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The dead sunflower caught on fire every few seconds Dried, wilted petals hung off the burned, cracked face of it A deadly choking sound came out o...Rate it

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Matilda Who told Lies, and was Burned to Death
Hilaire Belloc
Matilda told such Dreadful Lies, It made one Gasp and Stretch one's Eyes; Her Aunt, who, from her Earliest Youth, Had kept a Strict Regard for Trut...Rate it

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Burned Candle
Rania Hosny Abdel Fattah Hassan
•Can you see, what you'd done by your own hand •Not only burned off this candle that is lighting your life's way.. •& killed without pity this ...Rate it

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A Burned Out Life
Serap Guler
May all you gained be yours with your losses. Extinguish the light of your brains in the darkness of your veils. Fight for slavery, fight for ignor...Rate it

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Burned by your Love
Casey Meng
Why are you able to melt all my icy walls? Easily as if it were nothing Like blowing sand away from my hands You break down my walls and confines R...Rate it

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Frequency Burned
Kurt Philip Behm
The channel seemed open, its tuner was stuck A dial now frozen, mixed static and such The needle was missing, its knob wouldn’t turn Tr...Rate it

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Home has been burned down.
G.Q. James
You are a trigger for me, When I'm around you I feel different, Than when I'm not around you, My world feels much different when I'm alone, That en...Rate it

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I've Burned My Own House Down
I've burned my own house down, the torch is in my hand. Now I'll burn down the house of anyone who wants to follow me. Rate it

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Like Mighty Foot Lights—burned the Red
Emily Dickinson
Like Mighty Foot Lights—burned the Red At Bases of the Trees— The far Theatricals of Day Exhibiting—to These— 'Twas Universe—that did applaud— Whi...Rate it

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Rest my rope burned head
Nathan Hill
Where should I hang my head? Where should I hang my head? Can I lay it on your chest? So I remember what a heartbeat is. It would thump thump thump...Rate it

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Salvation Burned
Kurt Philip Behm
Carving up Christianity, like steaks on a grill The vision seared, —as salvation burned (Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2013)Rate it

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Scorched And Burned
Kurt Philip Behm
Seventeen children on a highway to hell Thumbs out—noses down, perdition rings their bell Seventeen children, their backs now fully turned The p...Rate it

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The Burned Child
Dorothy Parker
Love has had his way with me. This my heart is torn and maimed Since he took his play with me. Cruel well the bow-boy aimed, Shot, and saw the...Rate it

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Trashed & Burned
Kurt Philip Behm
The fire’s been out for the longest time, there’s nothing left but ashes A pathway scorched, escape route torched —where light now sorely passes ...Rate it

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