MY Love is a Red, Red Rose

My love is a red, red rose
Away she comes
Away she goes
Like a Sky full of hymns and halls
My love is a red red rose
A bottle of Champagne
A bovey of rose
My love is a red red rose
Together we watch the Heaven change its color from white to pink,
purple to ink
My love is a red red rose
If I touch her
She becomes gold
If she touches me
I become gold
Ocean unravels
Moon is never old
The petals of roses are soaked in sweet fragrance
Love intoxication
Runs wild always
My love is a red red rose
I woke , she rose
I rose, she woke
Down upon Volga
We rowed, we rowed
The ripples of pleasure
The rivulets of joy
Embraced us in one single soul
Pleasance gatherers pray no more
The mitosis of merriments priestesses portend the arrival of the last
Put aside, put aside
All o' your money, magic, might
Power, pomp, pride
Class, color, laughter, cry
The Old Man Above
Is ready to wrap up
All o' His Play's settings, styles
My love is a red red rose
Away she comes
Away she goes
The gerinium germinates
The marigold entwines the marvels of Maya with the eyes of wives
Set me free
Once or twice
I shall make you a shawl full of surprise
Love, love, love
Red, red, rose
Your lips are lilac
Loaded with rhymes
Mine are lonely
Dusty and dry
Desire shoots out filaments of fume
Funnicles of love lie aglow in the darkened cave of love latitude
Drink my shorbet
Drink my muse
Dear me to endear in your love lair
Everest apex
Blue's below blue bell
Frost fragrant flowers
Lightnings leap up light bars
Virgins bare treasure
Silky satin shower
Warm blankets towers
My love is a red red rose
The worn penetrates Phoebe
Pluto abducts beauty's vogue
Lucifer fools Eve utmost
Red red rose
Woke, rose
Oak tree old bold
Beechen beech
Betwix feet
Roman women stood au naturel
Laurel leaves cut foreheads
Billy in the darbies die, die, sink
Hawthone hypnotic
My Kinsman, Major Molineux
The Custom- House
The Scarlet Letter
Melville make mate Seas
Benito Cereno
Billy Budd
Poe structures short stories
Annabel Lee
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Raven
The Fall of the House of Usher
Emmerson clarifies essence of clear crystal Eye-ball
Thoreau builds simple home by the pure, prime, pristine Walden Pond
Stowe's Uncle Tom Cabin
Colombbus, Captain Smith explorations to the New World
New England Puritanism
Wintrop, Bradford, Bradstreet
Psalm Book, New England Primer
Sewall, Woolman
Narratives of slavery and captivity
Mary Rowlandson, Olaudah Equiano
De Crevecoeur
Rip Van Winkle
Thomas bangs Thorpe
The Big Bear of Arkansas
James fenimore Cooper
The Deerslayer
Song of Myself
Passage to India
The Wound-Dresser
William Bradford
Mayflower 1620
The Pilgrims landing at
The Plymouth Rock, ploughing the
Plymouth Plantation in 1630
John Winthrop
The Puritans
The Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630
Anne Bradstreet
A Puritan woman who was born in Uk
Was the first poet of the English-speaking North America
Samuel Sewall
Better known as a judge in the Salem witchcraft trials in 1692
Woolman the American saint was inspired by the spirit of God
Societies of Friends, Quakers
He was a symbol for simplicity, piety, and goodness
My love is a red, red rose
Away she comes
Away she goes
Like a bottle of Champaigne
A bovey of rose
Sky full of sunshine
Sky full of rain
A lake full of lotus, lily appears dreamy under a moon-lit solemn
A shoal of clouds pass by
