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everyone’s an artist
immersed in one’s own masterpiece
growing day by day
getting dimensions
new hues and

these carved
and cut
drop shards
that patched with tears
provide essential dept

by Ludy Bührs

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3 days ago

Estimates and Abstinence

pulled over to depicted light
I approach the hand engaging
as it seems

the moth in me is scared of burning
prevents the untamed hankering to
set in beams

prospecting I round about the source
assessing all its sides
till I’ve seen

by Ludy Bührs

added by ludy_b
3 days ago


vigorously I cycle
through the night
turning pedals
around in darkness

as if I could reverse
passed time
before even missing it

speedier than by light
moving past
the sight of familiar things
like grass
and trees

I am

by Ludy Bührs

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3 days ago

Written without Redemption

Building me requires strength
I have to get and still I wait.
Empty words get loads and strains
to make me stand up straight.

by Ludy Bührs

added by ludy_b
18 days ago


Take poetry away from me
And I'm a mail repeater
A broken tachometer
A man without wand to be.

Pull away the masks of me
And I'm an official suiter
A graduated mooter
Seeking his marble cementery

by Gerrit Komrij

added by ludy_b
24 days ago

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Neatly composed. Reminds of fairy tales.

27 days ago

This poem should be centered in the layout, because the words are in a bottle form

2 months ago

Precious thoughts for a future of hope.

2 months ago

Dutch version Verstikte waarheid met gedenktekens die zijn opgericht louter om te camoufleren dat duistere daden de doofpot ingaan toont verleden een ziekmakend masker waarachter nieuw leed toe kan slaan trauma’s leiden tot nijpende kolken een feitendrainage richting moeras verwijt explodeert als een giftig gas uit belten van herinnering vallen ooit de slijkpoelen droog is waarheid al lang verrekt - gelooid in totale gekte LB 2007 

2 months ago

Maybe for ideas on how to improve this website have a look at There the poems are divided in categories: 'poëzie' (poetry from historic authors), 'gedichten' (poems considered of poetic quality by the editors of the website), netgedichten (poems written and contributed by people with an account for the website) and 'hartenkreten' (poetic disclosures of emotions). Also this site has the category 'snelsonnet', used for comments on current affairs in a sonnet of six lines. The categories each have a Top-5 that shows the 5 with highest number of views and highest number of review stars per period. 

2 months ago

In remembrance of my dear friend, late Robert Woods, met many years ago on

3 months ago

Yanis Varoufakis last sentence in his book The Global Minotaur (2011): "Perhaps centuries later, our own Minotaur’s death will inspire the poets and the myth makers to mark its demise as the beginning of a new, authentic humanism." Without knowledge of this book, one day in 2012 I wrote this (retrospective from our future) when looking at a photo made by a friend. 

3 months ago

The original Dutch version: Dakzicht onbeduidend lijkt het bedreigde meer waarlangs zovele houten krotten met golfplaat afgedekt oververhit en rottend wankel op hun palen staan in muskietenwolken mooi oogt het glanzende groen van drijvende velden waterkers die welhaast de watervlakte dichten wat verder naar de horizon waar duister geld verdeelt en heerst achter zwaar bewaakte hekken elk daglicht krachtig wordt geweerd en hebzucht het verstand verslaat is tegen fraaie plannen in tot dempen van het meer besloten verdreven levens kleuren straks toegewezen kampementen rood waar niets geregeld was macht beschikt en doodt 

3 months ago


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