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To a Certain Gentleman
Alice Duer Miller
(' Women are often tempters to sexual sin and delight in it. . . A recent report of a female probation officer relates that some of the girls who, ...Rate it

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kentucky gentleman
comprehensively there isn't much that i can do but listen to my own heart beat i wouldn't say i'm feeling strongly either way if you want i cou...Rate it

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'A Gallant Gentleman'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
A month ago the world grew grey fer me; A month ago the light went out fer Rose. To 'er they broke it gentle as might be; But fer 'is pal 'twus one...Rate it

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To A Gentleman, Who Shew'd A Fine Poem As His Own.
Mary Barber
No more at Criticks, Ned, repine, Who say those Numbers are not thine. I own I was suspicious too, And thought the Verse too good for You: But sinc...Rate it

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To A Gentleman That Only Upon The Sight Of The Author's Writing, Had Given A Character Of His Person And Judgment Of His Fortune. Illustrissimo Vero Domino Lanceloto Josepho De Maniban Grammatomantis
Andrew Marvell
Quis posthac chartae committat sensa loquaci, Si sua crediderit Fata subesse stylo? Conscia si prodat Seribentis Litera sortem, Quicquid & in vita ...Rate it

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A Gentleman
Edward Thomas
'He has robbed two clubs. The judge at Salisbury Can't give him more than he undoubtedly Deserves. The scoundrel! Look at his photograph! A lady-ki...Rate it

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A Letter Written For My Son To A Young Gentleman
Mary Barber
Dear Jack, whilst you thro' Flanders roam, Can you forget your Friends at Home? Say, will your Tutors give you Time To write to Hereticks in Rhyme?...Rate it

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An EPISTLE From A Gentleman To Madam Deshouliers
Anne Kingsmill Finch
URANIA, whom the Town admires, Whose Wit and Beauty share our Praise; This fair URANIA who inspires A thousand Joys a thousand ways, She, who...Rate it

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Consolation. (To M. Duperrier, Gentleman Of Aix In Provence, On The Death Of His Daughter)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Will then, Duperrier, thy sorrow be eternal? And shall the sad discourse Whispered within thy heart, by tenderness paternal, Only augment its fo...Rate it

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Elderly Gentleman, The
George Canning
By the side of a murmuring stream an elderly gentleman sat. On the top of his head was a wig, and a-top of his wig was his hat. The wind it ble...Rate it

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For A Gentleman, Who, Kissinge His Friend At His Departure Left A Signe Of Blood On Her
William Strode
What mystery was this; that I should finde My blood in kissing you to stay behinde? 'Twas not for want of color that requirde My blood for paynt: N...Rate it

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ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to present... the amazing... Sex Monsters!
Wesley Morin
gimme some lovin' honey gimme some hugs, gimme some muffins baby milk outta jugs g-g-g-g-gimme a lil' sumpin' sumpin' lady gimme some smothering I...Rate it

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Lines: Written In 'Letters Of An Italian Nun And An English Gentleman'
George Gordon Lord Byron
'Away, away, your fleeting arts May now betray some simpler hearts; And you will smile at their believing, And they shall weep at your deceiving.' ...Rate it

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Older Gentleman
Lilah Ainsworth
Hi, this is my first poem to be released to the public. I have no idea whether it is any good or not, criticism welcome & appreciated! Older G...Rate it

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On Hearing Of The Intention Of A Gentleman To Purchase The Poet's Freedom
George Moses Horton
When on life's ocean first I spread my sail, I then implored a mild auspicious gale; And from the slippery strand I took my flight, And sought the ...Rate it

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On the Death of a Very Young Gentleman
John Dryden
He, who could view the book of destiny, And read whatever there was writ of thee, O charming youth, in the first opening page, So many graces in...Rate it

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On The Death Of A Youn Gentleman
Phillis Wheatley
WHO taught thee conflict with the pow'rs of night, To vanquish satan in the fields of light? Who strung thy feeble arms with might unknown, How gre...Rate it

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Satyr IV. The Pretty Gentleman
Thomas Parnell
Where Creditors their bankrupt debtors stow Where men for want of coin to durance go & are for being wretched made more so Where poor W---G---could...Rate it

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The Old Gentleman With The Amber Snuff-Box
Alfred Noyes
_The old gentleman, tapping his amber snuff-box (A heart-shaped snuff-box with a golden clasp) Stared at the dying fire. 'I'd like them all To unde...Rate it

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To A Gentleman
Mary Barber
I hope, Sir, by this you have found your Account, In visiting Airy, and seeing his Mount: If Froth can delight you, you're wonderous happy; And we ...Rate it

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To A Gentleman And Lady On The Death Of The Lady's Brother And Sister, And A Child Of The Name Of Avis, Aged One Year
Phillis Wheatley
ON Death's domain intent I fix my eyes, Where human nature in vast ruin lies: With pensive mind I search the drear abode, Where the great conqu'ror...Rate it

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To A Gentleman On His Voyage To Great-Britain For The Recovery Of His Health
Phillis Wheatley
WHILE others chant of gay Elysian scenes, Of balmy zephyrs, and of flow'ry plains, My song more happy speaks a greater name, Feels higher motives a...Rate it

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To A Gentleman, Who Had Abus'd Waller.
Mary Barber
I grieve to think that Waller's blam'd, Waller, so long, so justly, fam'd. Then own your Verses writ in Haste, Or I shall say, you've lost your Tas...Rate it

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To A Young Gentleman In Love. A Tale
Matthew Prior
From publick Noise and factious Strife, From all the busie Ills of Life, Take me, My Celia, to Thy Breast; And lull my wearied Soul to Rest: For ev...Rate it

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Written at the Request of a Gentleman to Whom a Lady Had Given a Sprig of Myrtle
Samuel Johnson
What hopes - what terrors does this gift create? Ambiguous emblem of uncertain fate. The myrtle (ensign of supreme command Consign'd to Venus by Me...Rate it

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