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I am a kind of person that loves writing, reading, sports, ministering the word of God, a public analyst, all for the good of my country and the world at large.

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List of poems by Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi 142 total

I Left My Loving Heart on The Table 3 ViewsRate it
A Candy Wrapped With Poison 2 ViewsRate it
Ripe Apples on A Gambling Red Tree 2 ViewsRate it
The Little Ones' Mind 2 ViewsRate it
Voice of the spirit 2 ViewsRate it
Beauty 1 ViewRate it
Development's Main Frame 1 ViewRate it
Disappointment 1 ViewRate it
Faces Behind You 1 ViewRate it
Good to see You Friend (Double Humour Senryu) 1 ViewRate it
I See Love in The Blue Conner 1 ViewRate it
Life is Full of All of It 1 ViewRate it
New Tracks 1 ViewRate it
Sharp Friends 1 ViewRate it
The season (corrected version) 1 ViewRate it
"Piety's Grail" 0 ViewsRate it
A Painful Winter of Flattery 0 ViewsRate it
A Widow Threatened By Creditor 0 ViewsRate it
A write for The Reader (Senry) 0 ViewsRate it
Age Rubbishes Youthful Days 0 ViewsRate it
Agony Mourns Behind The Doors 0 ViewsRate it
Are They Not Friends? 0 ViewsRate it
Avoiding The Scare of Your Love 0 ViewsRate it
Before The Rest 0 ViewsRate it
Cant i Be Left Alone? 0 ViewsRate it
City of the dead men 0 ViewsRate it
City of The Unsung Heroes 0 ViewsRate it
Colourful Tears in Cold Chambers 0 ViewsRate it
Creeply Hands 0 ViewsRate it
Death is Wiser 0 ViewsRate it
Dont Loose A Gold 0 ViewsRate it
Double Edge of Life 0 ViewsRate it
Dry Tears 0 ViewsRate it
Eagle and the Guinea Fowl (Haiku) 0 ViewsRate it
Ebullient Horse 0 ViewsRate it
Exam Expo Alerts (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Eyes of Evil and A Kind Heart (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Fallen Leaves At Winter 0 ViewsRate it
Fires of Divisions 0 ViewsRate it
Forget your sorrow 0 ViewsRate it
Four Compulsory Journey We Must All Make 0 ViewsRate it
Free From Boundage (Haiku) 0 ViewsRate it
Get It Done Now 0 ViewsRate it
Glory Land (Ofuonyebi's Sonnet 2) 0 ViewsRate it
Greater Than The Dead (Haiku) 0 ViewsRate it
Handwriting on The Walls of Life 0 ViewsRate it
Hanging Shadows in The Night's Darkness 0 ViewsRate it
Hanging Shadows In The Nights Darkness 0 ViewsRate it
Help The United Nations: The Peace Keepers To Save The World 0 ViewsRate it
I Cannot Fail (Ofuonyebi's Sonnet - 3) 0 ViewsRate it
I Doff My Hat To You All 0 ViewsRate it
If i Have A Memory 0 ViewsRate it
If i Have My Will Like The Creator 0 ViewsRate it
Important as Life Itself 0 ViewsRate it
In The Closet Of Our Bossom 0 ViewsRate it
In The Corridor of Rulership 0 ViewsRate it
In The World of Their Own 0 ViewsRate it
Inspiration 0 ViewsRate it
Interesting Thought 0 ViewsRate it
Jinxed Feelings 0 ViewsRate it
Just A Matter of Time 0 ViewsRate it
Just Give Me A Goodbye Kiss 0 ViewsRate it
Just Like a Moon's Fun 0 ViewsRate it
Kindnes Reaps Through Willing Hearts 0 ViewsRate it
Kindness Reaps Through Willing Hearts 0 ViewsRate it
Let The Manners of War Go To Sleep 0 ViewsRate it
Let The Parasite Die 0 ViewsRate it
Let's Just Say Adieu! 0 ViewsRate it
Life 0 ViewsRate it
Life's Funny Show (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Life's Warring History 0 ViewsRate it
Like a Frivolous Wishes 0 ViewsRate it
