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Edith Nesbit
WHEN I am busying about, Sewing on buttons, tapes, and strings, Hanging the week's wet washing out Or ironing the children's things, Sweeping and d...Rate it

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Robert William Service
When twenty-one I loved to dream, And was to loafing well inclined; Somehow I couldn't get up steam To welcome work of any kind. While st...Rate it

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Henry Van Dyke
Let me but do my work from day to day, In field or forest, at the desk or loom, In roaring market-place or tranquil room; Let me but find it in my ...Rate it

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
WHAT are we set on earth for ? Say, to toil; Nor seek to leave thy tending of the vines For all the heat o' the day, till it declines, And Death's ...Rate it

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Dena Falken
It is this that gives us joy When we express what we love We do not toil in suck work Sometimes we have to write to prevent us from a jerk We carry...Rate it

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"Work Impartiality.
Dwight Drummond
What is Work? Workmanship. What is Impartiality? Inequality.Rate it

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Home Work
Alexander Rosenkrantz
Modern work from home it rocks, There's no need to don your frocks, Yet one handed work is slow, Productivity won't grow. Though desire's through ...Rate it

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The Day and the Work
Edwin Markham
To each man is given a day and his work for the day; And once and no more is to be given to travel that way. And woe if he flies from t...Rate it

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There's Work To Be Done
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
'Tis the song of the morning, The words of the sun, As he swings o'er the mountains: 'There's work to be done: I must wake up the sleepers, And ban...Rate it

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Creative Work
Valery Yaklovich Bryusov
The shadow of uncreated creatures Flickers in sleep, Like palm fronds On an enamel wall. Violet hands On the enamel wall Drowsily sketch sounds I...Rate it

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A Million Young Work Men
Carl Sandburg
A million young workmen straight and strong lay stiff on the grass and roads, And the million are now under soil and their rottening flesh will in ...Rate it

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(“work”) the march of the ants
Mick Reid
(“WORK”) THE MARCH OF THE ANTS “Work work work work work work” the ants would sing as they marched “Work work work work work work” they do it unti...Rate it

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1989-2017 Poetic Work Of Mario William Vitale
Mario William Vitale
(Manuscript of Poet Mario William Vitale) From 1993-1997 - Attended State University in Connecticut,Attempted plays : Tartuffe, Miracle Of St. An...Rate it

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A life's work
Ravi Kant
Glory doesn't come at ease Through days of hardwork, we rectify those irregularities Putting our hearts and minds And sometimes hurting us, we stri...Rate it

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A Mother's Work Is Never Done
Joe Griffenberg
Kneading and baking, hoeing and raking, A mother's work is never done. Cutting off crust and wiping up dust, A mother's work is never done. Raising...Rate it

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A Poet's Work Is Never Done
Sleep rests heavily Like the strongest perfume As it pulls on my lashes And spins the room My lids feel heavy As I hear my body's plea For me to j...Rate it

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After Work
William Arthur Dunkerley
Lord, when Thou seest that my work is done, Let me not linger on, With failing powers, Adown the weary hours,-- A workless worker in a world of wor...Rate it

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All in a Day's Work
Melita Catalina Warren
Daily we crush killjoy’s upsurge, Until through vicissitudes we sail. Spirits, repressed emotions, emerge. When did we find the holy grail? Reaso...Rate it

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Astrophel and Stella VII: WhenNature Made her Chief Work
Sir Philip Sidney
When Nature made her chief work, Stella's eyes, In colour black why wrapt she beams so bright? Would she in beamy black, like painter wise,...Rate it

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Cube Work
Daniel Remsen
I sit here in a cube of thumbnails and paper wondering my next move in my mind and my life I wish satisfaction upon my dead marrow hoping to find ...Rate it

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Devil's Work
Inda Wind
Passing through, pulsing Outsider Inside Surrepticious Onslaught Nexus Rate it

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Don't leave your work to do later
Farida Amin
Don't say "I will do it later" Remember, time will never Wait for you to get your work done. Do your work on time and remember that time will be go...Rate it

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Each morning I pass on my way to work
Lesbia Harford
Each morning I pass on my way to work A clock in a tower And I look towards it with anxious eyes To make sure of the hour. But the sun gets up ...Rate it

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Get Work
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
On one fine but fatal morning in the early Eocene, Lo, a brawny Bloke set out to dig a hole: First of men to put a puncture in the tertiary green W...Rate it

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Go Work in My Vineyard
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Go work in my vineyard, said the Lord, And gather the bruised grain; But the reapers had left the stubble bare, And I trod the soil in pain. T...Rate it

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