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Briefly Touched

Out it streams from my breaching core as I pen down longing words write lines that seek rhyme in pace with all that’s around and crawling inside the very dimensions of past and future times in one endlessly transforming being or am I mistaken i...

by Ludy Bührs

added by ludy_b
6 days ago

Slipped from Dust

from an attic’s darkness I catch small patches of light and retrieve the sowing-seed I had left behind heedlessly I had hidden it out of sight and henceforth lost on thick layers of sluggish dust now steadily revives a more colorful life ...

by Ludy Bührs

added by ludy_b
7 days ago

Tempting Green

Lack of money disperses families in current days, as sons and daughters go when no job there, a fact each of them sees, and they set out: "I’ll find something and grow." Far from their homes, forced to live with the flow that’s insecure,...

by Ludy Bührs

added by ludy_b
8 days ago

Foggy Sight

Looking forward, there’s nothing much to see, no sight further than one step of your foot. Now’s what it is, only in this you’re free: still unsure that what you do will be good. Your own body makes limits understood. From things that come, the ye...

by Ludy Bührs

added by ludy_b
8 days ago

At the Floodmark

Right on the line between flood and damp sand you move slowly, with swirling wind entwined, not knowing what to choose for, to which side you should go and seek the kind peace of mind. Your thinking seems like a sea, it won’t find tranquility, jus...

by Ludy Bührs

added by ludy_b
8 days ago

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In remembrance of my dear friend, late Robert Woods, met many years ago on

10 days ago

Yanis Varoufakis last sentence in his book The Global Minotaur (2011): "Perhaps centuries later, our own Minotaur’s death will inspire the poets and the myth makers to mark its demise as the beginning of a new, authentic humanism." Without knowledge of this book, one day in 2012 I wrote this (retrospective from our future) when looking at a photo made by a friend. 

11 days ago

The original Dutch version: Dakzicht onbeduidend lijkt het bedreigde meer waarlangs zovele houten krotten met golfplaat afgedekt oververhit en rottend wankel op hun palen staan in muskietenwolken mooi oogt het glanzende groen van drijvende velden waterkers die welhaast de watervlakte dichten wat verder naar de horizon waar duister geld verdeelt en heerst achter zwaar bewaakte hekken elk daglicht krachtig wordt geweerd en hebzucht het verstand verslaat is tegen fraaie plannen in tot dempen van het meer besloten verdreven levens kleuren straks toegewezen kampementen rood waar niets geregeld was macht beschikt en doodt 

14 days ago


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