Leaving behind below the oblivious seas
I come
I go
On board the wings of seagulls, pigeons. Penguins
I come, I go
Floating on the waves of time, tide, unknown. Unseen
I cry at the Sun
I laugh at the Moon
I kick back at the peak of Mountain
I don't like to be derpieved
I hate talking
I like listening
I like to think while I sleep and sink
I like to grope in darkness
I like to finish in lights
I detest day
I like night
I like to rest and sleep in your rich, warm, gentle, nubile arms
My love is a red, red rose
Her lips are love-liquid
Mine steaming
I look miles after miles to discover in vain the tears-torn prayers
that bleed to death
Falling flat and futile on the rigorous religious-raked floors of
mosques. Churches. Temples
All in all
We are all
Stones and cobbles stretching a little knob
While the flesh of futurity fail and flais with the cold, cruel fangs
of yours mine flesh
Love is a red red rose
Where the wood-pickers gather for the feast
Where the giggles of the innocence
Where the tears of the oppressed
Where the war-torn men, women, children
Where the roses grow not
Where the robins sing no songs
Where the rivers never run
Where the Sun do not shine
Nor Moon do not mind
I left my rosy love
All concealed, wrapped up in an aluminium foil of foiled @#$%
By the river of Ganges
Where the flame of deaths never rest
By the Niagra Falls
Where rainbow-bent willow-willed water never late
In Africa
In Atlantic
Where time has ceased to exist
The birth place of all civilizations and civics
Where the lions, the tigers roam and race wild and free
Where the lilac lily die and flutter in the forlorn, forgotten breeze
Where the Feet of God Wade not in the muddy water of mystery-mingled
Where creation do not create
Extinction taunts
Where the sadness-sunken sorrow
Melancholy moguls walks around neutral
Where the fruits ripe, rich, juicy
Fall one by one
Beneath a shadowy oak of infinite wisdom-eaten monks
Where reality is relic
Oblivions frolick
Where the tempest rises
Tornados tear off all that stand
Where brothers kill brothers
Sisters simmer sisters
Where mothers are widows
Fathers are long gone deceased
Where the clouds hail fire
Stars shower disease
My love is a red, red rose
She woke
She rose
Biting the steel sword
Out of the scabbard silvern, gold
Lightning announces thunders
Thunder announce ulcers of destruction, devastations of all faith and
Red, red rose
The worm crooked ugly
Sink your boat
The sea-men lay all dead and drowned
The snake eats saints
The albatross shot down
The ancient mariner curses and frowns
The ship doesn't move
It's feet are elbowed to the watery ground
My love is a red, red rose
I woke
I rose
Columbine far away
Concubines growl
Paper plates, paper notes nudity note
With the eyes of siren Sahara consummate
The mandrake roots
The poppy shoots
Opium opalescent
Beauty omnipotent
Tree, tower, town
Bath-towels weigh down mules
An oxen cart
Loving dart
Twilight dust
Dewey dusk
Muster masks
Marooned mud
Tiresome tasks
Elephants tasks
Ivory @#$%
Black diamonds
Diva drum
Samsong agnoctic
Moses floods Noah's Ark
Flute of Gabriel
Awaits by His Orb
Lucifer has his will
Eve and Adam Eden leaves
My love is a red, red rose
Away she comes
Away she goes
If she touches me I become gold
If I touch her she becomes gold
A sky full of sunshine
A moon full of muse
My love is a red, red, red rose
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Submitted on October 15, 2012

