Creation of Universe

When Allah or Almighty God says ' Kun Fayakun' 'Be' and it becomes in no time. In such a way this Universe has come into existence.(Revised on 02/09/2021)

Prior to that there was nothing except God Almighty's Spiritual World. After creating this Universe Allah or Almighty God asked an Angel to bring 'Clay' and he did so.
Prior we proceed further let me tell you there were no any human-being created prior to this process began. Yes spiritual world was there with all Angels obeying God Almighty. For your knowledge 'Angel Azazil' was given a life span of 1.8 M years and he was very knowledgeable as he had studied 360 M books

There was 'No knowledge' of any kind so naturally there was 'No Science' and there was 'No Any other Knowledge' as there were no Human-beings in existence!

It means Science is 'The Brainchild of our Intellect'. The more we use our Intellect more we develop it and that development continues until we derive to an end product for our use.

When God Almighty created this Universe was and is full of all treasures including Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gemstones, all other metals including Uranium and millions of things more. In the atmosphere air was present there. Later on we had given different  names to them such as Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide and Helium many more.

Human-being started to learn after making mistakes over mistakes. It was a very slow process as no tools were developed to facilitate getting it done faster.

When today most of us are Mesmerized and Hypnotized persons asked openly to prove 'Presence of God' Scientifically'! Isn't it a stupid and nonsense question to ask?

In case if you ask me, so far till today we have a fraction of knowledge of God Might and gone mad!  Be patient, we are in the initial stages there is a lot more to explore, search and find out. So far we are not powerful enough and will never be to ask such questions directly to God!

Billions of peoples had come and gone. Right now there are estimated 7.5 to 8.5 Billions people are present on the Earth Planet and Billions more are in pipelines waiting to come. One day Almighty God called upon all 'The Souls' and asked them. Am I not your Lord? They all replied in one voice yes 'you are!

So far whatever we have explored, searched and found is okay, still there are millions of questions behind us remain unanswered!

I am also in search and still searching when I am unable to answer any query of mine, I say 'I give up' and will wait until its further confirmation.

Keep in mind so far we have not created any of our own material and sorry to say we are not being thankful for using God Almighty's materials without His permission! What a fiasco!

For any purpose we borrow a loan amount from any bank we are bound to return it with thanks and with all the interest due on it. Why are we not following the same principle here?

So please come back to a normal way of living and live 'Honorably! Right now we are not on the right track, please behave like an obedient Student do your work whatever you are told to do!

At the time of creation of Adam nothing was there in existence so how come you have become master of My master's Universe!

Now you can see how the process of Adam's creation was started. Angel brought the clay. God Almighty created Adam's Statue with His own hands and then He put His 'Soul' into it and then He put His own breath into it.

Out of that Clay God Almighty carved out Hazrat Adam's Complete Body The first man on the Planet.

Being human may be we have many questions in our minds but before Almighty God those are not relevant. As He says He can create anything in any shape in any quantity anywhere in no time.

Similarly God Almighty can wrap it up in no time that will be 'The Day of Judgement'. Most people believe in it but don't care!

A knowledgeable person roaming around with 3 questions. He went to many Scholars but no one was able to satisfy that person. His three questions were:

1. If God Almighty is Omni present then why can't I see Him?
2. What is Luck?
3. If God Almighty created Satan from Fire when he will be burnt. Fire will not hurt him
One day someone told him to go to that Religious Scholar he will answer all of your questions. After a lot of thinking reluctantly he went to the Scholar to find answers to his 3 questions.

As the Questioner approached the Scholar, Scholar gave him 'A big Slap. The questioner was surprised. In anger he asked the Scholar did you slap me? Scholar said my dear son; answers of all of your questions are hidden in that 'Big Spap'! Tell how?

1. When you come to me, do you know I will slap you?
1. The Questioner says 'No'. That is your Luck.

2. I slap you with my hand is made of Skin and the place I slapped is made of what. He said 'Skin'. You were in pain when my 'Hand Skin' slapped your 'Face Skin' like that Satan will feel pain accordingly.

3. When I slapped you felt pain. Can you see the pain? The Questioner said 'No'. It is very simple you feel The God Almighty but you can't see Him!

Then the Religious Scholar takes that Questioner to a bedridden patient who is about to die and in a couple hours that patient died. The Scholar asked him what is the difference between the dead body of that man and the body of a patient when he was alive? The Questioner said there is no 'Soul' in it. The Scholar replied to him when you were unable to see 'Soul' going out of body then how can you see the God Almighty!

After the creation of Adam The First Man on the Planet, God Almighty asked all angels to do Sajda (supplication) to Adam A.S. All of them did comply with the order of God Almighty except the Chief of Angels Iblis, he refused to do so. From there on he has been declared Satan

Iblis the Satan failed to understand the reason behind doing Sajda (supplication) to Adam A.S. God Almighty didn't ask him to do Sajda (supplication) to the Clay of Adam but to His own Soul inside of Adam.

Then from it, He created the Eve; Soul-Mate of Adam. This way the process was completed to continue the future process of human-being generation.

One day God Almighty called upon all 'The Souls' and asked them. Am I not your Lord? All The Souls replied in 'One Voice' yes you are.

It clarifies that all human-beings are lined up from day one and keep coming one by one as God Almighty wishes to send them.

God Almighty has given us a 'Free Will' but it has limitations too. We don't realize it and do whatever we want to do! Yes I agree we can kill a person in anger or in an enmity but we can't go beyond that.

