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am an ex-serviceman from Indian Air force. I joined Oriental Insurance Company and retired from there too in May, 2007. I have been graduated from Punjab University. I hold technical qualification like Diploma in Radio/engineering .I have done English and Hindi stenography as well. I had mastered the art in Morse telephony too. I am associated with several welfare organizations and served long time as Union leader too. I am at present working as hobby writer. I write poems on various subjects and invite suggestions from all the quarters. I have written one memoir named “As I see it” and ready for publication. One interesting part of writing I would love to share with all my reader friends. I am not sure weather it may be the same case with all as I do not want to be caught in any controversy. When I sit on my personal computer, there is absolutely no thought in mind as to what is to be picked up as thought and written. These all things I leave it to the discretion of almighty to fill my mind with relevant ideas. So far I have been graced by Him and as result able to compose about 4000 poems. I have be awarded with 4 achievement award from the www.ezinearticles.com for successfully meeting with their standard. I am writing on many sites so as to be associated with reader friends all over the world. I am thankful to all those who have supported me in my initial days.

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Come out 10 ViewsRate it
I liked her 2 ViewsRate it
Anamika 1 ViewRate it
Dog's tail 1 ViewRate it
i am human 1 ViewRate it
Important role 1 ViewRate it
Liberally permit 1 ViewRate it
Long live Africa 1 ViewRate it
Look at not 1 ViewRate it
Make it wonder 1 ViewRate it
No "sir" 1 ViewRate it
No such wealth 1 ViewRate it
Not to wink 1 ViewRate it
Only star 1 ViewRate it
Play 1 ViewRate it
Simple woman 1 ViewRate it
State of mind 1 ViewRate it
The donor named Karna 1 ViewRate it
With no sugar coat 1 ViewRate it
Abort the child 0 ViewsRate it
Adjust to live with 0 ViewsRate it
Anchor at port 0 ViewsRate it
As an individual 0 ViewsRate it
As great loss 0 ViewsRate it
As slaves 0 ViewsRate it
At first sight 0 ViewsRate it
Back with family 0 ViewsRate it
Badi badi mahechcha 0 ViewsRate it
Be my.... 0 ViewsRate it
Be the quest 0 ViewsRate it
Beautiful and great 0 ViewsRate it
Beauty queen 0 ViewsRate it
Beware of jackals 0 ViewsRate it
Blame people 0 ViewsRate it
Blessings in disguise 0 ViewsRate it
Blow the whistle 0 ViewsRate it
Build the trust 0 ViewsRate it
Calm water 0 ViewsRate it
Carried away 0 ViewsRate it
Catch the air 0 ViewsRate it
Child understands 0 ViewsRate it
Colors and races 0 ViewsRate it
Complete man 0 ViewsRate it
Conscious friendship 0 ViewsRate it
Cruel fate 0 ViewsRate it
Day dreamer 0 ViewsRate it
Deadly cancer 0 ViewsRate it
Dear god 0 ViewsRate it
Describe the beauty 0 ViewsRate it
Do not say "bye" 0 ViewsRate it
Eid greetings-mubarak 0 ViewsRate it
Empower me 0 ViewsRate it
Everybody stares 0 ViewsRate it
Except to accept 0 ViewsRate it
Extend complete sway 0 ViewsRate it
Fall and tide 0 ViewsRate it
Finally as poem 0 ViewsRate it
Fool animal 0 ViewsRate it
Full military honor 0 ViewsRate it
Funny love 0 ViewsRate it
Gentle touch 0 ViewsRate it
Ghana the beautiful land 0 ViewsRate it
Girl friend 0 ViewsRate it
Good night 0 ViewsRate it
Good night dear 0 ViewsRate it
Good wil here 0 ViewsRate it
Gratitude 0 ViewsRate it
Harmony with nature 0 ViewsRate it
Her voice echoes 0 ViewsRate it
Hidden treasure 0 ViewsRate it
Hold me if I fall 0 ViewsRate it
Holocaust after partition 0 ViewsRate it
Holy bond 0 ViewsRate it
Holy place without God 0 ViewsRate it
I am aware 0 ViewsRate it
I calm down 0 ViewsRate it
I can't dare 0 ViewsRate it
