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Matsuo Bashō was the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan.

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List of poems by Matsuo Basho 111 total

Autumn moonlight
 384 ViewsRate it
The old pond
 273 ViewsRate it
A Ball of Snow 263 ViewsRate it
Basho's Death Poem 221 ViewsRate it
A snowy morning 174 ViewsRate it
 172 ViewsRate it
a strange flower
 157 ViewsRate it
From time to time
 156 ViewsRate it
Winter solitude
 148 ViewsRate it
The passing spring
 135 ViewsRate it
Collection of Six Haiku
 134 ViewsRate it
The clouds come and go
 132 ViewsRate it
the whole family 131 ViewsRate it
Fleas, lice 130 ViewsRate it
Teeth sensitive to the sand 128 ViewsRate it
Winter garden
 128 ViewsRate it
A cicada shell 127 ViewsRate it
Heat waves shimmering 122 ViewsRate it
This old village 121 ViewsRate it
A field of cotton 120 ViewsRate it
The winter storm 117 ViewsRate it
Wrapping the rice cakes 117 ViewsRate it
Eaten alive 115 ViewsRate it
How admirable 112 ViewsRate it
First day of spring
 111 ViewsRate it
 111 ViewsRate it
The morning glories 110 ViewsRate it
Passing through the world 109 ViewsRate it
The morning glory also 109 ViewsRate it
Chilling autumn rains
 108 ViewsRate it
In this world of ours, 105 ViewsRate it
Midfield 105 ViewsRate it
The Narrow Road to the Deep North: Prologue
 105 ViewsRate it
deep into autumn
 104 ViewsRate it
I like to wash 104 ViewsRate it
I'm a wanderer
 104 ViewsRate it
The she cat 104 ViewsRate it
A wild sea
 102 ViewsRate it
Don't imitate me 101 ViewsRate it
Ungraciously 99 ViewsRate it
Four Haiku
 98 ViewsRate it
When the winter chrysanthemums go 94 ViewsRate it
The butterfly 93 ViewsRate it
husking rice 90 ViewsRate it
An Old Pond
 89 ViewsRate it
under my tree-roof
 89 ViewsRate it
A monk sips morning tea 88 ViewsRate it
Heat waves shimmering 88 ViewsRate it
A cold rain starting
 87 ViewsRate it
Stillness 87 ViewsRate it
On this road 86 ViewsRate it
How wild the sea is
 85 ViewsRate it
This old village 83 ViewsRate it
The banana tree
 82 ViewsRate it
On New Year's Day 82 ViewsRate it
A weathered skeleton 81 ViewsRate it
None is travelling
 81 ViewsRate it
The oak tree
 79 ViewsRate it
Taking a nap 78 ViewsRate it
Morning and evening 77 ViewsRate it
The first snow 75 ViewsRate it
With every gust of wind
 75 ViewsRate it
Even that old horse 74 ViewsRate it
souls' festival 74 ViewsRate it
Tremble oh my gravemound
 74 ViewsRate it
Won't you come and see 72 ViewsRate it
Blowing stones
 72 ViewsRate it
The squid seller's call 72 ViewsRate it
the winter leeks
 72 ViewsRate it
First snow 69 ViewsRate it
As they begin to rise again 66 ViewsRate it
Spring rain
 65 ViewsRate it
A caterpillar 63 ViewsRate it
With a warbler 63 ViewsRate it
A man infirm 60 ViewsRate it
This first fallen snow 60 ViewsRate it
What fish feel 60 ViewsRate it
A bee 59 ViewsRate it
A cool fall night 59 ViewsRate it
Clouds 58 ViewsRate it
The dragonfly 57 ViewsRate it
Sleep on horseback 56 ViewsRate it
Winter seclusion 55 ViewsRate it
Coolness of the melons 52 ViewsRate it
The petals tremble 52 ViewsRate it
It is with awe 51 ViewsRate it
the warbler sings 51 ViewsRate it
Bitter–tasting ice — 49 ViewsRate it
Moonlight slanting 49 ViewsRate it
crossing long fields 47 ViewsRate it
On Buddha's deathday
 46 ViewsRate it
On the cow shed
 46 ViewsRate it
Staying at an inn 46 ViewsRate it
Wrapping dumplings 45 ViewsRate it
a cuckoo cries 44 ViewsRate it
Bush warbler 44 ViewsRate it
 43 ViewsRate it
Awake at night
 41 ViewsRate it
Cold night: the wild duck
 39 ViewsRate it
Scarecrow in the hillock 39 ViewsRate it
First winter rain
 38 ViewsRate it
Cold as it was 36 ViewsRate it
On the white poppy 36 ViewsRate it
bush-clover flowers 35 ViewsRate it
Winter downpour 35 ViewsRate it
Year’s end, 35 ViewsRate it
Petals of the mountain rose 34 ViewsRate it
shaking the grave
 33 ViewsRate it
long conversations 31 ViewsRate it
The shallows 29 ViewsRate it
But for a woodpecker 25 ViewsRate it

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