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John Dryden was an English poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright who was made Poet Laureate in 1668.

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Farewell Ungrateful Traitor
 2,355 ViewsRate it
Upon the Death of the Viscount of Dundee 412 ViewsRate it
A Song. High State And Honours To Others Impart
 399 ViewsRate it
Upon Young Mr. Rogers, of Gloucestershire
 392 ViewsRate it
Epitaph on the Lady Whitmore
 339 ViewsRate it
Epitaph on Mrs. Margaret Paston, of Barningham, in Norfolk
 326 ViewsRate it
Lines In A Letter To His Lady Cousin, Honor Driden, Who Had Given Him A Silver Inkstand, With A Set Of Writing Materials, 1655 326 ViewsRate it
Impromptu Lines Addressed To His Cousin, Mrs. Creed, In A Conversation After Dinner On The Origin Of Names
 299 ViewsRate it
Mac Flecknoe: A Satire upon the True-blue Protestant Poet T
 276 ViewsRate it
Happy the man
 250 ViewsRate it
Ask not the cause why sullen spring
 187 ViewsRate it
Marriage A-La-Mode
 177 ViewsRate it
Lines Printed Under The Engraved Portrait Of Milton, In Tonson's Folio Edition Of The Paradise Lost, 1688 148 ViewsRate it
Absalom and Achitophel
 145 ViewsRate it
Prologue For The Women, When They Acted at the Old Theatre, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields
 143 ViewsRate it
To Sir Godfrey Kneller, Principal Painter to His Majesty
 141 ViewsRate it
Upon the Death of Lord Hastings
 136 ViewsRate it
An Ode, On the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell
 134 ViewsRate it
Ah, how sweet it is to love!
 132 ViewsRate it
Eleonora : A Panegyrical
 132 ViewsRate it
Prologue to Albumazar
 127 ViewsRate it
Song From Marriage-A-La-Mode
 125 ViewsRate it
Life a Cheat
 122 ViewsRate it
A Song To A Fair Young Lady Going Out Of Town In The Spring
 121 ViewsRate it
A Song. Fair, Sweet And Young, Receive A Prize
 121 ViewsRate it
Te Deum
 121 ViewsRate it
To My Dear Friend Mr. Congreve On His Commedy Call'd The Double Dealer
 119 ViewsRate it
To the Lord Chancellor Hyde. Presented on New-Year's Day, 1662
 119 ViewsRate it
To The Pious Memory Of The Accomplished Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew
 119 ViewsRate it
Calm was the even, and clear was the sky
 118 ViewsRate it
A Prologue
 117 ViewsRate it
Fragment of a Character of Jacob Tonson, His Publisher 115 ViewsRate it
To The Memory Of Mr Oldham
 115 ViewsRate it
 114 ViewsRate it
Fair Iris I Love and Hourly I Die
 113 ViewsRate it
Prologue To Sophonisba; Spoken at Oxford, 1680
 113 ViewsRate it
 110 ViewsRate it
Troilus And Cressida
 108 ViewsRate it
The Flower And The Leaf, Or the Lady In The Arbour. A Vision
 106 ViewsRate it
A Song for St. Cecilia's Day
 105 ViewsRate it
Satire On The Dutch
 105 ViewsRate it
Hidden Flame
 104 ViewsRate it
Annus Mirabilis, The Year Of Wonders, 1666
 102 ViewsRate it
Heroic Stanzas
 102 ViewsRate it
A Song. Go Tell Amynta, Gentle Swain
 101 ViewsRate it
You charm'd me not with that fair face
 99 ViewsRate it
Religio Laici
 98 ViewsRate it
An Epilogue
 97 ViewsRate it
Epitaph on the Monument of the Marquis of Winchester
 97 ViewsRate it
Theodore And Honoria. From Boccace
 97 ViewsRate it
The Character Of A Good Parson. Imitated From Chaucer, And Enlarged
 96 ViewsRate it
 95 ViewsRate it
Palamon And Arcite; Or, The Knight's Tale. From Chaucer. In Three Books. Book III.
 95 ViewsRate it
Why should a foolish marriage vow
 94 ViewsRate it
Alexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of Music
 93 ViewsRate it
Verses to Her Royal Highness the Duchess, on the Memorable Victory Gained by the Duke Against the Hollanders, June 3rd, 1665
 93 ViewsRate it
Prologue to the True Widow
 91 ViewsRate it
The Hind And The Panther, A Poem In Three Parts : Part III.