Modified on March 30, 2023

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Scheme Text too long
Closest metre Iambic trimeter
Characters 6,476
Words 1,215
Stanzas 1
Stanza Lengths 265

Ujjol Kamal

I have been writing poetry for a long, long timeSince I was in grade 4/5.I like to write deep, dark, esoteric poetryI find the ray, the aura of poetry everywhere in and around the Universe is the place where i sleepthey interred me here while i was 3the cemetery is full o' treeslarge, small, living, breathing dyingall my bones are gone art the fleshonly that remains the sprouting of the daisies and daffodils bayoneting out of my broken boneless sockets and shoutswhile i was young i used to smile like youthe you in me would then climb through the cloudsevery man is a mantraevery woman is Bethlehem, Dhaka, Beirut-the lost scrolls of Babylon cry out in fountsthe meadows gay green gleem and glisten in the womb of endless doubtslike to swim in Mississippimeditate in shroudsdont like to talk at allhave loads of loathe for money, glory, war, machinesbeneath a veil of beauty i see her soaring in sarii ask her of her lust and desireshe looks at me askewsome unwanted pairs of seagulls fly across the oil-tainted Gulf Of MexicoBp to blame for the spill of the centuryIcelandic ice and ash rise to disrupt flights and freightsi dont dream anymorei dont dare to deconstruct the constructions of the curved kimonosbeneath a shade of a silvern aftrenooni fall asleep like R.V. Winklei see the aura of Milton, Shakespeare, Shelly, Keats, Byron, Tagore, Nazrul, the Romanticists, the Blake, the Metaphysicals, the Metaphysicists embrace me to top to toeI broke a finger todaytomorrow i will break two!your beauty is skin; s deepevery cloud has a silver liningevery dog will have her dayevery cat his eveningO dear daffodils dont you die yetthe sun has not yet finished its arduous journey to join the unjoinswar in Iraq, Afganistan approaches to almsconquering of the conqueredconc shells crucifixion caresthe realms of the lilacsthe love of the lipsrender me to furrow in the fields of furrowed foolso dont ye go gentle in the goodnite of nonchalant desirethe young age should be sorbetthe old should be bowed at and respectedthe dreams in darknessthe days in maizelife a sheer shaminfinity waves afarcant write anymore right nowshall try catching up with you if you be a less considerate and more apt at fire, flesh, fish, fruits fresh-leaves of grasswhen the sun shall shadow itself from the forests of wooing nightsand shall a group of daffodils shall pray together to live and diewhen the moonlit skywith a sigh of sitesshall be raining rain and lightsi shall be remembering you night after nighthid beneath a shawl of undreaming undeeming unending nightlove you like the lightlove you like the dewdrops against the silvern skyare you bron yetare you mighthave you inundated with religion yethave you painted yourself with pridehave you touched yet the ripples of waterhave you yet liedhave you driven a machine yethave you yet criedhave you yet climbed the tip of orgasmhave you yet mudded your face with delight and despairhave you yet shout out with pain yethave you yet smiledhave you yet dressed to kill yethave you lived to diehave you yet witnessed the births of rites, rituals, romance, power, pride, wrongs, rightshave you swum yet in the pool of sadness and pleasurewar, wine, womenclergy, clans, kiteshave you yet tasted your own tears yethave you leapped up to Paradisethe hell is far awayheaven is an inch wideyour eyelids are heavyyour wings gather cold, wintry frost-bitesyou try, but you cannot flytry to walk, but you cannot proceed to tryyour fingers are numbyour brain deep, dark, dry-the mutations of the divine kindtreks across the across the sky of the dying lightredlight zonestopless townsgin and whiskey race and runchaplains in the churchyardimams in the mosquespriests and priestesses play and plyspreading the sriptures of thin threadbare trystsHelen in ParisTrozan-Horse hidden hidAgamenon fightsSocrates hemlocks likeShakespeare speaks wiseMilton meet, met, multiplyShelly sobsKeats coughs out lifeByron fights in vainthe Turks take them all side by sideThe Romanticists romanticizeThe Metaphysical poets dive deep to depriveKing Lear cannot cry anymorethe daughters proved too clever to care, cryFor Whom the Bell TollsMid Summer Night DreamsA tale Of Two CitiesAutobiography Of an Artist as a young fileLet there be LightStop GenocideThe Rape of a millionThe Revelations of infinite EyesSights beyond sitesI and IEye and eyesyou and me relax to realize and release the seamen drowned in the endless linesthe iris open up her slumberous eyesshe sees the snake in twilightafraid she notthe snakes slidesbillions stars shoot outthey lay lie likemoss grown on the unmoving mountainous sides-! more…

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