I love my friends 0 ViewsRate it
I need not 0 ViewsRate it
I reach her 0 ViewsRate it
I wish to 0 ViewsRate it
If I am 0 ViewsRate it
In heaven 0 ViewsRate it
In midnightg sleep 0 ViewsRate it
In modern way 0 ViewsRate it
In smoke 0 ViewsRate it
In the early morning 0 ViewsRate it
Internet world 0 ViewsRate it
Is it not me ? 0 ViewsRate it
It is all over 0 ViewsRate it
Kind offer 0 ViewsRate it
Knowledge is power 0 ViewsRate it
Leave everything 0 ViewsRate it
Life and death 0 ViewsRate it
Life span 0 ViewsRate it
Lion man 0 ViewsRate it
Look out 0 ViewsRate it
Lord Buddha again 0 ViewsRate it
Love , life and death 0 ViewsRate it
Love and relation 0 ViewsRate it
Love bird 0 ViewsRate it
Love devoid of pain 0 ViewsRate it
Love is for sure 0 ViewsRate it
Love is only concern 0 ViewsRate it
Love the poor 0 ViewsRate it
Love to hold 0 ViewsRate it
Make it compulsory 0 ViewsRate it
Met only once 0 ViewsRate it
Mid night 0 ViewsRate it
Midnight moon 0 ViewsRate it
Miser by nature 0 ViewsRate it
Miss 0 ViewsRate it
Mother at work 0 ViewsRate it
My heart bleeds 0 ViewsRate it
Myself forever 0 ViewsRate it
Need no kingdom 0 ViewsRate it
Never be in hurry 0 ViewsRate it
Never destroy anything 0 ViewsRate it
Never seen 0 ViewsRate it
Never shall I 0 ViewsRate it
Never tire 0 ViewsRate it
No law in hand 0 ViewsRate it
No matter 0 ViewsRate it
No one opts 0 ViewsRate it
No one should 0 ViewsRate it
No sense 0 ViewsRate it
No visitor to allow 0 ViewsRate it
Not anew idea 0 ViewsRate it
Not on record 0 ViewsRate it
Nothing goes wrong 0 ViewsRate it
Nothing shall change 0 ViewsRate it
O, countrymen 0 ViewsRate it
O, princess 0 ViewsRate it
Old is gold 0 ViewsRate it
On this stage 0 ViewsRate it
Once in a year 0 ViewsRate it
Only man 0 ViewsRate it
Only occasion 0 ViewsRate it
Our mission 0 ViewsRate it
Out of action 0 ViewsRate it
Out of cage 0 ViewsRate it
Painful separation 0 ViewsRate it
Peaceful mind 0 ViewsRate it
Poetry is gift 0 ViewsRate it
Poets are quiet 0 ViewsRate it
Poets-boring material 0 ViewsRate it
Poor or king 0 ViewsRate it
Prepare plan 0 ViewsRate it
problems may surprise 0 ViewsRate it
Quench the thirst 0 ViewsRate it
Readers are readers 0 ViewsRate it
Ready with compliance 0 ViewsRate it
Ric S. Bastasa 0 ViewsRate it
Sacrifice for marriage 0 ViewsRate it
Same thing 0 ViewsRate it
Self 0 ViewsRate it
Simple food 0 ViewsRate it
Skip not a chance 0 ViewsRate it
Smooth flow 0 ViewsRate it
So much relief 0 ViewsRate it
Someone near by 0 ViewsRate it
Stands unceratain 0 ViewsRate it
Stay with 0 ViewsRate it
Teachers 0 ViewsRate it
Tears and pain 0 ViewsRate it
Tell on face 0 ViewsRate it
The black power 0 ViewsRate it
The doctor's role 0 ViewsRate it
The past 0 ViewsRate it
The reason for annoyance 0 ViewsRate it
They need care 0 ViewsRate it
Think about 0 ViewsRate it
Thousands may celebrate 0 ViewsRate it
Time is master 0 ViewsRate it
Time to observe 0 ViewsRate it
Time to respond 0 ViewsRate it
To feel frank 0 ViewsRate it
To my delight 0 ViewsRate it
To pull on 0 ViewsRate it
To remain indoor 0 ViewsRate it
To some extent 0 ViewsRate it
Try with emotions 0 ViewsRate it
Turn a great poet 0 ViewsRate it
Two sides 0 ViewsRate it
Ungrateful world 0 ViewsRate it
Valentine day 0 ViewsRate it
Very hard 0 ViewsRate it
Vow and promises 0 ViewsRate it
We gave in 0 ViewsRate it
We seek from 0 ViewsRate it
We, for sure 0 ViewsRate it
We, the people 0 ViewsRate it
What a delight! 0 ViewsRate it
What looks on ! 0 ViewsRate it
With honesty and honor 0 ViewsRate it
With no mood 0 ViewsRate it
With the ring 0 ViewsRate it
Women are kind 0 ViewsRate it
Wonderful scene 0 ViewsRate it
Wrong on my part 0 ViewsRate it
You are insulted 0 ViewsRate it
You must open 0 ViewsRate it
Your message 0 ViewsRate it

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