We can't change the course of any Planet they are rotating on their axis. If for any reason it may change it will be a biggest disaster all around. Our life span is limited in number of years and there are chances of many diseases and accidents as well. So think about that. Can we know anything to avoid it. No, not at all. We human-beings are controlled by God Almighty and there will be no change in it at any given time. So please enjoy the Freedom and Free Will we are given and be happy with it. Just imagine if any of us know that when he/she will die what will happen? His/her life will be complete chaos and moreover he will be not in peace for his/her life. We may die well in front of it with fears in mind.

Since we are human-beings Intellects in, there are some restrictions in exercising Free Will or Freedom Expression. It is said 'Prior to saying anything you have to think twice'. Why it has been said because God Almighty doesn't want us to harm our brethren.

But in arrogance we don't care and exercise full freedom of expression without giving a second thought to it! We know such behavior falls under 'The Sins'. Being aware how we do that?

What is a Sin? If you ask me I would say sin is an act of harming himself/herself. Let me ask you in another way. I am indulging in sin. Why does God Almighty have to worry about it? It is not going to harm Him anyway. Yes you are absolutely right but Because He knows repercussions of it that's why He declared such an act as 'An Act of Sin'! As being humans we don't know what's going to happen to us!

So we have to behave nicely with the good use of our Intellect so we may don't go astray.

As a baby is born and after its full growth to adulthood, he/she mesmerizes with what they see around. Moreover Teen age of a person whether she or he, gets lost in youthfulness but the beauty of Divine youthfulness is passed so fast like a nightmare. From there on the diminishing of life process begins.

What's the difference between a human-being and an animal? The thing that differentiate between a man and an animal is only 'The Intellect'! The rest all the things they both do are similar.

The purpose of human-being created with Intellect is to learn from Allah's creations and spread it to worldover. So others may benefit out of it. Nowadays circumstances excel in the field of education you selected to study upto the Master's Level and earn your livelihood and free time of yours spread the education to poor masses so that they take advantage of it to live respectfully in the Civil Society.

Contrary to that animals' babies just after they are born, stand up on their feet and start sucking milk from their mothers. Even an Ant as is born starts running here and there searching for their food.  I have seen a very tiny Mosquito flying and searching for food for itself.

But we human-beings can't do that and are even unable to move on his/her own! Babies need their parents' support to learn how to sit, crawl, walk and many many more processes to go through.

After that 30 or 40 years the process of going back to our origin begins. This is the reality of life whether you like it or not. There is a food for thoughts to think it over further and realize in fact what we are?

This is the reality but we don't realise.

Thank you.
Science is the thinking process on something

Science is the thinking process on something
As Science doesn't believe in unseen things
Strange it doesn't believe in 'Soul' as its unseen
Science gives a name to after seeing something

It says Matter cannot be destroyed as it keeps changing
But science doesn't know where the Matter came from?
As we know 'Adam & Eve were created by Almighty God
Prior to that nothing was in existence except spiritual worlds

As we all know men has not invented anything except He
changes the shape of existing Matter which is Divine Creation
In fact Science is a knowledge; is based on existing things
Darkness is absence of light when light comes it has to go

It is Spiritual in nature what someone is thinking I don't know
While someone is thinking unless he finds something to show!
The Earth was a Barren Land changed into a place like Heaven
Took millions years of thinking we know, how long don't know

When an animal gives birth it starts walking human babies can't!
Baby even can't move on its own Parents have to take care of
When I think, it can't work 'I give it up' as it's Divine in nature
I seek His guidance He keeps revealing me in bit & pieces in life

Nowadays everyday a new Domain of Knowledge opens up
It provides further food to my thoughts to continue my search
It is my final and finite observation & I believe in both Worlds
As it's in 'State of Denial' it's not acceptable to Religious Lobby

As seen Nature is warning us everyday to make corrections in life
Whatever is happening we attribute to 'A Climate Change' not right
Recently seen Heavy Rains in Japan, China & India with loss of lives
After a few days we forgot as Electronic Medias have new news for us

In ignorance this is the 'Plight of our Lives. For me it's a big surprise!
Don't know when we will come to our senses to realize reality of life
Our Conscious keeps us guiding, we ignore it 'being knowledgeable'
No we are not better understand this is the biggest mistake we make

We are not born on our own, nor we know length of our lives
Human Body is Created for our 'Souls' to reside inside of it
Think what are the basis, basic parameters & purpose of our lives
Keep thinking on Creator's Creation in order to find destiny of ours

In my view Matter is nothing as we were created from nothingness
This Universe came into existence when He said, "Be & it becomes"
When someone dies Body goes to dust; Soul remains as it's Eternal
I believe in 'There is a 'life here-in-after' is my Statement in support

As we all know Brain controls all our body parts except the heart.
Surprisingly to my firm observation 'The Soul' Controls the Heart
When someone is 'Brain Dead' not declare dead as heart is beating
Contrarily when someone dies of a heart attack can't say 'Heart Dead'
If God could have created humans just by saying "Be", why did He go through the process (as described above) to create a man and then a woman, including confronting the objection of Azazil?
Aziz Amiri

I noted your comments. 'Kun Fayakun' was just created 'The Universe' with all treasures included as it was material products. After that from His own material begins the process of carving out Adam's Statue.

Yes somewhat you are right He can create anything, anywhere, in any quantity in no time. If God Almighty would have done so you would have something more to ask but different ways.

You see, we are in search and searching the Universe and beyond. Hope you are aware that in the recent past we have found 400 or more Planets like our Earth Planets with the possibility of water!

So we don't know what's there in and beyond the Universe in the atmosphere. The thing which I don't  know I say, 'I give up' and wait for further developments
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Submitted by Amirul on May 03, 2021

Modified on March 05, 2023

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