victory

The guns are silent now.
The battle is over, with casualties on both sides,
Plain to be.
Difficulties there were, but neither could agree.
The guns are silent now.
A battle raging for years,
struggling on with the shedding of blood
and distraught...

Victor Gatenby
A Need To Know

Hey, you there !
Who me ?
Yes, you.
Are you going somewhere ?
What business is it of yours ?
Pray, do tell, sire !
Do I have to have your consent ?
Is it your business of that,
where I am bound,
have been or went...

Victor Gatenby
A Material World

Born into a world,
not knowing.
Infantile, immature
and surroundings strange.
Curiously exciting,
before our very eyes,
all is unfurled.

Quickly we learn,
how to be safe.
From danger,
instinctively we fight
or know the difference,
to take...

Victor Gatenby
A Colourful Life

A colourful life does
not mean that your
interests are focused
on colour and that you
find solace or solitude,
by colour,
pleasing to your eye.
Indeed, colour in this sense,
is used as a metaphor
and I will tell you...

Victor Gatenby
The Flight of Freedom

The mountains with sheer faces of rock,
jutting out and up so high,
in the heat of a radiant sun above,
not a cloud to be seen,
but a clear blue sky.
The scenic expanse,
panoramic and so clear,
such beauty to admire and to shout,
the rebounding echo...

Victor Gatenby
Fire Of Life

I fan the flames
of life,
oxygenating and
rejuvenating my fire
The more I fan,
the greater the fire
and my whole body

Victor Gatenby
An Unseen Enemy Within

Never in a million years,
would I have thought,
that I would have been smitten.
Reduced from a man,
that once, had the will-power and strength
of Goliath,
to that, as weak as a...

Victor Gatenby
A Valentine's Day Prayer

Loving God,on this Valentine's Day,
we thank you.
Our love will grow stronger and deeper,so we pray.
Remind us today to cherish each other.
To value the way our commitment, shall inspire and support,
those around us.
Forgive us,Lord,when we have...

Victor Gatenby
A Mother Endeared

My dearest Mother,
who gavest life to a son,
there being,like you,
no other.
The care,the love and warmth
from the depths of your heart,
so great,
shall always emanate.
Always there,no matter what,
through troubled times,thick
or thin.
Hard to put...

Victor Gatenby
Solution Of Pollution

The city air, thickly stifled
and putrid.
Fumes, toxic and dense,
with the streets,...

Victor Gatenby
Life Purpose

Just what is it,
that each and everyone
is trying to achieve ?
To pave the way for
future generations,
the fruits of our labours,
maybe, for them

Victor Gatenby

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