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The Process

Osmosis it's when the gradual process
Of learning or being influenced by something
As result of being in closer and closer contact with it.

Ossification it's when that process
Is a fixed process, unable to be
Changed by any circumstances...

by Philip Ebuluofor

added 1 month ago
Never The End

Burying is always seen as lamentable
Something. But, why is it the case?
Why is it that we have this problem,

 This brain fog with burying things?

How come some of us still
Yet to realize that for you to
Cone alive, you need to be

by Philip Ebuluofor

added 2 months ago
The Losers


It perched on the wall
Bedside his window and
Busied itself pecking at
It's leg pretending to be

But he knew it wasn't
Normal bird in the sense
Of normality, it was a
Messenger bird not in
The mold of...

by Philip Ebuluofor

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added 3 months ago
Trade War

  Social media is what it is
Social Media and nothing else.
AII the attempt to make it something
Else never really worked and from
The look of things would never work.

Tik tok is an ingenious social media
And all the...

by Philip Ebuluofor

added 4 months ago
Placebo gods

Never put your trust in
Man for there is nothing
They can do for you at
appointed time. man
Is nothing but dust and
Fleeting being.

If you must put your trust in
Anything, let it be in yourself
Never in any outsider. Trust
In self is a...

by Philip Ebuluofor

added 5 months ago
Their Fools, Our Fools


Fools have wrong ideas of themselves and those around them. They always believe they are up there and others down there on the composite.

Maybe in some cases, it might've been true, but majority still carries the vote. Yet,...

by Philip Ebuluofor

added 6 months ago
String Games

Haggle is what you engage in when
You feel like teasing, when you ​Play games, answer clarion calls,
When you don't have that strength,
That means to do otherwise.

Wrangling is what you do when
Your pocket is empty when your
The brain...

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 6 months ago
Ahead Of The Curve



  Philip you must try to study hard

  History has shown that there is no

  other route to success

  In spite of what many might think

  Limiting oneself on aspect of...

by Philip Ebuluofor

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added 7 months ago
God of 11th hour

“God Of 11th Hour”

Never Stop Dancing
Cos singers never
Stopped singing

Never stop striving
Cos nature never
Stopped rewarding

Never stopped learning
Cos learning is a continuous
Process stick with it.

Never lose hope in...

by Philip Ebuluofor

added 8 months ago
Facts Of Facts

Manipulation that is how I viewed it

  They are in the habit of settling on one

  One issue with another unrelated issue

  And called it intelligent free and fair

  Their logic is a well-marketed line:

  One can not be good in one...

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 9 months ago
Another Life

The middle aged Hausa woman

 Sat at the bank road that
Doubles as the new-parts second gate

A beggar that each day I made trip
To the banks in that area, she will
Sit on the same spot asking for alms

I will put little denomination note

by Ebuluofor Philip

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added 11 months ago
Trooper ways

Soldiers go, Soldiers come.
The way of the world since creation. They won’t be CR7, Messi, Neymar and rest of the known.

Nature never shirk their responsibilities, no human weakness on their part. Their bags are never short of tricks and...

by Ebuluofor Philip

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added 1 year ago
Marian Lawan

I don’t have the statistics
The percentage of the healthy
I know not. We are all just winging
It. The reality is that many are just

Walking dead, pushing it each day
To the severing point, eyeing the
Fall each day. We came as a visitor ...

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 1 year ago
Human Vibrations

They willingly signed the
Death certificate and later
Called it the act of nature.

But nature kept distancing
Himself from what is being
Attached to him and vowed

He wasn't in town on
The day of their agreement
“Do you think I am...

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 1 year ago
Playing Spiritual Beings

Humans, their antics knows no bounds
They map out land demarcations
And then go contrary to them
And start killing each other.

Everything has names given by
Humans and yet, they take pleasure
In jumping into others kingdoms

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 1 year ago
Rewards Of The Arrogant

Few years ago, they landed
Full of evil plans, plots and eagerness
Went about laying foundations
They set traps and dug ditches.

They are too sure of their success
Their reputation precedes them
They are the alpha and the...

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 1 year ago
Under The Canopy Of Who?

Sure to some extent, we can have security. But mostly, It is illusionary
The question is always:
Under whose canopy?

A wealth of the nations,
A wealth of the individuals, the thing that kept many juggling each day

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 1 year ago
The Ways Of The Cowards

Illusion is the weapon
Of the enemy never fall
For it or map out unnecessary
Time thinking about it.

Cowards and liars are of rainbow
Appears in many fearful forms
To harass the stout of heart
Threatening drought in their...

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 1 year ago
Societal Ignorance

  I created history, first in my lineage. But, it wasn't intentional, never what I am proud of but, here it’s attached to me and my memory probably forever.
I am a pariah to all who know me, the scorn of the family and community. Man, no...

by Ebuluofor Philip

added 1 year ago
Den Of Lions

Ostrich with the head on the ground.
Ears, eyes, and heads are all useless.
Unable to help self or anyone for the matter. Never gives a farts.

  Escape you and your family never

  Look back or your fate might be worse than those you are...

by Ebuluofor Philip

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added 1 year ago

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