 91 ViewsRate it
Can life be a blessing
 89 ViewsRate it
Song Of A Scholar And His Mistress, Who, Being Crossed By Their Friends, Fell Mad For One Another; And Now First Meet In Bedlam
 89 ViewsRate it
On the Death of Amyntas. A Pastoral Elegy
 87 ViewsRate it
Britannia Rediviva: A Poem on the Birth of the Prince
 85 ViewsRate it
Epitaph on Sir Palmes Fairborne's Tomb in Westminster Abbey
 85 ViewsRate it
Prologue to Caesar Borgia
 82 ViewsRate it
On the Death of a Very Young Gentleman
 81 ViewsRate it
The Medal
 81 ViewsRate it
Palamon And Arcite; Or, The Knight's Tale. From Chaucer. In Three Books. Book I.
 80 ViewsRate it
Prologue To The University Of Oxford, 1674.
 78 ViewsRate it
Threnodia Augustalis: A Funeral Pindaric Poem, Sacred To The Happy Memory Of King Charles II.
 78 ViewsRate it
Your hay it is mow'd, and your corn is reap'd 77 ViewsRate it
By a dismal cypress lying: A Song from the Italian
 76 ViewsRate it
Song From Amphitryon
 75 ViewsRate it
Epilogue to Henry II.
 74 ViewsRate it
To Mr. Granville, On His Excellent Tragedy, Called Heroic Love
 72 ViewsRate it
Epilogue on the Same Occasion (Princess of Cleves)
 71 ViewsRate it
Prologue Spoken at the Opening of The New House, March 26, 1674
 71 ViewsRate it
Song From An Evening's Love
 71 ViewsRate it
Cymon And Iphigenia. From Boccace
 69 ViewsRate it
Suum Cuique
 69 ViewsRate it
Sigismond And Guiscardo. From Boccace
 66 ViewsRate it
O Souls, In Whom No Heavenly Fire 65 ViewsRate it
Tarquin And Tullia
 64 ViewsRate it
The Wife Of Bath Her Tale
 61 ViewsRate it
The Hind and the Panther: Part I (excerpts)
 60 ViewsRate it
The Cock And The Fox: Or, The Tale Of The Nun's Priest
 58 ViewsRate it
The Fair Stranger. A Song
 57 ViewsRate it
Epilogue to The Husband His Own Cuckold 55 ViewsRate it
Epitaph On a Nephew, In Catworth Church, Huntingdonshire
 55 ViewsRate it
Prologue to the Prophetess, by Beaumont and Fletcher. Revived by Dryden. Spoken by Mr. Betterton
 55 ViewsRate it
Palamon And Arcite; Or The Knight's Tale. From Chaucer. In Three Books. Book II.
 54 ViewsRate it
The Tears Of Amynta, For The Death Of Damon. A Song
 53 ViewsRate it
 52 ViewsRate it
Song to a Fair Young Lady
 51 ViewsRate it
To my Honoured Kinsman John Driden, of Chesterton, in the County of Huntingdon, Esq.
 51 ViewsRate it
Song (Sylvia The Fair, In The Bloom Of Fifteen)
 50 ViewsRate it
Prologue to the Princess of Cleves
 49 ViewsRate it
The Hind And The Panther, A Poem In Three Parts : Part II.
 48 ViewsRate it
Prologue to His Royal Highness, Upon His First Appearance at the Duke's Theatre After His Return from Scotland.
 45 ViewsRate it
To my Friend Mr. Motteux, on His Tragedy Called Beauty in Distress, Published in 1698
 45 ViewsRate it
ASTRÆA REDUX. A Poem, on the Happy Restoration and Return of His Sacred Majesty, Charles the Second
 42 ViewsRate it
To my Honor'd Friend, Dr. Charleton (excerpt)
 39 ViewsRate it
Farewell, Fair Armida. A Song
 34 ViewsRate it
Epitaph on the Monument of a Fair Maiden Lady, Who Died at Bath, and is There Interred
 32 ViewsRate it
Prologue Spoken the First Day of the King's House Acting After the Fire
 32 ViewsRate it
The Secular Masque
 32 ViewsRate it
Veni, Creator Spiritus
 32 ViewsRate it
The Beautiful Lady Of The May
 31 ViewsRate it
Hymn For St. John's Eve, 29th June
 26 ViewsRate it
A Song To A Fair Young Lady, Going Out Of Town In The Spring.
 10 ViewsRate it
A Song.
 10 ViewsRate it
A Song For St Cecilia's Day, 1687.
 6 ViewsRate it
A Letter To Sir George Etherege.
 3 ViewsRate it
An Epilogue.
 3 ViewsRate it
Alexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of Music.
 2 ViewsRate it
A Song.
 1 ViewRate it
A Song.
 1 ViewRate it
Epilogue For "The King's House."
 1 ViewRate it
Epilogue To "Mithridates, King Of Pontus;" By Nathan Lee, 1678.
 0 ViewsRate it

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