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When you close your eyes, Drop that disguise, Smile and sigh, remember me. Our love sprang up, a clear surprise. It helped me be who I was meant to be. Under God’s all-knowing eyes, Spring erupts in a Cherry tree. Marvel at each exquisite sunr...

by Melita Catalina Warren

added by mcwarren
11 days ago
Marvel At Sunshine

Sunshine goes with one's grain, Following a supernatural train. One watches trees sway in the wind Out on Northwest Kansas plain. One contemplates dew on roses lain, Health, prosperity one attains. One grows blessed with stamina, brain, Creates...

by Melita Catalina Warren

added by mcwarren
12 days ago
Faith Alive

One affirms faith in one clean sweep, Akin to a great oak rooted deep. Conquer a pinnacle rugged, steep, Steady and slow, no quantum leap. There’s seldom time to stop and weep. Dust the furniture. The floors sweep. Full moon over mountain may c...

by Melita Catalina Warren

added by mcwarren
12 days ago

America’s promise belongs to all, Claim some free open space. Hear freedom ring through every hall, Her lonely and lost embrace. When participation requires a fight – America’s promise belongs to all, For our people, invincible might, Rise as th...

by Melita Catalina Warren

added by mcwarren
13 days ago
Essential Love Endures

In imagination love ever flows, That gentle spirit of a rose. A harvest from seeds we sow, In time will flourish and grow. Lessons taught one to take it slow. If one trusts one ever shall glow. Love exists whatever way winds blow, As crocus eme...

by Melita Catalina Warren

added by mcwarren
15 days ago

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