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Lament for Thomas McDonagh
Francis Ledwidge
He shall not hear the bittern cry In the wild sky, where he is lain, Nor voices of the sweeter birds, Above the wailing of the rain. Nor shall...Rate it

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To Thomas Atkins
Rudyard Kipling
PRELUDE TO "BARRACK-ROOM BALLADS" I have made for you a song And it may be right or wrong, But only you can tell me if it's true. I ha...Rate it

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To Thomas Butts
William Blake
TO my friend Butts I write My first vision of light, On the yellow sands sitting. The sun was emitting His glorious beams From He...Rate it

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An Epistle Addressed To Sir Thomas Hanmer, On His Edition Of Shakspeare's Works
William Taylor Collins
WHILE, born to bring the Muse's happier days, A patriot's hand protects a poet's lays, While nurs'd by you she sees her myrtles bloom, Green and...Rate it

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Ballade (Double Refrain) Of Youth And Age - I. M. Thomas Edward Brown
William Ernest Henley
(1829-1896) Spring at her height on a morn at prime, Sails that laugh from a flying squall, Pomp of harmony, rapture of rhyme - Youth i...Rate it

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Christopher Thomas
Amy Michelle Combs
Christopher Thomas, your'e my little man. I'll be here to help you, any way that I can. Christopher Thomas when you need me, beside you I'll be. ...Rate it

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Elegy IV. Anno Aet. 18. To My Tutor, Thomas Young, Chaplain Of The English Merchants Resident At Hamburg (Translated From Milton)
William Cowper
Hence, my epistle--skim the Deep--fly o'er Yon smooth expanse to the Teutonic shore! Haste--lest a friend should grieve for thy delay-- And the God...Rate it

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Elegy IV. Anno Aetates 18. To My Tutor, Thomas Young, Chaplain Of The English Merchants Resident At Hamburg.
William Cowper
Hence, my epistle--skim the Deep--fly o'er Yon smooth expanse to the Teutonic shore! Haste--lest a friend should grieve for thy delay-- And the God...Rate it

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Epitaph on Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart.
Samuel Johnson
Thou who survey'st these walls with curious eye, Pause at this tomb where Hanmer's ashes lie; His various worth through varied life attend, And lea...Rate it

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Fragment Of An Epistle To Thomas Moore
George Gordon Lord Byron
'What say I?'--not a syllable further in prose; I'm your man 'of all measures,' dear Tom,--so here goes! Here goes, for a swim on the stream of old...Rate it

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Hymn For The Opening Of Thomas Starr King’s House Of Worship, 1864
John Greenleaf Whittier
Amidst these glorious works of Thine, The solemn minarets of the pine, And awful Shasta's icy shrine,-- Where swell Thy hymns from wave and gale, ...Rate it

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Jacob, Thomas, and Dannielle
Daucie Marie Sherell
Jacob is my first born. He definitely has charm. Thomas is my second. He is definitely handsome. Dannielle is my little girl. She likes to squirm. ...Rate it

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Lord Thomas And Fair Annet
Andrew Lang
Lord Thomas and Fair Annet Sate a' day on a hill; Whan night was cum, and sun was sett, They had not talkt their fill. Lord Thomas said a word in ...Rate it

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Ode X: To Thomas Edwards, Esquire: On The Late Edition Of Mr. Pope's Work
Mark Akenside
I. Believe me, Edwards, to restrain The licence of a railer's tongue Is what but seldom men obtain By sense or wit, by prose or song: A task for mo...Rate it

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Of Thy Life, Thomas, This Compass Well Mark
Henry Howard
Of thy life, Thomas, this compass well mark: Not aye with full sails the high seas to beat, Ne by coward dread, in shunning storms dark, On shallow...Rate it

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On Sir Thomas Savill Dying Of The Small Pox
William Strode
Take, greedy death, a body here entomd That by a thousand stroakes was made one wound, Where all thy shafts were stuck with fatall ayme Untill a qu...Rate it

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On The Death Of Sir Thomas Lea
William Strode
You that affright with lamentable notes The servants from their beef, whose hungry throats Vex the grume porter's surly conscience: That blesse the...Rate it

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On the Deaths of Thomas Carlyle and George Eliot: Sonnets
Algernon Charles Swinburne
TWO SOULS diverse out of our human sight Pass, followed one with love and each with wonder: The stormy sophist with his mouth of thunder, Clothed w...Rate it

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Portrait Of A Lady. By Sir Thomas Lawrence
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
LADY , thy lofty brow is fair, Beauty's sign and seal are there; And thy lip is like the rose Closing round the bee's repose; And thine eye is like...Rate it

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Sir Thomas Hardy
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Silence is now upon the seas, The silent seas of yore; The thunder of the cannonade Awakes the wave no more. The battle-flag droops o’er ...Rate it

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Sir Thomas Lawrence
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
DIVINEST art, the stars above Were fated on thy birth to shine; Oh, born of beauty and of love, What early poetry was thine! The softness of Ioni...Rate it

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Sir Thomas Wortley's Sonnet Answered
Richard Lovelace
[THE SONNET. I. No more Thou little winged archer, now no more As heretofore, Thou mai...Rate it

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Songs from The Beggar’s Opera: Air X-“Thomas, I Cannot'
John Gay
Polly. I like a ship in storms was tossed, Yet afraid to put into land, For seized in the port ...Rate it

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St. Thomas' Day
John Keble
We were not by when Jesus came, But round us, far and near, We see His trophies, and His name In choral echoes hear. In a fair ground...Rate it

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James McIntyre
At time of Oddfellow's Grand Lodge meeting, 1884. Oddfellows once they had to trudge O'er rough stage roads to the Grand Lodge, But now they town ...Rate it

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