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Kellie A. Jilbert
Sits there so smug In black open toed sandals Long golden rod silk tunbles Tommy girl jeans- Stuck up so high She's above the city smog- Not that i...Rate it

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K.V Srikanth
Selective Vocabulary Profanity Mediocrity Volume in Decency Lack of it in Tonality Sartorial Style Tonsorial grace Elegance in refusal Smile Myste...Rate it

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The place where you meet your friends. The place where you are self dependent. The place where you get knowledge. The place where you know about yo...Rate it

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Class of 87
K.V Srikanth
Grateful that thankfully Our parents who thought similarly Enrolled us at the Don Bosco Egmore We couldn't have asked for more Decision by paren...Rate it

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A World Class champion
Steve Wallace
Indiana Pacer guard Reggie Miller comes Back on the floor with three seconds left in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bulls The ball is inbou...Rate it

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Boulogne To Amiens And Paris (3 to 11 P.M.; 3rd Class)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Strong extreme speed, that the brain hurries with, Further than trees, and hedges, and green grass Whitened by distance,—further than small pools...Rate it

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Class of 2002
Kaushik Ghosh
A rainy morning, twenty years back Some guys just out of school – It was raining but still my friend The morning was gay and cool. Three teenage s...Rate it

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Class of 2013
Jacob Fisher
The words are pouring out I can't hide my joy The future is all mine for the taking So close to my goal The up and downs of the last 4 years coming...Rate it

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Robert William Service
Bob Briggs went in for Government, And helps to run the State; Some day they say he'll represent His party in debate: But with punk pol...Rate it

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Dorothy Day- Patron Saint Of The Working Class.
Liam Ó Comáin
Dear Dorothy, as an authentic Revolutionary of God, Please intercede for All of humanity So that the love of Christ- He for us and we for Him- Will...Rate it

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My Father- Definition Of Class
Nikhil Parekh
Grey bristles of pointed hair, Ruddy complexioned facial aura, Small beads of visual apparatus, Shrewd silhouette of pink lips, Portraying firm...Rate it

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no breathing in class
michael rosen
Strict. We had a teacher who was so strict, you weren't allowed to breathe in her lessons. She used to stand out the front going, "No breathin...Rate it

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Old Class Pictures
Riven Rose
The halls of my school are full Walls lined with class pictures All the way back to 1920. I stop at one The oldest, by the stairs The glass isn‘t c...Rate it

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Online class
Thaamarai Selvi SP
The traditional turned virtual, Log in's and out's was a ritual; Reminds the world's too small also proves people would seek light even in the dark...Rate it

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Second Class wait here
Henry Lawson
At suburban railway stations--you may see them as you pass-- there are signboards on the platform saying 'Wait here second class,' And to me the wh...Rate it

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To My Class: On Certain Fruits And Flowers Sent Me In Sickness
Sidney Lanier
If spicy-fringed pinks that blush and pale With passions of perfume, -- if violets blue That hint of heaven with odor more than hue, -- If perfec...Rate it

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Today, in class,
Lesbia Harford
Today, in class, I read aloud to forty little boys The legend of King Croesus' boasted joys. They were so young, Restless, and eager, I believe...Rate it

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