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Andrew Jackson
Julia A Moore
On the life of Andrew Jackson, Now dear people I will write, And in sketches, I will tell you His career with great delight. His career on earth is...Rate it

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Death Of Gen. Jackson - An Eulogy
George Moses Horton
Hark! from the mighty Hero's tomb, I hear a voice proclaim! A sound which fills the world with gloom, But magnifies his name. His flight from ...Rate it

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Elegy to Michael Jackson
Deepshikha Singh
It is the end of the story today The legend has bid farewell Lived truly the life a king size Very hard to say – we love Very hard to say – we ador...Rate it

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i'm so into you (for Gus Jackson)
Trinette Rani Johnson
I'm so into you If it isnt love, than what is it? If only you felt this feeling too Your smile is so sweet Your eyes so loving I want us to find lo...Rate it

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Jackson. A Sonnet.
Margaret J Preston
Thank God for such a Hero! - Fearless hold His diamond character beneath the sun, And brighter scintillations, one by one, Come flashing from it. N...Rate it

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Michael Jackson
Aminta Cooper
Michael Jackson, was a man of purity Michael Jackson, touched me, you, him, she Michael Jackson, was judged wrongly Another Michael Jackson, there ...Rate it

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Michael Jackson
Vanessa A. Taylor
Michael, sweet Michael with your dark brown hair, covering over one eye. Michael, fine Michael with deep questioning eyes, curious and always aski...Rate it

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Michael Jackson Moment
Mario William Vitale
think deep stand still & repeat he came to our hearts with "BEN" then it was on the Wiz it was all show bis tossed the coin in the fo...Rate it

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Mrs. Jackson and the Congregation
Mark Orr
Sunlight lit Mrs Jackson's face as she began to tell her story. Amidst rows of pews, and brilliant hues of streaming stained glass glory. The congr...Rate it

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Stonewall Jackson
Herman Melville
Mortally Wounded at Chancellorsville The Man who fiercest charged in fight, Whose sword and prayer were long - Stonewall! Even him who stoutly sto...Rate it

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Stonewall Jackson (Ascribed To A Virginian)
Herman Melville
One man we claim of wrought reknown Which not the North shall care to slur; A Modern lived who sleeps in death, Calm as the marble Ancients are: 'T...Rate it

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Stonewall Jackson's Grave.
Margaret J Preston
A simple, sodded mound of earth, Without a line above it; With only daily votive flowers To prove that any love it: The token flag that silently Ea...Rate it

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The Dying Words Of Stonewall Jackson
Sidney Lanier
"Order A. P. Hill to prepare for battle." "Tell Major Hawks to advance the Commissary train." "Let us cross the river and rest in the shade...Rate it

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