Lost Hopes 0 ViewsRate it
Love Medicine Cure for Madness 0 ViewsRate it
Lovers' Bible nests 0 ViewsRate it
Madiba: Icon of The Era (Tribute to Mandela) 0 ViewsRate it
Many Cook and Meat Dare 0 ViewsRate it
No Matter How Long 0 ViewsRate it
One Burial Too Many 0 ViewsRate it
One Day...Everyday 0 ViewsRate it
Only You Can Define What Life is To You 0 ViewsRate it
Passing through the eye of the rocks 0 ViewsRate it
Paste it At My Window 0 ViewsRate it
Poetic verses 0 ViewsRate it
Poets Are Like Masquerades With The Message Of The gods 0 ViewsRate it
Scorched Battles 0 ViewsRate it
Sensational and Inspiration 0 ViewsRate it
Signs of The Aged 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep The Silent Betrayer 0 ViewsRate it
Sleep, Close Your Eyes, Pretend to Die 0 ViewsRate it
Solemn Heart For Peace (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Some Say It is Over 0 ViewsRate it
Teach me the way (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
The Aeroplane Crashes-A Pity for The Victims 0 ViewsRate it
The Call of The gods 0 ViewsRate it
The caterpillar'S song 0 ViewsRate it
The Creator Sees All (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
The Dead's Faithful Prayers 0 ViewsRate it
The Dead's flexible Journey 0 ViewsRate it
The Divine Command 0 ViewsRate it
The Dogged Fights On! 0 ViewsRate it
The Future Mourns (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
The hen on the ropesquare 0 ViewsRate it
The Job Seeker's Refuge 0 ViewsRate it
The legs that moves so fast (haiku/Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
The Magic Word "Yes" 0 ViewsRate it
The Maid's troubled Soul 0 ViewsRate it
The Man That Will be a Genius 0 ViewsRate it
The Peoples Message is Sacred 0 ViewsRate it
The players of yesterday 0 ViewsRate it
The Rain of Love Will Fall 0 ViewsRate it
The Sea of Wickedness 0 ViewsRate it
The season 0 ViewsRate it
The Television of Life (A humourous Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
The Truth Is Bitter 0 ViewsRate it
The Unrepentantant Sinner Who Prays (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
The Wall 0 ViewsRate it
The Wind, Shafts and Grains (Haiku) 0 ViewsRate it
This is My Story:This is My Song 0 ViewsRate it
This is my world 0 ViewsRate it
Three Truths of Life We Can Never Understand (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it
Unless They Repent 0 ViewsRate it
Vigilant Souls 0 ViewsRate it
Waters of Trouble on The Fire 0 ViewsRate it
We All Go In A Moving Coffin 0 ViewsRate it
What Can The Dead Do 0 ViewsRate it
When I Forgot My Fathers Name 0 ViewsRate it
When i Hear The Voice of The Rain 0 ViewsRate it
When I miss my road 0 ViewsRate it
When I Read the News (Ofuonyebi's Sonnet-4) 0 ViewsRate it
When The Journey of Life Gets Tough (Ofuonyebi's Sonnet-5) 0 ViewsRate it
When The Leaves Drops (Haiku 5-5-7) 0 ViewsRate it
When They Passed On 0 ViewsRate it
When Yesterday Has Gone 0 ViewsRate it
When You Catch The Wind 0 ViewsRate it
where Your Sorrow Stops 0 ViewsRate it
Window in the wilderness 0 ViewsRate it
Wisdom of the madman 0 ViewsRate it
World Leadership Price..An Elegy for Mandela (Part 2) 0 ViewsRate it
World Leadership Pride..(An Elegy for Mandela) Part 1 0 ViewsRate it
Write It For Me 0 ViewsRate it
Write it for Me (Senryu) 0 ViewsRate it

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