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Removing my work because of transphobic winners. Do not support transphobia.

  May 2023     20 days ago

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Transphobia is unacceptable

I don't stand by transphobes....

by Emily T Wright

added 7 months ago
Strawberry Sugar

Strawberry sweetness
you are all I think about
I never should have

Blueberry sugar
wonder if you remember
we never should...

by Emily T Wright

added 1 month ago
She Eats Boys for Breakfast iv

She eats boys for breakfast but she doesn't discriminate and sometimes she eats girls too
She sucks them up and savors every last drop,
She attends to the meal, nourishing her and feeding her soul and mind in addition to her body

She eats...

by Emily T Wright

added 2 months ago
She Eats Boys for Breakfast iii

She eats boys for breakfast, chews them up,
Spits them out and stomps all over them.
Lets them know their place, with a
Smile on her face because she knows she’s right

She eats boys for breakfast, leaves them,
In the dust. She’s brilliant...

by Emily T Wright

added 3 months ago
She Eats Boys for Breakfast ii

She eats boys for breakfast but not before
Looting their pockets for anything and everything she wants
to assimilate into her persona

She eats boys for breakfast and takes on
The best of each of them,
Sliding another key into a precious lock...

by Emily T Wright

added 4 months ago

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I feel like this poem is transphobic. Maybe I'm misreading. Labels like they and ze shouldn't be "humored" they should be respected and "birthing person" is for trans men who identify as a man but then do want to keep their uterus and have a child... Trans rights and women's rights are NOT at odds with each other. If this is confusing or threatening to you then you're the pu**y sorry not sorry 

1 month ago

This poem and the personification of the spaghetti really resonated with me. Loved it. Thank you for sharing

1 month ago

I loved this poem! The last line was unexpected even though it fit with the tone of the rest of the poem. This image of the cute little ghost guy stuck with me. Thanks for sharing!

2 months ago

The contrast between the two time periods is stark, the picture of being six in a stream you painted is beautiful and in juxtaposition to the city bar you describe. Beautifully done, congratulations!

3 months ago

I really loved the structure to this as a dictionary entry. Poetry that plays with form and structure always catches my eye. Thank you for sharing this piece!

3 months ago

This poem painted gorgeous pictures of fields overflowing with strawberries and young love. Beautifully done.

3 months ago

Gorgeous. The line about the sun needing somewhere to rest really stuck with me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.

4 months ago

I couldn't get this poem out of my head. Well done

5 months ago

glad to hear this resonated with you, thank you for the kind words!

6 months ago

thank you so much for the kind words!

6 months ago

thank you!

6 months ago

This poem kept bringing me back in. The very clear imagery of the pumpkin of a different color was simple but also incredibly elegant. I love the descriptors used with the boy with the cane and how he is distinguished later on. The pumpkin seemed to help him overcome what he was afraid of. Maybe I just love a found family / inclusion message. Thanks for sharing this piece. 

6 months ago

This poem painted such a gorgeous picture. I was able to follow all the imagery and create this mental picture of a gigantic, magical, tree house as the narrator described it. I could feel the moss beneath my feet, see the observatory and the study, as it was described, for the owl and the bat. But it's also excellent as a metaphor. Wildlife can find all sorts of homes in trees, so it could also be a great way to describe the way they all coexist in the same ecosystem, as if they all were part of a magical fairy fort within the tree. I kept coming back to this poem once I read it, and couldn't quite get the mossy, gorgeous tree house image out of my head. Well done! 

7 months ago

This poem really painted a picture of springtime, change and transformation in the air. The idea that spring will be reminiscent of a certain season, but also bring a nostalgia that can just never be satisfied is so poignant. I love the idea of the mother's lilac and no matter what lilac it is, it's never quite the same.
The picture of jumping into a stream also gives such carefree summer vibes. I think it shows how the narrator remembers being with their mother, the freedom of youthful summertime seemingly entwined in the memories of the mother. Gorgeous imagery and I truly fell in love with this poem more and more each time I returned to it. Thank you for sharing. 

9 months ago

This poem stuck with me. Not just for a good reference to an iconic star, but for the repetition of the last two lines. It has a great pace, a great arc to the poem. It felt melancholy, "sadly gay" in the first stanza but then gets a hopeful tone when the second stanza starts. I also like the repetition of the final line, about there always being more to be done and to be seen, even when the time comes. Took me a while to place, but some of it reminded me of the tone of one of my favorites, The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock, by TS Eliot. You struck an excellent balance of being aware of the passage of time, while also wanting to cherish every moment. 

10 months ago


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